• #75 fumbles7

    uh i dont kno which spells to max out first it doesnt say in the guide plz help

  • #74 PSYNUGUL

    Dats worse than Korea's inven guide

  • #72 DarthWin100

    This guide needs an update please.  Can't live without LolPro guides. :)

  • #73 Jadehex

    The update is, don't play him mid any more he's garbage, he's only viable as a support or in another tank like role.

  • #60 Dacchei

    This guide has been updated for Season 4 on 1/24/2014~~! Previous comments are outdated

  • #56 Gaxxxe

    I prefer to start Sorc Shoes, Athenes(well, I Morello instead about 1% of the time), Rabadons, Lich Bane instead. This gives you a great amount of mana sustain(assuming you go Athenes), great burst(especially given Gragas' high scaling ratios), and a very powerful Lich Bane proc'd AA when you go in with your Body Slam. Also, Lich Bane is AMAZING at taking turrets too, and with Gragas' mobility and pushing potential, this makes him have a very very strong map prescence.

    Last edited by Gaxxxe: 8/14/2013 12:58:18 PM
  • #55 kaizokuno

    you say  no  hard cc ...  meaning  his E

    but  do you forget  what his ultimate does?

  • #58 xKryx

    with hard cc you mean stun,taunt, fear, surpress or heavy slow


    Last edited by xKryx: 12/9/2013 12:39:18 PM
  • #53 aLxEquivocaL

    Little update: You can start Doran's Ring and 2 Health potion as your starting item now.

  • #52 RocKemSocKemTards

    Gragas sounds alot like my roommate.....but overall im probably gonna pick this beast up and give him a shot his ult is devastating to teams when placed right.

  • #49 Jadehex

    Bottom Line: Is a flask start better than a doran's ring start? The pro I see for grabbing doran's first is health, mana regen, and a little bit of ability power. Now, flask gives a lot a mana and health regen. My question is, since doran's was primarily chosen as a start because it gives mana regen, is flask an equally good or better start?

  • #51 gwjw2000

    It depends on the match up, if your against some1 with poke then flask is better as it will give you some regen, if not and u want to be agressive go dorans ring

  • #48 Java_Junkie

    For runes I usually run a similar setup but I prefer MR/lvl blues since most AP's combo's won't be happening until around lvl 6 which is where the mr/lvl start surpassing the flat mr runes anyways....not to mention late game defense.   

    My build order is usually boots 3 pots > Dorans > Grail > Rabadon's > Seeker's Armguard > Void Staff > then get a Giant's belt for Rylai's which hardly ever gets finished before the game is over.   This build combined with his passive and W makes him harder to kill, lets him stay out in lane longer, and combined with blue buff spam the living crap out of his barrels.   I prefer rushing Grail first over Rab Cap mainly for the mr, mana regen, and cd reduction.  I feel having 60 less AP is better than not having the passives and defense from Grail.   

  • #47 maseratigts

    Updated for S3? :D

  • #46 ji412jo

    Could it be possible to get pros and cons on getting a rod of ages on him? I'm still new-ish and i absolutely love gragas, and wonder why rod isnt used on him in this guide.

  • #45 elClol

    any reason for sudden mastery changes? i liked that utility tree :D!!

    Last edited by elClol: 12/6/2012 2:35:11 PM
  • #42 Zanmori

    Now, with the DFG's nerf, it could be good rush athene to him, due to good ap and cd reduction?

  • #43 LiQuiD112

    DFG was buffed in season 3, you have to go for it :)

  • #41 user_651242

    The main question is why is Gragas' nipple in his arm pit. I need this question answered from a pure gameplay perspective.

  • #40 Sargez0r

    Would you still rush DFG since it's nerf? Cause it seems like a pretty poor item to rush now.

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