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    No ghostblade for Graves?

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    Prefiro a Staikk no lugar da phantom

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    fk, rly nice guide actually. It's rarely dat i like guides at all since some people doesn't know how to itemize the champions well vs champs etc. This is mostly just basic itemizing but i'd like if u put more effort in ur guide for newbies

  • #83 Reevur

    I must say this guide is just awesome. I've been playing graves for a while now but, have never though of using skills that way. It gave me so much more lane control - and a better earlier game. I'm just silver player and this helped me improve a lot on solo/duo qeue. Thank you so much for doing this. Suddendly I am having so much more fun playing lol.

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    This needs updating. Graves requires hurricane to proc his dash faster. I also prefer a bloodthirster in most cases to bork, unless two or more opponents have high HP. Also rather armor penetration marks and quints, and mp5 seals to fix his mana problems. Agree with glyphs and the rest of the guide.

  • #81 Mvshroom

    You're wrong, sorry. There is no reason to take hurricane as, especially on an adc like Graves, it's inferior to BOTRK and PD. BT and BOTRK are both good, and either is viable but it's up to the player. MP5 Seals are just bad whilst armor and MR runes are definitely the way to go so you die ever so slighlty faster. Armor also helps a ton in lane. Armor Pen runes are not bad, but they give their best around mid game, whilst AD runes are fantastic for early game last hitting and damage in general. Graves has good burst in early so AD > ArPen. To avoid mana problems spam less skills, and use the dash wisely (mostly to run away!). Even if they have armor, Last Whisper makes Graves's damage remain very high in the late game.

  • #87 Cop

    This is completely incorrect and unnecessary. The point of Graves isn't to proc his dash faster, it's to get as much burst as you can and then have sustainable DPS you use all of your spells. Hurricane is awful on Graves and shouldn't be considered.

  • #73 bindmind

    What are people's thoughts on Blade of the Ruined King for Graves since the nerf?I haven't been having too much success with the item as of late, to be honest.

  • #74 JioDerako

    It's pretty strong on most ADCs still, but with Graves scaling so well with stats more than on-hit effects, I think BT is still a better pickup on him. (BotRK doesn't add much to his Q.)
    BotRK is of course still a go-to item to counter health-stacking though, so if you're dealing with big health bars, it will always have value. Gotta pick between the two based on what you think you'll be hitting most of the time. Pushing towers, bursting squishies? BT. Health-stacking bruisers and tanks, beefy carries (APs with RoA, etc)? BotRK.

    Personally, I like BotRK, but I'm mostly using it on Tristana right now; my other ADCs are Miss Fortune and Ashe, the former works better with BT for her ultimate and the latter wants Shiv and IE ASAP in most cases. And with Trist, I of course grab the lifesteal component as fast as I can, but depending on how fast the game is progressing, I don't rush to finish BotRK; I might pick up pieces of my other items first. BotRK is mostly important to have once you start dealing with the enemy bruisers, or everybody's getting more levels and thus more health (if I'm snowballing early, I might prefer to grab a BT sword instead for the raw AD, since it's going to pack a bigger punch before my opponents start working on building HP).
    If you're having limited success with the item yourself, perhaps it's something similar; you're snowballing a bit and grabbing it early, and nobody's got enough HP for the on-hit to be worthwhile. Or it's simply not adding enough to your burst, and you're not getting enough chances to put out sustained damage and really capitalize on it.

  • #75 bindmind

    I've been grabbing it after an Infinity Edge (which I get after a vampiric scepter) as that is usually around the time I would imagine needing the on-hit effect. However, I've found just going for the standard The Bloodthirster Phantom Dancer build to be much more effective, unless the entire enemy team is made up of bruisers.

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    Mm, I think one of Graves' strengths is his stronger early-game, so I'd rather not go for the early IE on him; IE takes longer than BotRK or BT to finish, and it doesn't really start to kick in until you've got some more crit chance on it (generally Zeal/PD). If you're going for the crits, you'd want to focus entirely on that core ASAP, which BotRK is only going to delay; plus, the damage from BotRK isn't going to gain much from your crits, as opposed to the BT.

    I'm in agreement that the BT/PD build is generally more effective on Graves; if it's a lot of bruisers, I'd just go straight for the BotRK as my first item, then work on PD or IE afterwards depending on how things are going (Zeal is probably a good pickup early, and/or a BF Sword, and then you can itemize as needed from there).

    I forget who said it - it might have been Cop, or Chaox? - but one of the big shifts in S3 for ADCs has been the effects of the health-meta. A single Giant's Belt puts a big hurdle in the way of an ADC in early/mid game, where it used to be that an early IE made you a steamroller; the majority of the bruisers who can rush health now also don't need much AD to deal damage (Renekton has strong base damage, Singed doesn't care what items he has, etc). So the ADC needs to finish more of their build before they can become a real force to be reckoned with; this means more farming, which means more value on anything with sustain built-in. Thus BT or BotRK replacing IE as a first item, BT giving stronger sustain and farming while BotRK allows for more damage early against health-stacking. (once they go above 2k~ health, BotRK starts to deal more damage than the BT does, so it's stronger in fights.)

  • #80 ErnestBedford

    Most of the time, go with a bloodthirster instead. 

  • #88 Cop

    It's fine to build because sometimes I back with 1400 gold and buying a Bilge would win me the lane over a Vamp Scepter\Boots. If you do, build Bilge > IE > Shiv\PD > BotRK > LW. Works out pretty well.

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    Personally.. what do you guys think about Blade of the ruined King on Graves?

    Or what do you think on which ADC it will work well?



  • #72 drewphan

    BOTRK helps with Graves's burst.

  • #70 Tubblas

    Any opinion on "top lane" graves?...ive played it three times already...and i really enjoy it...

  • #77 Dazmode

    I'd think it would work pretty well, Graves being the "Tanky ADC" and all. 

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