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    salut wa mui


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    Man Hecarim is so over rated. Banned almost every time. He lack dmg early so hard. He needs to pick up a few easy cheeze kills, and THEN he starts to be good.

  • #146 gwjw2000

    Hi, just curious on everyones opinions on the recent change to his ultimate, is it a serius nerf or just a slight change? am not sure :)

  • #151 VirusKid

    It does affect a lot in team fights, but it didn't destroy his ultimate thought. You can call it a "small debuff".

  • #144 Kingscore1

    Hecarim is a pretty squishy jungler who, if ganks, cant tank a turret to secure a kill, which i find frustrating. For Example, I was playing a game of morgana vrs ezreal mid lane, morgana landed the stun on and i came in with my e. ezreal arcane shifted over the turret and if it wasnt for morgana's black shield i wouldve easily gave a kill.

    Riot, its time to break out the buff pads and give hecarim some tankiness.


  • #145 HomerX221

    This is why you build him tanky...

  • #147 Konslolz

    Yeah, I find it really easy to tank turrets once I get Glacial Shroud :S

  • #141 ORangeJuicer

    In W2D1 Xmithie is playing Jarvan...

  • #139 vanmer

    on game 5, build was poor

  • #142 whitestcop

    Quote from vanmer »

    on game 5, build was poor

    u need to remember this is a GUIDE it means its a guide on how to build this champ one way of 100000 so if u build this and an enemy team knows how to build and play better then u that will factor in expecialy if ur build dosent configur to those champs and how they are built cuz this build is OP lots of games but others ,ay be worst in world. u need to member that builds change based on ur and enemy team comp.


  • #152 vanmer

    my build is all about ms: revive ghost mercurial shurelya super speed boots with homeguard yommus and 2 zephyrs

  • #136 Sethuriel

    Is it obligatory to have the movement speed quintess? I really didnt wanna buy a new rune page just for him :(

  • #137 sinsiliux

    No it's not obligatory, you could go for attack speed or arpen, though movement speed is definitely best.


  • #138 HomerX221

    armor pen, ad and MS are the best ones IMO.

  • #143 Lukoz1992

    It's never obligatory to buy runes for every champ. It's simply to high to afford it, especially if you have a lot of champs you wanna buy. I would advice to get AD marks, flat armour seals, flat magic resist glyphs and flat AD quints + magic pen marks and AP quints. You can suite them in for almost any role and champ. It won't be perfect for everyone but it will be usefull on almost every champion. 

  • #132 beatflux

    One of the reasons he might not be popular in professional play is because he's reliant on the blue buff to clear.

  • #133 HomerX221

    Not just that, he doesn't really have that solid of a gank pre-6, and in terms of utility, he is a worse malphite.His advantage is the crazy damage he provides later on.

  • #140 ORangeJuicer

    He has no innate tankiness, except his W, which is completely reliant on his teammates. However, he does do more damage than Malphite and with a Iceborne Gauntlet, can have more cc than a Malphite. He is all about lategame, and is item reliant.

    On the other hand, Malphite essentially gets free stats from his passive and his W, so he already has some 'artificial gold' from the stats provided by his abilities and needs less items to function. His initiation is also more direct (goves them less time to react) and his E single handedly destroys ADC's.

    TL;DR: Both are good initiators, but Malphite is a better Hecarim because hes tankier, gets more free stats and needs less gold to work.

  • #148 Konslolz

    Find it quite easy to clear jungle if I just get the first blue and give up the rest, just remeber to not use W and E to clear, and relia on your Q to do the jump for you. And add the Spirit Stone into the mix, it get even easier to manage mana early game to have enough to clear and gank.

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