• #54 starblaster11

    Can you update the guide again please? Its kind of out of date because rylais is better now because ap got raised and also its morreliencom now not morrelo's evil tome and also athene's actually got nerfed with the mana regen and the mr so yeah this guide really needs the update. (the athenes can be ignored actually because of the kills but still i dont like it a lot as much anymore but whatever its just my opinion.)

  • #53 KairosKalavath

    Mais ninguem falou da Lux ... lux counters fácil fácil o heime!!! 

  • #52 will_masters

    Nenhum deste counter me vence, acho que syndra é muito dificultoso ganhar dela quando tem um gank fixado no mid. Porém só ela nao ganha do heimer!
    Tem outra coisa o master ele nao consegue farma de inicio contra heimer ai que tem a vantagem do x1!
    Malzahn é muito facil prever seus movimentos ai nao considero um counter do heimer...
    O que pode ser um counter muito forte é morgana que nao deixa o heimer colocas as suas torres nos chão e ziggs.

  • #50 AlphaDarkElite777

    Nunu is the ultimate counter towards Heimerdinger since Consume affects heim's turrets....a rank 3 Consume can one shot a rank 5 turret, this when combined with the slow-inducing nuke and ult, alongside Nunu's buff, it is next to impossible to lane against a Nunu with Heimerdinger, let alone 1v1 or 1v2 

  • #46 r2ondar

    Liandry is veeery good with the new Heimer. The passive does not apply on turrets, only the laser shot. BUT... It apply on every shot of the red turret ! With the splash effect and the slow, it extremely strong imo.

    Last edited by r2ondar: 1/30/2014 8:03:05 PM
  • #45 curseirk

    Also you should counter dinger with these:

    1. AD master yi

    2. Deep mres morde

    3. AP nunu


  • #44 RightiousNoob

    Thank you so much for this guide. The health seals have helped me immensely, I was shocked. They're constantly just enough to survive it seems.

  • #42 Shakarezz

    Guide updated!

  • #32 FirePosition

    Is a pushdinger build with the "promote" item, getting 2 turrets then maxing w etc. good, or useless, in your opinion?

  • #34 LiQuiD112

    I don't like it in competitive play or pro play at all; easily countered, but its a fun thing to do.  Just never be viable


  • #31 Vemmon

    Well, when i play heimer i get turrets to 3 lvl and then max rockets, because having 2 turrets make you ungankable to close ranged junglers that come and dive into your towers you simply give them a stun some rockets and they are down.. just my opinion

  • #41 Remedie018

    No more need for that ;D

  • #30 JeanieYuss

    Why is Syndra not listed as a counter to Heimerdinger?

  • #43 Ajido

    It is now =)

  • #29 Syferix

    Hello Liquid122 i registered to ask you few questions here so plz respond :D Do you ever go for athene's holy grail? I mean it gives resist and cd reduction that could effort good on heim also do you ever rush rabadon before liandry's i feel that he doesnt have that much dmg with liandry's first?

  • #33 LiQuiD112

    I feel like if I go for athenes's I just don't dish out enough damage.  You have to go tear first, then if you go athenese next; it's 20 min into game and you have no AP.  I think you eaither go athenes OR tear - but not both

  • #24 fox1o

    In my humble opinion you should pick exhaust, and max turrets and rockets together (not picking E until 13).It much better, with turrets you can farm midlane and wraiths at the same time.Even more you can put one and it will kill camps alone.

  • #27 LiQuiD112

    you have to get e incase you get ganked


  • #22 xonix123

    Those Offensive Masteries don't even make sense... You can't get into Tier 2 of Offensive with only 3 points in Tier 1...

  • #25 LiQuiD112

    fixed, bug


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