• #53 KairosKalavath

    Mais ninguem falou da Lux ... lux counters fácil fácil o heime!!! 

  • #52 will_masters

    Nenhum deste counter me vence, acho que syndra é muito dificultoso ganhar dela quando tem um gank fixado no mid. Porém só ela nao ganha do heimer!
    Tem outra coisa o master ele nao consegue farma de inicio contra heimer ai que tem a vantagem do x1!
    Malzahn é muito facil prever seus movimentos ai nao considero um counter do heimer...
    O que pode ser um counter muito forte é morgana que nao deixa o heimer colocas as suas torres nos chão e ziggs.

  • #50 AlphaDarkElite777

    Nunu is the ultimate counter towards Heimerdinger since Consume affects heim's turrets....a rank 3 Consume can one shot a rank 5 turret, this when combined with the slow-inducing nuke and ult, alongside Nunu's buff, it is next to impossible to lane against a Nunu with Heimerdinger, let alone 1v1 or 1v2 

  • #46 r2ondar

    Liandry is veeery good with the new Heimer. The passive does not apply on turrets, only the laser shot. BUT... It apply on every shot of the red turret ! With the splash effect and the slow, it extremely strong imo.

    Last edited by r2ondar: 1/30/2014 8:03:05 PM
  • #45 curseirk

    Also you should counter dinger with these:

    1. AD master yi

    2. Deep mres morde

    3. AP nunu


  • #44 RightiousNoob

    Thank you so much for this guide. The health seals have helped me immensely, I was shocked. They're constantly just enough to survive it seems.

  • #42 Shakarezz

    Guide updated!

  • #32 FirePosition

    Is a pushdinger build with the "promote" item, getting 2 turrets then maxing w etc. good, or useless, in your opinion?

  • #34 LiQuiD112

    I don't like it in competitive play or pro play at all; easily countered, but its a fun thing to do.  Just never be viable


  • #31 Vemmon

    Well, when i play heimer i get turrets to 3 lvl and then max rockets, because having 2 turrets make you ungankable to close ranged junglers that come and dive into your towers you simply give them a stun some rockets and they are down.. just my opinion

  • #41 Remedie018

    No more need for that ;D

  • #30 JeanieYuss

    Why is Syndra not listed as a counter to Heimerdinger?

  • #43 Ajido

    It is now =)

  • #29 Syferix

    Hello Liquid122 i registered to ask you few questions here so plz respond :D Do you ever go for athene's holy grail? I mean it gives resist and cd reduction that could effort good on heim also do you ever rush rabadon before liandry's i feel that he doesnt have that much dmg with liandry's first?

  • #33 LiQuiD112

    I feel like if I go for athenes's I just don't dish out enough damage.  You have to go tear first, then if you go athenese next; it's 20 min into game and you have no AP.  I think you eaither go athenes OR tear - but not both

  • #24 fox1o

    In my humble opinion you should pick exhaust, and max turrets and rockets together (not picking E until 13).It much better, with turrets you can farm midlane and wraiths at the same time.Even more you can put one and it will kill camps alone.

  • #27 LiQuiD112

    you have to get e incase you get ganked


  • #22 xonix123

    Those Offensive Masteries don't even make sense... You can't get into Tier 2 of Offensive with only 3 points in Tier 1...

  • #25 LiQuiD112

    fixed, bug


  • #21 r2ondar

    Lament not apply to the turrets...

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