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    When facing Renekton,Malphite,Dr.Mundo  going Lifesteal quintesses and rushing double dorans will give you sustain advantage and easy lvl6 trade.Between Double-Edged Sword is probably better then Butcher dealing bonus dmg taking some back but not to much since 9/21/0 masteries and w sustain.

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    Why is ghost listed in the summoner spells section? I dont see any reference to it any where else in the guide?

  • #165 mattisdada

    Just as an FYI, Irelia's Hiten Style has a Cooldown of "15.0000 Seconds", should be changed to "15". No need for all the 0's!

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    What about Ghostblade as a situational item? I feel like the cdr is useful and that active of 20% ms and 40% as is perfect for her role as a diver in late game fights. You are hardly going to get to the point after Randuin, Trinity, Botrk where you can actually by it, but I actually feel it is a great item on her if you already have mercs thus shouldnt get a zephyr.

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    :, why tank

    I love her AD

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    It's mentioned a few times in the guide why the defensive items are important for her, but the problem here is that you're looking at this in two extremes; AD and tank. Irelia is a bruiser, right in the middle; building one or two offensive items and then building the rest tanky, making her nearly impossible to duel and giving her a lot of durability in teamfights. Surviving longer makes you do more damage, and as a melee champion, she doesn't get the option to attack from a safe range like a true AD carry does.

    The number of melee champions that can build straight glass-cannon AD are few in number, and usually due to some sort of damage mitigation on their kit. Tryndamere rarely builds defensively because his ult removes the need for defenses; instead, he focuses on doing as much damage as possible, so his opponent is dead before his ult ends. A champion like Fiora also wants to itemize primarily for damage, as her ultimate is granting her invulnerability for the duration, and she wants to achieve as much as possible during this time.

    For a champion like Irelia however, she thrives in larger engagements due to her passive, and a good portion of her damage comes from her W active, which doesn't scale off of anything other than attack speed. the Trinity Force proc is also a flat amount, while BotRK scales off of the opponent's health (covering the one weakness of her W, which is large health pools), so with those two items (which, incidentally, also provide a load of attack speed), she has all the offense she needs and can focus on increasing defenses without hurting her offense.
    The bruiser strategy is most easily seen on Nasus; Nasus gets the majority of his damage from his skills (Q farming in particular), so after finishing Trinity Force - which provides a huge chunk of offensive stats to compliment his kit - he can build all of his other items as defensive choices, making him incredibly difficult to kill and allowing him to get even more Q activations in a fight.

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    still her W takes from her attack damage because irt is an autooattack

    also check my in gamer account s item set for irelia it may be interesting for you

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    Quote from rizebigfan »

    still her W takes from her attack damage because irt is an autooattack

    also check my in gamer account s item set for irelia it may be interesting for you

    A late correction on this one; her W scales with attack speed, not damage. The true damage and healing from her W is a flat amount. Increasing her autoattack damage is only doing one thing; increasing her autoattack damage. Both BotRK and Trinity Force provide attack speed, and they also both provide additional damage that doesn't need anything to back it up; BotRK gives you damage based on your opponent's health, while Triforce is giving you a chunk of damage that's based on your base attack stat, which only increases with levels. Either one of these items alone is a solid chunk of damage, and early in the game it's plenty for duels or assassinations (BotRK for the former, Triforce for the latter).

    The other thing that scales well with her W is, indirectly, tank items; resistances especially. The longer she can fight, the more she heals, and the more she can utilize the full duration of her W. Glass-cannon builds can win 1v1 fights faster, but they leave her more vulnerable to burst champions and generally just throw away a lot of her advantages; her passive, her sustain, and her ability to duel with lower health. Resistances and more health lets her be safer in these situations; if she's healing for 26hp with every attack (rank 5 W active), it'd make sense to strike a balance between increasing her attack speed and reducing the amount of damage she takes, so that healing is doing more good for her.

    If you wanted to just deal as much damage as possible, you'd be better off using a dedicated carry like Fiora or Master Yi or Tryndamere, all of whom scale better with damage and have tools to outright prevent damage dealt to them. It's not that Irelia is bad as a glass-cannon damage dealer, but there's just so many other, better options out there if that's the route you want to take. And she already does so much damage even without getting any attack damage items.

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    I created an account on Curse/LolPro. Just to say, jioDerako, you have hit the nail on the head and explained the bruiser concept beautifully! Damn fine work!

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    your item build is definatly spot on. I disagree with your skill order though.

    I think it is more worth it to take hiten style lv 1, equilibrium strike 2, and then bladesurge lv 3

    With early hiten, you can sustain yourself if they are aggresive early level, and you can go up to them and give them a few autos lv 1. You dont really need bladesurge early, and since you are unlikely to do any hard tradeing you dont need equalibrium strike.

    You want to save your mana, and try not to use bladesurge to last hit. Doing so will just have your mana pool lower than it needs to. It should only be done at early levels if you have a hard match up.

    I agree with your max order though.

    These are just things i have learned while playing irelia lately.

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    Can I go atk speed glyphs and mr quints instead? 

  • #151 LoLGallow

    To bitpik - I noticed an error in the runes explanation page. Not sure if this has been covered, and if it has been then I apologize. However, the marks & quints that you state to use are attack speed. But, in the explanation you state that marks & quints of attack damage are the most viable option. If you could clear this up for me, it would be much appreciated.

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    "Decent but not amazing late-game" insane late game when played correctly.

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    nice guide

    Last edited by maseratigts: 4/25/2013 11:49:08 AM
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    can't someone make a guide for AP irelia?? I try to play her as AP but I don't really know what to buy.

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    Try ap xin zhao instead, ap irelia wouldn't really work that well.

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    Could someone tell me how to build Irelia with Blade of The Ruined King because i think with zephyr and trinity she is too squishy so if someone knows please inform me.

  • #144 Combustious

    Maybe you can do the Mallet + Zephyr combo except replace Zephyr with BotRK? 

    I wouldn't know since I'm not high ELO but it kinda makes sense to me since a lot of the stats are similar except CDR and tenacity.

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