• #12 xPooPoox

    Why would you add points into Lethality when this is for melee champs only? 

  • #13 acheetah41

    you get extra 5% bonus with a melee champion, what i dont understand is why even put points in it


  • #11 Viktoriously

    The 4 points in defense masteries aren't there.

  • #8 WorrEU

    Will of the Ancients? Only 2 / 4 abilities deal damage and all of her abilities scales good with AP. Not to mention, her ultimate is a massive heal.

  • #9 Skyb1ade

    Wota also has an aura ;)

  • #10 OhTyphlosion

    It's also hugely situational. I'd switch it out for an Athene's rush.

  • #7 CancerManBG

    I like to build Lich Bane instead of Wota to have more damage kiteability.

  • #4 nijay87

    i dont like the item build

    janna is for poke and a great support for ur ad carry in late if u play janna mid then u play double support protecting ur ad carry and thats awesome with a 500~600 shiled every 7 sec with cdr boots + blue i always start kage's lucky pick and go for Philo and a few dorans then i go for DD Cape, in late u r just a greater support ur dmg is not as good and mostly used for tower siege and poke, shyrelias is a great item for u cdr helps alot and one of the strongest utility items ingame ...abyss cepter if your team is playing ap top skip it if not, same goes for WOTA RoA gives u a nice junk of HP and Mana if need, as long u live ur ad carry shoud live aswell so HP always helps, never use ur shield in TF for yourself only for the ad he will need it and rape the entry enemy team just focus on protectim him and thats where janna realy shines even if ur ad carry suck you can make him look great an dbasicly win TF even if no one is giving you the fame you shoud get ;-)

  • #6 Leirkov

    I opt for Kage's-> DFG often, but it really depends on what I need at the time. I do agree with you at some points but in the current meta 2 Shurelya's is common as is and  while 3 is not bad at all, I think it might be slight overkill.

    I like RoA but I think you really need the AP as soon as you can in order to maximize your efficency, you do falter late game so you want to maximize your utility early to snowball your team into a victory.

  • #1 Toxicheese

    Awesome been waiting for a janna ap mid guide not bad either but i dont get the woa cause i think the shield and ult is enough sustain

  • #5 Leirkov

    It's mainly for the team aura, potential double WotA. It's not a must-buy every game, but it works and there's nothing wrong IMO with a team aura.

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