• #82 Dromadaiire

    Need a Update with the New support Item !

  • #76 Myoshichan

    Ty for that amazing guide ! :) 

  • #75 DzonisKofis

    You forgot to include that you can cancel Thresh's lantern usage with a well-placed tornado. As in, the champion that takes the lantern, if hit by your Q, gets knocked up mid-air instead (and of course, it stops them from dashing to Thresh).

  • #74 Megolaj

    Lemonnation wrote in his Janna guide that he goes with AP glyphs and quints as well as buying mejai's and Deathcap. Do you think AP is worth it or are utility items generally better on Janna? Also, should you let the enemy push to your turret/keep the lane even/push towards them? Or does this depend a lot on who you're facing? 

    Good guide by the way!

  • #71 thresholden

    Your ability descriptions says to max Q second but your skill order still has W maxed second. Please fix.

  • #72 CurseZekent

    Oops, will get that fixed later.

  • #58 smackmydouble

    Janna is the worst support....

  • #60 Survivorman101

    As someone who plays Janna and enjoys it, I feel that I should tell you why Janna is not, in fact, the worst support.

    First, her Q is a knock-up that, when used correctly, can turn the tide of many battles.  Second, her W slows a single target by 40 percent.  Third, her E is a very strong shield that gives the targeted champion attack damage.  A level 1 shield can give the adc +14 attack damage.  Fourth, her ult knocks every single person diving on the carries away, and heals said carries.  Finally, her passive boosts movement speed for champs around her.  Can you explain to me why you think Janna is the worst support?

  • #63 Jabbernaut

    The season 4 changes have certainly dethroned her as one of the best supports in the league, but she's still pretty good. Just not nearly as good as the tankier picks like Taric Thresh and Leona.

  • #64 Asilwen

    I way disagree, but to each their own! =P

  • #73 aerofalo

    Taric is not good at all in this meta (4.2 patch), he can only stun 1 person. I agree janna is not as good as before, but some minor changes can make her good again. However i think that now her ultimate is way better than before due to its instant casting and therefore knock  back.

    I would say Janna is a situational support, really good against rengar / jax / riven / nasus and really good with heavy poke adc like caitlyn jinx or lucian, however, strong cc champions counter her. Don't take her vs gragas, orianna or amumu, you not only have to look on the enemy botlane.

    Last edited by aerofalo: 2/26/2014 6:26:28 PM
  • #81 Cabritas

    what? janna is really good vs mumu. A good placed Q and ulti can disrupt his engage and aoe stun. I done it many times and won our team the teamfight. As for other aoe cc champs like ori, malph and annie yea shes not that great but against mumu shes a pretty strong pick to counter his teamfight power.

  • #57 PsyonicX

    This build should not be marked as complete for S4. The main reason that I say this is that the items are not complete. Not only are the names wrong (seriously not a big issue), but there is no way to have the ancient coin and spelltheifs blade at the same time. Also, I really doubt that there is a need to have the GP10 seals with is as well. personally i would go armor seals and either  hybrid pen, ap, or mp marks instead. In the long run this is all my personal opinion though.

  • #56 motamedn

    Please update items for season 4...oracles no longer there..etc

  • #53 Jabbernaut

    "You also start the game off at 10% cooldown reduction through masteries. With the combined CDR of Shurelia's Reverie and Ionian Boots of Lucidity, you'll be at the 40% CDR cap."

    10% Mastery + 15% Ionian + 10% Shurelya's = 35% CDR now

    Also, if you build locket, you'll be over the cap by 5% and Morello's will put you over by 15%. Neither is a very cost-efficient build...You would at least want to sell your ionians before buying morello's since their CDR is lost entirely, or rush morello's and buy different boots in the first place.

    Your guide needs an update, bruh!

    Last edited by Jabbernaut: 10/30/2013 1:53:42 AM
  • #52 pawbias

    ahri zyra nasus


  • #51 OhTyphlosion

    scaling mr glyphs work too or should it be flat?

  • #49 Goti13

    So since the increase in price for the Crystalline Flask, is it still smart to start with that for Janna? You can only buy two wards, instead of four, unless you wait for the extra gold to get a third. Opinions?

  • #80 Malkavianic

    I personally never buy 4 wards at all at the start.

    1.) Item for extra money ( Nomad's Medallion if played passiv, or Spellthiefs Edge if played really aggressively)

    2.) 1 ward & the ward trinket

    3.) 1 health potion

    With this combination I have nearly never any kind of problems, and first time I get back to base, I very often am able to buy the Sightstone (+switch my trinket to the lens)

    Additionally I have to say, that I do not ward all the time, but if needed! Meaning: I don't ward the gank possibilities as long as we are pushed back in the own tower or don't overextend to the enemy side (as the jungler most of the time will have not a proper way to engage at all... though this is a bit depending on the enemy jungler). 

    Worked quite fine for me till now!

  • #47 Apunahu

    Someone mentioned bc as counter to janna. As a Janna player i would disagree with that. Same for Alistar. Although bc is the support i detest most as enemy i dont have any problem with him as long as i dont make mistakes. janna q can stop him so easily. e can even save a grabbed carry if the enemy carry is not a bursty one. q can disable the enemy carry while ur carry is stunned. And this is only the worstcase in which ur carry was foolish enough to let him grab. Bc is after all a noobstomper, not a strong support.

    Leona, especially with ez or graves (Tristana?) might be a real problem, tho i could handle her quite good in the past. The only supports that i found hard were Sona, Taric and Nami. Sona and Namis sustain and harras, Nami and Tarics Sustain and cc.

    What u really need with janna, is a good carry. More than with other supports u are focusing on the carry to deal the dmg. You dont have a heal for his or your mistakes and trades. You cant top-down an enemy as blitz could. You make your carry stronger and give him the few seconds to get the kills. Your only killing-tool aside of your carry is your ultimate-flash combo(which is my answer to a leona-initiate. Usually she lands under my turret while the carry is pushed apart).

    at the end.. well, im not a pro-player. My current elo is 14xx and there i won my last 6 rankeds with janna. I like her very much for she is all about timing, positioning and you can win a game without dealing any damage!!

    One last thing: Prepatch i felt a bit stupid when i autoattacked Taric with janna but now its farming Gold! Thank Mithros! I really love that <3

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