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    This is not up to date. Pls make changes with that itembuild. You cant start with 7 Potions anymore. Should be fixed

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    **Actually, Jarvan is quite good when building armor. Start off with an armor (with a little damage) runepage. My current runepage gives me 20armor and about 12 physical damage.  Start off with either Doran's Shield or Cloth Armor with 2healthpots. This gives me a total armor of 60 at level one. This allows you to constantly harass,poke and keep fighting. With this high amount of armor, you will be most likely invincible to auto attacks. So with this advantage feel free to attack the opposing champion whenever he is trying to CS. This allows you to take superiority over lane. 
    TIP: Memorize your Q and E range. If someone is in the bubble/range, just pop either Q or E. Or do the combo and knock them up. 

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    Hey folks,

    I tried Jarvan and I love it but his mana pool is a big problem, so make a Tears Of the Godess (then manamune after in mid/late game) is a good option I guess, because without you have to make a choise, harass or waiting the good moment to burst, and it make last hits more easier with the Q

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    This has been introduced in an old comment, but getting Tears/Manamune can make it harder because you spend gold on something non-tanky item(s). So, plan your item build as how the game goes ^^.

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    His w sucks so make sure to take 6 points in your E.

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    If you seriously believe his W sucks, you're playing him wrong. It's won me multiple team fights by slowing the enemy and shielding myself making it easier for not adc and apc to clean up the messes and score a double/triple or a penta.

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    I don't think his W sucks, but it costs him too much mana.. I assume an alternative way to play is learning W with tear (Which enables Jarvan to poke the enemy champion like Jayce). But, please try this build in normal before playing in ranked.

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    LOL. i was just saying that because he used to have that in the cons, and he only has 4 points in it and 6 in e

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    It is fixed now ^^ Thank you

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    Why are you getting lethality and frenzy? I dont see any item here that lets you crit, other than tforce, and it only gives 10% crit chance, and it's a situational item.

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    I've been considering every thing (from item trees to masteries..etc) that can make the strongest jarvan for Season3. Everything will be updated soon in 4days. Please wait and check it out later ^^


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    why do you prefer to build so much damage on jarvan


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    Please wait until the guide is fully updated ^^; (It's unfortunately still in progress)

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    wow used this guide though i went with berserker boots and seemed a lot of fun with a team that has no if not little cc 

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    For those people arguing about whether to Rush Q or E. I think Q makes the most since because of the shortened CD and you already get the shared buff from E after one rank. So doing this you get the bonus damage that is equal from both plus you get an ability you can spam as well as the active buff from the flag still... Mind you if you are against a very aggressive top you will want the flag because you will have to poke a lot.

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    ..ugh on the item build phil stone is a must on jarvan is Hog among other things

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    I main Jarvan, and I havn't played many ranked games but I'm in the 1400 ELO range.

    I think that if you want to dominate early and mid game, you should not build philo/hog and go straight to 2 doran blades, then trinity force.  I only do this if the jungler is going to be very tanky.  This allows me to dominate whoever I am playing (If I am playing against a champ that counters me then I will go gp10). 


    A jarvan with 2 dorans and Phage is very very strong.  If they get close to you with like 3/4 HP, you can E, Q, ULT, Ignight combo and do soooo much dmg.  If you go philo/hog, this won't be as effective and you wont ever snowball.  You will be great for late game with a atmog or fratma and randuins though.  I rather snowball!   

    Again, depends on your ELO, your opponent champion, their skill level, and your comfort level with Jarvan

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    Well, i think that both builds are very situational. I usually go with the GP5s if I know I'm going to have a hard time in lane and need sustain, it helps you bulk up for later game because you might die a few times  (though what you shoul be trying to do is farm). I go with the Dorans if I know It's a pretty fair match-up or I have the advantage. Then you can dominate early on, getting kills and snowball quickly. I hope you take my words into consideration :)

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