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    good review



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    I'm just wondering why do u called this guide assassin top lane. Assassin? Where?
    IMO this is a poor build, for many reasons:

    You don't have tenacity, Trinity on jarvan is useless, you cannot proc spellblade often. You have the slow from Frozen Mallet, but you can slow with your shield, knock up with e-q, dunk with your ulti. With this build you'll have 3.8k hp, 297 AD, 200 armor, 120 magic resist and only 26 | 8% armor pen? You just need to stack some armor and your jarvan deals little damage, even with a full stacked tbc and with your 26% armor shred from q (45.5%). Of course a 45.5% armor shred (26% last 3 s and you have a 5.4 s cd on q) is a lot, but not enough to take down someone with a full combo or maybe the squishiest enemy.

    I would take Armor Pen Quints over AD Quints. The items i would change are: Trinity, Frozen Mallet, and the Ninja Tabi. I would prefer Mercury's Treads for the tenacity, Youmuu's Ghostblade for the 20 flat armor penetration, the active that gives you a boost (20% ms + 40% as) for 6 seconds, and for the always useful 15% crit, Last Whisper for the 35% armor penetration. All this items enable you to deal true damage to target with armor with all of your kit <= 130, and 160 armor with the full stacked The Black Cleaver. This means that if there's an adc with a guardian angel, you can melt him down anyway with just e, q, r, 2AA.
    Depending on the enemy team composition i would prefer Mercurial Scimitar on Maw of Malmortius, for the free cleanse. You'll end the build with: 2.9k hp, 305 AD, 173 Armor, 152 Magic Resist, 55|40% armor pen and you have 2 great utility/boost. IMO this is a better build for an "Assassin" Jarvan.

    Builds cost: 17.443 (yours) - 16.110 (mine)

    This is my personal opinion, take it as a constructive criticism, and sorry for my english, i don't know it very well. I hope this comment coould be a little useful.

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    Sooo.... I usally use Jarvan in the jungle, but today I decided to give it a try at top since I'll be playing at top in a team, and I read your guide....

    I have few words to say, but I think the most important is :

    Thank you, Hashinshin, you made my day a great day, now I know the power of DUNKMASTA J and I will continue to shout it at all chat.

    Really thank you, viewing your guide and using your idea of shouting "DUNKMASTA J" was way funner than I expected!

  • #35 M4ss4cr4

    Jarvan, who has so much jungling/ ganking potential doesnt have a jungle guide here on LoLpro? 

  • #34 MetalRave

    If I will be playing Jarvan as jungle, should I max E second too or is W better for jungling? Because in another jungle guide here is W recommended to max second, over E.

  • #36 Duckieboy

    Never ever max w.  W is so cost effective its not worth it.  I take it once at level 8 and just max e while jungling.

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    What do you think about switching out Flat AD quints for Armor Pen quints? that would be another 10 on top of the 20 you start with at level 1!!!

  • #31 Hashinshin

    you gotta have some early damage to last hit and actually have some base numbers in lane to hit people with

  • #29 XSpikeX

    This build has solved my top problems. By far the funnest top champion I have played. Dunk from the free throw line.

  • #28 The9thMan99

    Tried this two times, wrecked a Riven and a Jayce. You made my day Hashinshin xD

  • #27 guy420

    Just tried on TTT... imagine what you can do with those tiny walls...

    Poor Ryze didnt see death coming at all. 1 AA and 25% of his life was off. Most time he died in teamfights due to collateral dmg, i wasnt even focusing him.

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    Really nice guide, it seemed to work in at least 2 ranked games. In both I crushed my opponents. One would think, that people at 1.9k are a bit smarter, but they vastly underestimated the power of Jarvan..

     As in: Jarvan not op, but currently so unknown, that you can easily destroy unaware opponents. The power of the unknown - especially with this build. People have a tendency to build Gold items instead of Armor.. Well, after I get Brutalizer I almost deal true damage. A single Phage proc seemed to be enough to straight up kill an Irelia who had full hp, but no flash ^^

    An very easy way to climb to 2k+

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    I'm a long time Jarvan player and while I know he's strong if snowballed, I think he should get some QoL buffs at least, he's almost never used in competitive play and isn't a very popular champion regardless of ELO.

    I usually jungle him but I'll play him top a few times and roam mid as much as possible.

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    yeah his mana could use some work, and base HP/survivability

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    Good Guide. Won a game in 17mins XD they all rage quit. 

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    Almost won a 3v5 with this, very nice guide. I went mid lane and destroyed Zyra, my Q would bring her to half hp.

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    What are your thoughts on a 19/11/0 mastery set-up, utilizing the damage mitigation? I've been starting to see it a bit more commonly especially for top laners.

  • #18 thinkiee


    I had read ur guide, and its pretty good, But i use always ghost|ignite for jarvan, i think ghost is better, and more usefull than flash when u use his ult + e-q combo=flash with 10secs cd, and i use armor pen/health in marks, and armor pen in quinessences too. Finally i use 10g/5s items and i dont build lifesteal items, if the enemy doesnt do more damage, and triforce needs 10g/5s items and good farming+ganking, as u know its rly expensive.

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    You do realize this guide is meant for dunking, right? One does not get GP10's when dunking

  • #33 Hashinshin

    what this guy said. 

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