• #164 GonggZilllazz

    Helpful guide : )

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  • #162 Templarfreak

    Shaco is a really good early counter to Jax, probably should put that on here.

  • #160 BrokenWings87

    I don't have many issues against any champions except Pantheon. That early poke with the spear and  the leap is proving to be quite a problem for me. Anyone got any tips for playing against a Pantheon. It's really hard to maintain CS levels and pretty much have to rely on a JG gank in order to have any chance. Is this just me or are other people having similar issues against Pantheon?

  • #161 crocmorg

    Yeah he's a bit hard to cs against. Just play defensively and build straight AD. Once you get to level 6 all of that AD will go towards your armor and you'll have no problem taking him down. 

  • #163 Templarfreak

    Pantheon massively out-scales Jax into the late game. He can be a bit annoying in the early game, but if you can shut him down he shouldn't be much of a problem.

  • #157 fumbles7

    uh i just did this build in a match and it didnt work against a top lane teemo i did my best teemo just kept doing that dart spell and just farmed all the time in my lane

  • #158 RadegastNucca

    The thing is playing against AP champs is you want to focus a little more on resist before you build you main two items, Trinity Force + BotRK. This is because Jax is good at long fights and can easily get bursted down early-mid by an AP champ.

    Personally, I would start same as this build but not bother getting a Doran's Blade. On first back I would get Merc Treads (Null-Magic Mantle first if you feel like you need it). For coree items. Sheen(AD proc) + Bilgewater Cutlass (slow active). Then get Banshee's Veil or Spirit visage, both are good, Veil is more of the Safer option. 

    Now by this point it should be a good 20-25mins into the game.

    If I was doing good against Teemo or other APC's: Finish my Trin+BotRK and get Randiun's.

    If I was doing bad against Teemo or other APC's: Finish BotRK then get Maw of Malmortius, Sheen into Iceborn Gauntlet (or Trin if you can afford it but that means no Armor)

    Last Items is always situational. You could get a GA or even a Wit's End

    Hope I helped :)

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  • #159 fumbles7

    oh thxs ya ill def look into doing that thxs a lot

  • #156 MajorDisaster13

    i love this guide ive won several games 20/2 and thereabouts with it. I think the reason Jax is so op is that late-game he deals extreme amounts of both physical AND magical, making it hard to armor/magrisist against him.

  • #155 Motherclucker88

    THANKS A LOT!!!!!!!!!


    Guess what? Jinx hard counters Jax. Our Jinx went top and got really fed by the enemy Jax

  • #153 DavidMartino

    Now days the most strongest champion and broken champion is Jax. That is why he gets banned every ranked game I play. Which means that if they don't want Jax getting banned 24/7 then they should just nerf him a little.

    Just cause hes getting banned 24/7

  • #149 DavidMartino

    I think Jax is the most op late game champion with Nasus.

    However Nasus has a very weak early game and can be countered so hard that Nasus sometimes becomes useless in the late game except his Tankyness. Jax does not have as weak of a early game so he becomes monstrous in the late game.

  • #151 Bergers

    Following Lores Logic, Nasus and Jax are two of the 5 OverPowers champs in LoL. 

  • #152 Drakiusx

    I just played my second game ever as (unranked) Jax against (Bronze III) Nasus while following this guide. I failed really badly early-game and Nasus was able to get 100+ stacks of siphoning strike by 9 minutes and at least 112 CS by midgame. However, after a few 3v1's with Nasus and farming up the full build (BOTRK, Ninja Tabi, Thornmail, Randuin's Omen), I found that I was able to solo anything I wanted. More importantly, Nasus was unable to match my sustain even with his ultimate on.

    Thank you for this guide! ^_^

  • #147 schitte77

    i think lee sin is the best counter to jax,and also singed is very good against him :)

  • #148 Meltair

    Lee doesn't counter jax.If he initiates and goes with his w to a minion then you can jump on him.Late-game you destroy him 1v1

  • #146 statistnr1

    2 questions about the runes:

    1. Not Hybrid Marks? They seem totally perfect for Jax.

    Second: With the changes to the armor seals, still go with them or switch for hp or even other crazy stuff?

  • #145 matrixerror

    nice guide, but i prefer to get a third offensive item like Hextech gunblade or Guinsoo's rageblade if i'm far ahead.

  • #150 laxboy119

    The reason you shouldn't get another offensive item is this.

    If your carrying your team, the other team will want to Lock you down and kill you. But with defensive items you can better survive that burst and still be able to turn and fight rather than have to run or die.

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