• #81 Sanane90

    Thanks you :D perfect build :) +1

  • #80 1996yonut


  • #77 Scood

    You can get a Sightstone for ward hopping.

  • #75 teamworkop

    Got 34/8/3 using ur guide, but I changed maw to bork since they have a mundo, but ur build is da best!


  • #78 WafflePrincess

    18/2 wit this guide :P i agree its the best build!

  • #74 Akunza

    I seen a Jax build Ravenous Hydra and Bork but he was top Jax .-.

  • #79 TheRainbowNinja27

    Yeah I pretty much main Jax and a Hydra doesn't do much for him but BORK is a must have for him <3


  • #73 ImFakerFukOff

    This is my build route for jungle jax -

    when u get enough money from farming(i think its like 1k or something, assist or kill makes it very fast to get it) i  buy madredz and boots and if i got money i buy some pots aswell, if ur against a shaco or some annoying counter jungler buy a ward and ward a mini camp so that ur teammates and u are aware where he is and so u can counter jungle him for some annoyance trade :D.

    then i try to get money for wriggles so i can farm it as soon as possible

    then after that i rush botrk and then tri force and i buy between botrk and tri force almost always tenacity boots so i dont get cced or bursted by ap alot. in pro scene i saw a jungle jax buying tri force after cutlass since botrk is 1.8k after cutlass is finished and all it gives u is a passive, 3 life steal atack speed and a lfesteal actve and tri force gives alot of burst and alot of movespeed so whatever u go its fine doe i rush botrk before tri force cause im used to it dont know which is betetr doe. then wheter the enemy team has more ad threat or magic dmg threat i buy randuins - spirit visage, maw of mauritius, doe i like spirit visage more because it gives u more tankyness overall, but maw of mauritius is a very strong item. thats all hope u enjoyed and learned something new tell me ur oopinion on this.

    p.s.  if the game progressees where i have full build and all ofcoure i buy elixirs but tell me should i replace boots with zephyr or not. thanks :D

  • #70 BannedSince2012

    After playing 2 games following this guide i believe that the pathing is strong but some of the items i disagree with. Frozen heart is alright but i prefer to have a warmogs for the extra health and dueling potential. also BOTRK is much more desirable in my opinion then gunblade, the spell vamp is nice but the attack speed buff is much better for damage output. Once again IMO these item make clearing and ganking faster and making you stronger late game. Other than that 10/10.

  • #72 Refpsi

    Adjust your build as you feel fit. Hoped it helped. Thanks for the review.

    Last edited by Refpsi: 4/13/2014 12:21:19 AM
  • #68 HyperDunk15

    I just jungled for the first time with this guide and I went 32/1/8. LOL. 

  • #76 teamworkop

    I got 34/8/3


  • #66 LordLlizar

    Refpsi, i use a different build for my jungle jax. I rush either Ruined king or Tri-Force, grab tabis, and depending on the situation usually get Randuins or Visage next. Final item is just preference. Normally get Hextech Gunblade or Frozen Mallet. Oh yes, I build Wiggles, and now eventually turns into Feral Flare now. Pros/Cons of build? 
    -Side note, I max out E than W. 

    Last edited by LordLlizar: 4/7/2014 5:04:59 PM
  • #67 Refpsi

    Maxing E decreases your damage out put greatly. Your build is fine but you opt for tankiness instead of taking full use of your ultimate by not building more offensive items. It is good and helps sometimes depending on how well your team is doing.

  • #71 LordLlizar

    I will have to try out maxing E. I am typically the only "tank" on my team and the one initiating which is why i build tank. Thank you :3

  • #65 k1llerwhale

    good guide 4-1 so far,
    last game went swell 15/4/10 and we got every dragon and baron, even soloed the baron lv 17,
    Jaximus op.

  • #64 mjayk24

    <img src="" border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic"></a>


    First 4 games of jax jungle after reading your guide :D

    Not all that great, but the last one was!

    Thx bro!


    Last edited by mjayk24: 3/5/2014 1:31:50 AM
  • #60 kingcanibal

    would you still get wrigles lantern after the spirit stone changes?
    cause it seems sucha  waste

  • #61 elementkr3w

    honestly i see spirit stone being more beneficial than lantern, only thing i can give a + on the lantern is you get a free ward u can use to excape/initiate fights in your jungle.. however spirit stone imo is more beneficial because the mana you can get off it which allows jax to stay in jungle alot longer. dont rush upgrading the spirit stone until late into the game because you will lack building your triforce, so imo grab up spirit stone as its cheaper. if your getting counter jungled then grab up wriggles :)

  • #62 Refpsi

    Nah it's not, Trust and soon™ feral flame will come...

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