• #21 Radium_Utsuho

    You have to max W with jayce jungle

  • #10 bakpacked

    jayce is not good in jungle, hes much better top lane, imo he belongs top lane

  • #13 Lexvink

    I too feel like his strongest position is in top lane since he can trade very well with Thundering Blow and poke in Cannon form. However, he isn't too bad as a jungler his early game is a bit weak, but offers a lot of things other jungler's don't, ie poke, ranged basic attack and acceleration gate.

  • #9 jeffthegoat

    I really feel that Last Whisper is a little early in the build. Unless they are stacking armor like crazy, finishing the maw or the trin force would be a better option. Mind, if you are talking 35 minutes in, I guess the top and jungler (and possibly support) could be getting tons of armor... This is just an item I usually wait for. LW is a second to last item at the earliest in my mind.

  • #12 Lexvink

    Ofc, it is situational but at the phase in the game when you would normally get a last whisper if you aren't really fed, LW would be a good item to damage their tank line with.

  • #5 Maggeus
    I'm a main jungler, and quite fond of Jayce. He's well rounded all in all. I don't like him too much bot lane. Even if he's tanky, his range is frankly bad (500), kinda bad for an ad carry that just wants to attack continually. Top lane is gimmicky, you can get easily hard countered, more than lots of top lanes, and simply can't fight back. Really love your guide, thank you for your time. :D
  • #6 Skeloraid

    Lol.. hes ment to be played by switching between the 2.

  • #7 WingedLycan

    Stick him bot with Soraka and watch the burst damage never end...nuff said...Beat a Varus bot cus he couldn't outrange my buffed Q.

  • #8 Maggeus

    That's cool but the problem is not laning phase, but teamfights. With a poor range you're cannon fodder, while a kog maw / tristana outranges everything. 

    He just lacks a bit  what every other ad carry got right now. Sure, he can be play bot, no kiddin', but I feel it's not his lane.

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  • #4 Genus09

    Wait ... why jungle Jayce ... when I play him top, granted this isnt ranked because hes still too new .. but when I play him top I destroy people.  max E first, since with hammer, that ability will be your biggest damage dealer.  Next max Q because when you switch ranged, you need that for the damage / poke.  Finally get W, because until you are super tanky .. this spell wont help much anyway


    Max E > Q > W (with R at 6,11,16) picking up Q at level 2, and W at 4

    Start with either    Boots and 3 pots (depending who you against. i.e. swain, vlad, singed...)

    Or cloth armor and 5 pots (against heavy AD based)

    Depending who you are fighting, stay inside ranged for poke / easy last hits, occasionally jump in when they get close by switching hammer, AFTER shooting E/Q combo.  Jump in with Q, run in front of him, and E him backwards your side, pop W if you have it, and if he is low enough, pop Ignite and switch back to ranged, so now if he flashes, you can start with a E/Q combo again, or hit W for a quick and speedy finish.

    Rush wriggles first. Make sure you always buy atleast 1 pot when you go back, and until you get wriggles (if you cant get it straight out on first buy) then pick up 1 ward as well. 

    depending on team, get boots next,  Ninja if limited CC / strong AD   or in most cases get  Merc treads.

    from their depends on what your team needs.  But generally I work towards a trinity force as its Sheen procs are INSANE for tower pushing / combat.  Since you are constantly switching stances to continue attacks.  It also provides a slow for ranged chasing and such. plus a decent speed boost which helps get mana back quicker with hammer / escaping with E and R. 

    So boots > wriggles > tier 2 boots > Trinity (start with hammer  to sheen then finish) from their it also depends on team once again.   I go with either witts, or Hexblade to provide the extra MR needed. and generally most games are almost over at this point.  but should you play a 40-50min match

    boots > wriggles > tier 2 boots > trinity > witts or hexblade > and finish with your choice / pref of tanky / surviv items or more damage with a blood thirster.

  • #14 scruftypufty

    gtfo with how to top lane, it's not about jayce being better top than jungle cuz that's what every idiot knows, it's about jayce being VIABLE in the jungle


  • #3 ctiffan

    If RoG has Jayce at Tier 3, why make just a jungle guide? Wouldn't a laning guide (top or duo bot) be more prudent?

  • #2 Desukun


     get counter  by ww.

  • #11 JinGao

    if after some playing you feel you have major issues with particular champs who outsustain or have higher burst, then perhaps learning to play against them is something you should do with a new champ.

    i mean, it's not even been two weeks. nothing can be set in stone so quickly.

  • #1 Odd_Thomas

    I tried this out in a Co-Op vs AI game. The only thing I changed was exchanging the Last Whisper for a Bloodthirster. It gave me more sustain in team fights (since the AI has a tendency to focus down a target like crazy since, well, it's a computer). 

    I also got Trinity Force earlier since the damage from Sheen was giving me a great boost in damage when I'd gank with the Gate+ Shock combo.

    I'll definitely update this post after I get crushed in a PvP game, heh.

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