• #85 Volkihar

    Lmao just gotten 36/1 Jayce in Normals, OP!

  • #87 Corjy

    Yeah Jayce is a really good champ!


  • #78 DJFuzzyButt

    This guide doesn't contain any of the stats on Jayce's Mercury Cannon Form abilities stats.

    I'm not trying to be insulting to the guy, but both parts of Jayce's kit go into playing him well.  I don't need him to go into how he would go about swapping between both, considering everyone has their own play style when it comes to those combos.  It is just odd to not include even the base stats for those abilities so people can know exactly what each one does.

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  • #74 SkyLoveR45

    men. i think GA or IE should be replaced with manamune (into muramana)... because if you have muramana, you more have burst damage especially when the passive of TF is combined with the passive of muramana... ITS SO MUCH DAMAGE!!!

  • #75 Rodrake

    Try the Jayce mid guide. It goes for that path instead, and maybe you can rock it in top lane! They were made by different players who also have different play styles, but maybe you can take the best of both!

  • #72 toansix

    jayce ADC oh yeah!!! it worx :P


  • #71 dadoulink

    Hello !

    I'm here to share my Jayce ! :D


    First time, I take a long sword with 2 popo.

    Then I take a Brutalizer, and after I take a tear of the goddness.

    After that, I take lucidity boots,

    And (follow the order of the stuff !) an hexdrinker - Frozen Mallet - Black Cleaver - Maw of Malmortius - Manamune (and dont forget to farm for Muramana) - Frozen Heart.

    And when you have your Muramana, just put a W on a champ, and see (it do big damage when you have W level 5). :)

    For the spell, it's very easy :

    Level 1 : Q           Level 9 : E                Level 17 : W

    Level 2 : E            Level 10 : E             Level 18 : W

    Level 3 : W           Level 11 : R

    Level 4 : Q           Level 12 : E

    Level 5 : Q           Level 13 : E

    Level 6 : R           Level 14 : W

    Level 7 : Q          Level 15 : W

    Level 8 : Q          Level 16 : R

    For the harass, I've maximised the Q, then you can also harras with the hammer when you jump with your Q and combining with it the E, but you can just when you have a melee champ in front on you (like Garen).

    The objective is to harass a little the ennemy, and suprise your ennemy with the hammer, but don't forget, with that stuff, you are strong in late game !

    For the runes, I use 3 Quintessence of Armor Penetration, 9 Mark of Attack Damage, 9 Seal of Armor, 3 Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist and 6 Glyph of Scaling Mana Regeneration.

    I use the 6 Glyph of Scaling Mana Regeneration cause I take the tear of the goddness i little bit late, so fir the harass, i need mana regenaration, and I take mana regeneration per level, cause in late game, I also need mana for harass the team before teamfight.

     Some help for playing him :

    For harras with the Q, shoot with the Q and after put the E for surprise the ennemy ! :D

    The hammer boost your magic resist and your armor, so it's nice for engage or avoid lot of damages in gank.

    Harass with the Q when it is level 3, you will save some mana.

    If you can put an auto attack before the combo QE, did it !

    Sorry for my bad english, I'm french (and I don't flam !!!!) so I hope my Jayce helped you and GL HF ! :D


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  • #70 Sinestessia

    Rune Summary:

    • Could use "AD regen runes" if you feel safer :) 


  • #69 tofuboy101

    I think you should update the masteries picture over at the "Rune, Masteries, and Summoner Spells" tab because it has points into the crit damage, an attack modifier that is known to be not all that great on Jayce. Of course, I know that the page you intend for is the one in the "Quick guide" tab, but I feel some people might overlook it and accidentally waste some points they could've had somewhere else

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  • #68 ghost20018

    at what time should u have muramana i always feel i get it to late and that i should of had it earlier

  • #66 OneTwoFuhQue

    If you're having mana problems i feel bad for you son,
    cause with a level 2 w, you get the mana job done.

    but seriously, play aggressively until you have roughly 100 mana, fall back, and farm in hammer form under turret.
    that gives you more than enough poke to deny farm, and one minion wave in hammer form will put you back to 50% mana.
    the 100 mana you saved is to prevent a tower dive gank with a fat E to the face.

  • #65 Galexlol

    "As almost every top lane champion you start with boots and 3x health regen potions for better trades and laning controlling combined with 19/11/0 masteries"



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  • #64 Crytal

    why critical dmg when he dont have 1 crit item

  • #61 gwjw2000

    I dont understand, why get brutaliser if your not building it into anything?

  • #62 Sccaleu

    Don't just look at the quick guide.

  • #63 gwjw2000

    Erm okay odd response... it says was recently updated- they should really put in an update log for gudes

  • #67 OneTwoFuhQue

    Brutalizer builds in to Black Cleaver home slice.


  • #59 boss_esp

    for when I see guides updated with different jayce Masteries (21/6/3, 21/9/0 and 19/0/11 that the difference here?


  • #58 tzenker

    What are your thoughts on getting a flask at top lane? I've been trying it out and it seems to work pretty well considering the increase in his mana costs. Allows for extra sustain plus more poke damage. It also works well when you want to disrupt the enemy jungler, and considering the extra time you get in lane, it's pretty cost efficient.

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  • #57 TkOvan

    I hope this guide gets updated for new items and such as there seems a lot that could work on jayce. Also I think the mastery page needs to be fixed.

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