• #41 BlackBlue21

    I am new to Karma but I was wondering what people thought to doing Spell Vamp on her, Since I have low life, its hard to keep alive if I am cought out in team fights, and since I am using my spells anyways, why not get a small bit of life out of it.

  • #42 thechosenone124

    I feel Renewal provides enough healing by itself, and Inspire/Defiance provides enough damage mitigation without the need for too much healing

  • #37 daksa20

    no sivir synergy?

  • #39 thechosenone124

    No Hecarim synergy either. 

  • #40 Shakarezz

    A certain champion not being present doesn't mean they don't synergize. Zekent just listed some champs that's all

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  • #33 reyvateil

    What you think playing more agressive 21/9/0 with the ap sup item?

    I don't play rankeds, and I think it's more easy to win the lane with a strong pressure (this is very easy with karma tho). I was thinking about doran's shield too, viable?

  • #45 Magenator

    Karma's stats alone allow her to put a devastating amount of pressure on the lane in early game. So much so that the enemy adc and support will be more afraid of you than your own adc until around level 8. By then, Doran's shield is worthless.

     You want to use 9/0/21 or 0/9/21 because you need the passive gold income as you won't be getting much of any minion kills if you play properly.  Also, maybe it's because this guide is old but you should be purchasing Spellthief's Edge at start and upgrading it to Frostfire as soon as possible. You will want to focus on getting Spellthief > Frostfire > Frost Queen before anything. If you're worried about jungle, get Sight Stone before FQC. 

      As far as early gameplay to establish a dominance over bottom lane, try to sit in the enemies bottom bush and constantly poke them from the side. Make sure to notify your adc to remain positioned at the top of the lane so that you can maximize your lane control.  To play this correctly, you'll be positioned ahead of your adc and the enemy minions, so you'll need to be effective in disengaging from multiple enemies by yourself.  Also, if you've created a dominance over the lane, enemies will immediately retreat when you go in to attack. This is where Karma is the strongest and because of her abilities, you can solo-gank enemies easiest while on the run. If you can create an early lane presence, you'll prevent the enemies from getting cs by keeping them out of range of your minions.

      Also, by playing in the enemy's bush it's necessary that you ward the river. If a jungler comes to gank from the river, it's likely that you'll die without knowing ahead of time that they're coming.  Even if the enemy wards the bush that you're in, do everything you can to maintain position. It's likely that they ward the bush to keep an eye on you, not to kill you. If you poke properly, they'll most likely remain the same distance away from you, or even farther. You'll even be able to use this to your advantage by making it look like you're attacking without even having to leave the bush, causing them to retreat. There's something about the presence of naiveness when things are uncertain that we play a little more careless. Oftentimes I actually prefer when the enemy wards the bush. Makes the adc's farm easier

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    Guide updated

  • #14 thechosenone124

    Is Karma mid good? Focused Resolve+ Soulflare deals pretty amazing damage, and Inner Flame+Renewal is free sustain (with the new update, even having Renewal's leash broken will grant a decent heal). Her shield is still relevant in a solo lane

  • #17 Danni990

    Yes, she is good as a sololaner, but there are some things that will give her a hard time. For example if you are against Sejuani and Leona, they can lock you down and blow up, without any chance to react.

    Hope you read my Karma mid Guide for further advice ;)

  • #18 thechosenone124

    Ty, but why would Leona be in a solo lane?!

  • #38 daksa20

    rofl, i think he meant jungle  :P

  • #46 Magenator

      Karma is effective midlane, the only problem is that its unlikely that you'll have a good match up. There are too many midlane champs that can destroy Karma; Gragas, Akali, Kat, Heimer, etc. etc..

      If you want to lane with Karma, your best option is to play top lane.  Much fewer champs that will dominate you. Also, Karma is a good match against the most popular top laners like Nasus, Renekton, even Trundle if you can keep a far enough distance where you won't get killed after he blows his slow all over you.. ;)

  • #48 thechosenone124

    Yeah but whie it is true that you can keep your distance, when they do get close you die. All they need to do is when your snare is about to hit, stun you or snare you. That's basically how all squishy ranged champions top lane work, while you will maintain an advantage, if something goes wrong you will get mauled.

  • #13 Basinator

    Stupid Q: Did you put the skill order somewhere down?

  • #16 Danni990

    Just the written one for now:


    The widget is broken at the moment, so I can't provide the visual one, sorry.

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    I saw you playing Nami recently. Could you tell me why? Is it because of the recent buffs? 

    What do you Build and Level / Skill up on her? Is she currently one of the strongest Supports? Please answer, would make my day.



  • #15 Danni990


    I'm really sorry for the late answer, but we had to fight against flooding the last 2 weeks(here in Germany).

    Nami is really really strong at the moment, I would even say op. 
    The increase of her stun(Q) to 1.5s (from 1.25s) has a huge impact, in addition she has high sustain(W), great engage with her ult(R) and her slow(E) can set up the enemy for a Aqua Prison (Q). And another thing is very important the change of Mikael's Crucible fits perfect to Nami's build path.

    Build: Sightstone, Philo ->Mikael's, then Aegis or Frozen Heart depending on the team needs
    most of the time I end up buying CDR Boots

    Skill Order: Q/W, Q/W, W, E, W, R, W, E, W, E, R, E, E, Q, Q, R, Q, Q
    At lvl 1 Q against people that can hard engage, W if you can just trade.

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    i tried this page as soon as i came across it for i went support my next game and did awesome still. i did so well i ended getting a soulstealer later on after my ruby sightstone

  • #11 Danni990

    gj :)

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