• #53 Kurosai

    I love Karma, Throwing W, Inmovilizing , then Mantra and Q Overkills the opponent! Its my combo :)

  • #52 Rott3nCorps3

    Could you fix the SKILL ORDER please? there's 7x W when there's 5x max.

    Last edited by Rott3nCorps3: 4/28/2014 2:27:45 PM
  • #42 thechosenone124

    Can someone fix the Q please? It's been forever since the karma rework. 

  • #41 HalfOp

    Nice job. I love this build.

  • #39 Zelleos

    I just wanna say ive mained karma since her rework, so seeing this guide def made me happy. I just wanna say tho when i play karma i rush a ROA over chalice/seekers, the stats and sustain that ROA provides from the passive to the bonus mana and health are amazing on her. Heal is based of missing health- so its way easier to bait and kite; also your defenses with shield and more health makes you tankier, mana u dont run out of since your pool becomes vast with it, bonus AP is always a plus. then sorc boots and then Morellos and go from there. thats just my playstyle but if anyone benefits from this comment then great :D

  • #40 thechosenone124

    Those extra defenses are handy because it's a bad idea to cast Renewal unless you're below 50%, and there are risks involved with attempting to land a channeled ability at low health. The problem is Karma is heavily CDR reliant as combined with her passive, CDR exponentially lowers ult CD. So you'll need 10% from masteries (9/0/21) and/or CDR boots to supplement not getting Athenes. I like you're ROA idea quite a bit though

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  • #37 Tubblas

    I love Karma...i consider her now my go to champ (after Malz)...especially because the matchups malz isnt in favor of...(Kassadin...LB to name a few) Karma excels against..(well at least for me)...she isnt one of those "Carry" mids...but i think with the utility she provides...she can get away with it...

  • #38 thechosenone124

    Also, level one invades with Karma are sick :D

  • #36 thechosenone124

    I think one of Karma's best lane opponents are agressive short ranged types like Fizz and Katarina. She can shield against their damage and easily turn the tables with renewal. Inner flame is also good for harassing such enemies, because they hide just behind the minion line to farm, preventing a direct hit but allowing a shot with the explosion. I don't think Soulfare should be used to poke, because its not that hard to escape the second explosion (unless you're snared), instead I save Mantra so I can bait enemies into jumping me at low health, then casting Inspire on myself and Renewal  on the enemy

  • #35 thechosenone124

    Another pro would be one of the strongest level one characters, because of her ulti

  • #32 Basinator

    Spirit of the Spectral Wraith + Morellonomicon = 4200 gold

    Didnt you forget to mention the SV?

  • #31 Basinator

    Wonder, what about SV? Gives CDR, tankyness and OP passive with W2 + ZH.

  • #34 Danni990

    You are right, Spirit Visage is a good item on her, she makes good use of all the stats, but if you want to fill the role as an AP-Carry, it is more important to build offensive stats.
    Would suggest SV just as 6th item or when you are behind and tanking for your team.

  • #30 TyrannonvanDazok

    A video might be nice.

  • #33 Danni990

    I would love to, but there is no chance with my old MacBook, I'm really sorry.

  • #25 FooFooMoo

    Soo...for the past month this guide remained out of date and said updating for patch 3.5, and now it reads updating for patch 3.6, with no change at all from patch 3.5 yet. Any plans to actually update this guide or will it forever remain outdated with a updating for patch 9.7 etc banner?

  • #26 Danni990

    The entire quickquide section changed 7 hours ago and if you come back within the next 2 day, you will see a completely updated guide ;)

  • #27 FooFooMoo

    Quote from Danni990 »

    The entire quickquide section changed 7 hours ago and if you come back within the next 2 day, you will see a completely updated guide ;)

    Thank you! So glad you took over =) I was reading your support guide yesterday and it was good, but I still wanted a guide for mid karma, and even better its you who is updating it =) That other guy who was in charge of this guide probably would've never updated it =/

  • #28 Danni990


    The Karma mid guide is finished, hope you will like it. If my Karma guides are good enough, I may get the chance to write some other guides like Support Elise, Top Nunu, Top Maokai, Jungle Cassiopeia ... etc. So if you see room for improvement or things you want to have answered within the guide, feel free to suggest.

    Hope you will enjoy Karma as much as I do :)

  • #23 joshjosh04

    For lol pros sake i hope this is for the old karma.      

    P.s. she is free this week and i think it might me a good time to update

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