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    thanks you

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    thanks you


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    I'm long time kass player and just checking up on his new scalings when i noticed this under his R in abilities section "Each subsequent Riftwalk within the next 8 seconds costs 100 additional Mana, stacks up to times." nothing major just thought i would bring it up that it doesnt state how many times it stacks  :)   bit sad to see the nerfs but hes still one of my favorite champs to play  

  • #77 voyboy

    Yep I'll ask someone to fix this.

  • #72 Dacchei

    This guide has been updated. Below comments are outdated.

  • #63 vakinha1234

    Hey man, i play kass for a very long time, but every time i go against gragas mid lane, i need to frequently ask help to my jungle... do u know any way to counter it??? He has to much dmg aoe and i give him almost no damage =X

    any tip?? thx

  • #64 hdzzx

    may u can play, closer to your tower and farm with "q", so after lv 6 u can w8 him to throw his AoE so u can walk through the void (R) and kill him 

  • #62 maravis

    Kassadins from the Void so he'll need his staff (don't tell anyone its his walking stick)

  • #61 tron345

    um when i visit this site alot of the info is overlaping such as the masteries item build and the abilitys. what could i do to fix this


  • #58 TSpEiGhT99

    Lich Bane Is One Of The Most Op Items For Kassadin And It's Not On Here And They Is No Need For Flash Baring In Mind He Can Bloody Teleport

  • #59 Omnia95

    He may be able to teleport, but flash is more than likely to help him with a pre-six gank where he can not teleport.

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    imo is flash good so you can r into their team and burst someone and flash away. I like to r q e rapidly and run away instead of having to aa after every spell for extra damage cause your way too squishy to stay that long.

  • #57 Innurendo

    Why not get Lich Bane? I'd rather pick that before getting Void Staff....

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    why are you picking flash for kassadin?

  • #55 kailg

    Double Flash OP. Guarantees a deathless game post-6.

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    ok ty for answer.

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    VoyBoy says not to get archangels, and normally i wouldn't for kass, its just that I'm a bit of a spammer, and poke excessively, and I always prefer poking then chasing down then getting in an all out teamfight, so the extra mana is useful and needed. However, Voyboy is right, it is inadvisable for most kass players to get it, and the double ROA works really well. 

  • #51 tinsko13

    well...i think archangels is better...u get ur shield anyway(its around 350-750shield)...+u get 350more mana +10mana/5sec

  • #47 PapaARC

    What about Archangel staff..... just asking. No hate please

  • #48 AmanteML

    It's generally suboptimal, but far from the worst thing you could do.

    I used to have fun doing a build similar to the double ROA build, but with a Tear in place of the second ROA (turning it into an AA much, much later). You trade some survivability and burst damage for the ability to chase (and kill) people with 5+ stack Riftwalks.

    It's still imperative that you get your ROA and Sorc Shoes ASAP. Kass has a really weird power curve where he's pretty weak early on until he gets that ROA, then he starts really ramping up.

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