• #388 xxyukixx

    u can play here all lane it works *-*

  • #374 Nicfox77

    Can Katarina top?

  • #375 thechosenone124

    She would be mauled by the bruisers that inhabit that lane

  • #376 CrazyPlays

    off she can but she will lose lane in terms of cs but if she runs flash/tp she would help snowball bot or mid whatever you feel like

  • #377 thechosenone124

    Course it depends. Against Renekton type champions you will definitely be mauled, and Nasus types will just take advantage of the free farm

  • #379 Volkihar

    She can't, she's squishy and have no sustain in lane unlike someone like Irelia or Nidalee, the most part is she is melee. So she will get killed by Renekton, Tryndamere and others that have a strong gap-closer.

  • #380 thechosenone124

    She has the ability to spam knives to farm and escape with her E. As long as she avoids taking too much damage it should be fine. As CrazyPlays mentioned, roaming is always a good alternative

  • #381 CrazyPlays

    dude please...if you got the skills you can play her everywhere...i play her top/mid/bot/jungle....i play her even as support ffs

  • #382 thechosenone124

    Of course she cannot ever be played as support. When you say support, I assume you mean "inhabits bot lane without farming, but instead snowballs with kills". A support's job is to peel for the carries, and Katarina lacks the CC for peeling. Katarina "support" is just a lane bully

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  • #383 CrazyPlays

    no i mean proper defensive until level 6 and then go all in at level 6 and grip the enemies down for the adc to take them....if it happens that the arc doesn't pick them up but you do then you snowball and start farming after the lanes open

  • #384 thechosenone124

    According to your description of a support, their job is to snowball the lane after level 6. This is inaccurate in that supports need to be valuable pre level 6 because lacking such a presence means your adc may be denied farm. Post level 6, you need to be able to deal with a Leona type engage on your ADC. Sona has Crescendo, Janna has Monsoon, Lulu has Rampant Growth etc, and these will nullify or neuter any hard engage on an ADC. Katarina will attempt to block these engagements by dealing damage to the engager or by killing the enemy damage dealer before they deal damage, and this is extremely unreliable.

    Every support, even the most offense-oriented (Leona and Annie) has a method to deal with the worse case scenario in a fight (a successful hard engage on an ADC is every team's worse nightmare), but Katarina has none of that.

  • #372 Myoshichan

    TY for that guide! He is awesome :) ! I want to be a pro kata :D

  • #373 Volkihar

    Lol good, i'm a Bronze 5 Katarina main :3

  • #370 Soccerman2222

    Where should we put the lvl 1 wards?

  • #371 CrazyPlays

    in my honest opinion you don't put it anywhere...but it all depends...if you have an agressive jungler like a Lee or an Eve or someone who will start blue and then go and invade their red then you might as well ward their red at 1:50 or alternatively you can save it as an escape to ward + shunpo when you get my opinion the later is the best use of the ward but the first alternative benefits the team more depending on your jungler....

  • #368 Nicfox77

    What do you think of flat AP blues? Is scaling just better because kat is weak early?

  • #369 CrazyPlays


    My in-game name is Nutty Plays (EUNE) and I use:

    • Flat AP quins (because the scaling ones need to be level 12 to be better than the flat ones and usually by that time I have already taken first blood)
    • Magic Pen red
    • Scaling AP blue and yellow (because the scaling surpass the flat at level 6 and that is lane phase. Althought this means that you are very weak early you can be alright if you are quick with your reflexes and use shunpo at the right time and keep an extra ward to avoid ganks. But if you use my build you will have to start with dorian shield or at least armour cloth and 5 pots instead of boots and 5 pots alright i personally favour dorian shield more due to hp regen.)
    Last edited by CrazyPlays: 3/16/2014 5:20:13 AM
  • #364 KiNG_Gaming

    you need to put wukong as a counter on this.

  • #365 CrazyPlays

    wu is not a hard counter…just wait for him to finish his ult to end and then go in and ult…during the lane phase just poke him with your qew combo but make sure to e in such a way that your w just about reaches him so you can avoid his abilities…further more when he leaves his body you can use our r to detect him.

  • #366 thechosenone124

    Crazyplays, i believe Katarina can ult if she's near a fake champion, Wukong's clone included. In close combat trades early wukong has a big advantage and as long as Wukong doesn't ult, you can't ult. The mere fact that he has an ultimate can prevent you from going in in a teamfight, and remember that a well timed clone is impossible to tell if its a clone (stun)

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