• #420 starblaster11

    I like everything but the guardian angel pretty much idk why but it just feels useless to me because your just stalling them from killing you for a few seconds because you dont have any lifesteal or spellvamp unless you buy hextech gunblade if you follow this build but i just think that you could buy spirit visage instead of it because it does give you 400 more max health and 55 mr and +20 health regen per 5 seconds and 10% cdr and then with the passive you get all healing increased by 20% health so it turns the +20 per 5 seconds health regen into 24 per 5 seconds and it also gives you 20% spell vamp and life steal so when you burst and attack you dont have to worry about dying as much because you just get all the health back before you can die but with guardien angel you just get revived with some of your health and die after that most likely so yeah.

  • #421 RustyCarrots

    As far as I know it doesn't give you spell vamp and lifesteal, it just boosts any spell vamp or lifesteal you already have.

  • #422 starblaster11

    Nope it doesn't boost it it actually gives you it or you wouldn't build it on tanks as much.

  • #419 matn7moud

    she is only op vs any champ :D

  • #414 katja02

    What magic penetration does?

  • #415 thechosenone124

    Makes your magic penetrate

  • #411 bartu2

    good job but the runes doesnt work good and the start is bad but the full build is soo good


  • #412 HomerX221

    He starts boots nowadays.

  • #413 CrazyPlays

    that depends from player to player....personally i start with amp tomb and one pot

  • #391 Perception312

    I prefer to build a more tanky version of Kat, so I do about as much dmg as glass cannon but have 3k HP so I double as a tank. When I go in, everyone focuses me if they can, but with 3k HP and the dmg reduction from Shunpo, I rarely even have to pop Zhonya's, and meanwhile I'm taking lots of hits for my team.

    Core Items are Sorc's Shoes, Liandry's Torment, and Rylai's Crystal Scepter. This will give you a lot of beef, plenty of dmg and penetration, and the slow is a nice bonus too since it doubles the dmg of Liandry's. Then get Deathcap and DFG. At some point, maybe before the Deathcap and DFG, get a Zhonya's or GA.

    Thanks to this build, I have an 80%+ winrate in teambuilder as Kat, and get matched with Plat+ players regularly. It does well in ranked too but I don't play ranked enough to give you any stats there (although I got a pentakill in ranked with this build on my 2nd game with Kat, so I'm pretty happy with it).

  • #392 thechosenone124

    Its impossible to build tanky and deal the same damage dude (except on Ryze and people who get AP from tankiness). If that were true no one would ever build glass cannon on anyone

  • #393 Perception312

    Nonetheless, if you stay alive longer, you tend to do more damage over that longer period of time. In Kat's case, it gives your teammates more time to help you get resets, since you won't melt. It also lets you go in earlier, or even initiate in some rare cases. It probably doesn't do as much burst as glass cannon, but I find it to be more consistent. Honestly, glass cannon or not, you're gonna blow up their adc if you can get on him/her. Liandry's makes up for the slight decrease in dmg by letting you melt the hp of tanks, since they are the only ones with enough tankiness for the damage difference to matter.

  • #394 thechosenone124

    Your build is pretty solid. It lets you jump into teamfights a bit earlier instead of chilling out while your team tries to 4v5. Truthfully, I think even with these items Kat is too squishy to just hang around for a period of time and deal damage (you ain't no bruiser) and the damage reduction makes you hang around too long for even the tankiness gained to save you. But that's just my opinion.


  • #395 Perception312

    True, you still have to wait for a decent opportunity to go in.

  • #396 CrazyPlays

    Tankarina doesn't work anymore as a primary dog can't go in 1v3 or 1v4 and get a triple or quadra with your guild....but with glass cannon you can...and your aoe is not enough for ryali's to be efficient...becuase your ult only hits 3 people...

  • #397 Perception312

    I find that it's easier to go in 1v3 as Tankarina, because you won't get blown up instantly. Of course, usually you can't 1v3 no matter what your build is, unless one of them is low enough that you will get a reset fairly quickly. I assure you that Tankarina still works if your beef comes from two dmg items like Liandry and Rylais, at least up to the diamond level (don't know about professional play xD)

  • #398 MechaLeva

    The only problems with the build is that it does not offer as much damage as the one in this guide, and Kat's job is to do quick bursts instead of sustained damage throughout a team fight. I also find that Zhonya's is enough survivability. If you want health I recommend running health per level yellows. The health per level runes and Zhonyas is all the survivability you need. 

  • #399 thechosenone124

    He replaced Void Staff and Guardian Angel with Rylai's and Liandry's. Now that I look at it this grants almost double the AP of Void Guardian Angel, but you lose the armor and magic resist for health, and Void Staff's passive for straight up magic pen. All in all, I'd say it might actually be squishier than the original build, but trading off Void Staff's passive for AP gives greater early damage in exchange for late damage

  • #400 Perception312

    I've been considering selling boots for Void Staff in the end game to make sure I don't fall off with this build. Unfortunately, I haven't been in a game that lasted that long yet so I haven't been able to test it out.

  • #401 thechosenone124

    You are absolutely right, you won't reach that point, so the idea isn't very helpful. Also note Sorc boots supply magic penetration, so swapping them out won't help as much as you'd like.

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