• #39 KevinIX

    How do you think Support Kayle does in Season 4 now that she has more gold? I think she could be really strong with lots of AP. Not much CC, but her Ult, slow, and heal should be good enough to support.

  • #40 Shakarezz

    I'll be updating this guide when the workload is a bit lower, but I definitely think she's stronger, spellthief's edge is AWESOME on her

  • #38 Shakarezz

    Guide updated once again

  • #35 Do0m93

    Works Great in Solo Q! Going to try Ranked after a bit more practice. :) Thanks!

  • #33 adovid

    I used support Kayle to get out of Bronze in S2 on one of the longest win streaks I ever had with a single champion. The only problem is that after I got to a certain ELO support Kayle didn't work anymore. Now this guide is made by a plat but is Kayle really able to gain you wins at that ELO? She has been nerfed since her last changes (ult range nerf being biggest) and she doesn't fit in this meta very well from the beginning as a fighter that doesn't make a very good bruiser and doesn't have the kind of spike damage to keep up with assassins and doesn't have the early game utility to control the lane as a support.

    Her only real redeeming factor is that she can make initiations for her team a nightmare IF they are in a position to start fights and can keep snowballing allies from dieing while ganking IF they are snowballing.

    So how do you play support Kayle to win the lane without relying on the IFs?

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  • #34 Shakarezz

    I am going to upload a video about this, but the gameplay is from my smurf (Silver 1). I do also play her on my main (lower Plat) and it works well.

    To start your duo is THE most important thing when playing support Kayle. You want to have a Twitch or a Graves. Those are the most bursty ADC that have high kill potentials at level 2. If you are laning with someone like Varus/Vayne try to play a bit more defensive.

    Next up is poke lanes, if you're facing a poke lane you shouldn't pick Kayle. They'll just harass you to death and you can't do anything, might as well pick a solid tanky support like Leona or Taric in this case.

    Kayle support is all about saving people in teamfights. You should be in the backline so you dont get caught and blown up super fast. Instead wait in the backline and save your ult for a priority target. If you have the chance you can go in and apply stacks of your passive, that's why Nashor's and Zerks are listed. You can morph into an AP carry late game that essentially shreds Armor and MR for your team.

    Any other questions, feel free

  • #31 Jehde

    Small error on the guide, this guide is for support kayle but the video is for Top Kayle

  • #32 Shakarezz

    We don't have any other video for kayle


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    Notes: SPAM
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    Notes: SPAM
  • #28 Waaargh

    Quick guide on frontpage is missing ability level-up chart.

  • #27 DarccShadowz

    wtf did my shit post in Kayles? I was on elise a second ago. that's wack and my comments were directed at Elise guide not this one. Sorry for dumbass mis-post. I guess, as unlikely and stupid as it sounds, something glitched...

  • #24 Mustaschio

    Check masteries!!!

  • #25 Shakarezz

    Guide will be ready soon be patient


  • #23 caffeinepg

    Something is going on with your masteries. Currently I see 0/12/9 with the graphics not matching the numbers. I've seen several pages like that since yesterday (11/15/2010). 

  • #20 Vandalist

    51% Cooldown Reduction, and it caps at 40%.. Are you sure this kid is 2200 ELO? I would think he would know by know that CDR is capped at 40, why stack it to 51?

  • #21 NicknameMy

    Troll detected

  • #22 Vandalist

    Actually sir, your comment is more of a troll than anyone's here.  Nice try though.

  • #51 Hizsoo

    He is lazy to switch boots.

  • #19 Unclemuscles

    Marks, Seals and Quints

    Use 9 Armor Reds, 9 Gold per 10 Quints,


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