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    Finally a jungle guide ! I love Kayle so much that I use her in any lane. Not only she is a great mid or top laner, but in my opinion, an awesome support and jungler as well. I've already played her as a  jungler many times and i am really glad to see we have the same build in mind (I build her AP). I'm willing to try her AD as well. Do you think it would be worth to still do the Nashor's Tooth before doing the Blade of the Ruined King and Zephyr ? Keep the good work on all of your Kayle guides, you're doing excellent ! :D

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    Reckoning has 6 points and Divine Bless has 4.

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     I have found this build to be very effective, and as far as beating Kayle top lane i prefer Nidalee, post-6. Nidalees heal is stronger than Kayles heal, and being able to land spears that chunk half Kayles health stops her from laning effectively.



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    in my opinion, on kayle jungler (i use her top, but i roam most), you can have both zephyr, nashor's tooth and for final item for 1v1 anyone the guinsoo's rageblade.

    the black cleaver, in my opinion is worse than the rageblade, and a late game nashor's tooth is better than the spirit of the elder's lizard. just my two cents :)

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    Whilst Zephyr and Nashor are a great choice, you need to build defensive items too. Building too squishy will mean you'll always have to ult yourself and you might need it for someone else

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    I was hoping to find a solo top Kayle guide simply for the reason that I have been unable to find a true counter to her in lane, she has massive damage output, a heal, and an invulnerability ult that make her a laning nightmare. I have yet to experience a truely bad lane matchup when playing as Kayle, and havent been able to beat her in lane. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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    to beat her or to play her?

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    To beat her. I even beat the emphamous "better nerf" Irelia. Who counter's her?

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    I played against a Kayle top and countered her hard with Swain. Of course that requires a little meta breaking but it worked quite well. We had our Sion go mid to counter their Kas and I went top to counter Kayle.

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    Quote from topcop54 »

    I played against a Kayle top and countered her hard with Swain. Of course that requires a little meta breaking but it worked quite well. We had our Sion go mid to counter their Kas and I went top to counter Kayle.

    I have no idea how that is meta breaking. :| Sion does go mid. Swain does go top. 

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    She is squishy early and her substain is very mana intensive if she use it.Every poke lane can be difficult for her, Yorick, Pantheon, Jayce, Malphite (Even if she play AP, you just need to buy substain path and take philosopher stone early to be abble to harass her) or even Nidalee are good example.
    Also, she is weak to gap closer character who can grab her early. So character like Rengar top (Good substain and mobility who make him difficult for Kayle to kite in bush), maybe Jarvan (Since he is tanky and has an easy gap closer, but his is kited heavily without that), Elise, Pantheon.

    Swain is a good example for level 6 fight, she has ult yes but he has really good substain making him able to fight her on DPS. Also tanky AP item are core on him, he can rush zhonya after that if she goes AD or some AP magic resist if she is AP (Cf a little item who boost your regeneration x) ). His root is dangerous and Kayle can't really duel a good swain post level 6.

    She does less damage now, but better kiting so gap closer are still strong. Also, I think Talon can be a really interesting pick against her.
    Khazyx is weaker early game but with some stuff and at level 6, he can really kill her. His ult is a really good way to temporize a kayle who dive/fight under ult.

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    I beat her top lane with tryndamere, since my "invulnerablilty" lasted longer.

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    interceptor, have you played kayle solotop? I played her and i build her like an AD carry but with a few differences, i satrt with boots and 3 healt pots, the i build a maladystarting with the dagger with the +20% speed, then i buld a frozen mallet and infinity edge and sometime the blood razor. I got atack damange on red, armour on gold and magic resist on blue and health on quints, i use flash and ignite or heal sometimes as summoner spels and use a 21-9-0 materies with the amount of health increased in the tanky masteries,  I max E and then the w and max q last, and the r ever when i can.  I nuked some fioras, a Monkey,  some twisted fate and double lane with morgana and gp, and i never lost with her, could you tell me if i could improve this build?

  • #4 Interceptor402

    I don't want to be too harsh here, and no desrespect to LiQuiD (your Soraka guide is excellent), but I think that this jungle Kayle guide needs a significant amount of work before it's ready for general release. I have been playing Kayle out of the jungle since the patch back in November (aka the big jungle rework), and there are a number of things here that are inefficient or otherwise don't make a lot of sense.

    First, you need to max Righteous Fury first, not last. Kayle's Q gets the majority of its utility from a single point: 35% slow, 6% damage amp. Additional points only increase the base damage, mana cost, and add a little bit to the amp. It has no effect on cooldown, slow potency, or duration. This skill is a one-point wonder. Her E on the other hand, has a static mana cost, and goes from 20-60 splash damage on level-ups. More importantly, it goes from adding 20 to 40% of her AD as additional magic splash damage. This doubles the effect of her AD (which includes her base AD, not just bonus AD) on her splash damage. For jungle speed, you cannot ignore this skill. At level 9 with base parameters, this is the difference between ~37 splash damage (level 1 E) and ~93 splash damage (level 5 E) per hit, never mind what happens when you add AD items. Cannot be ignored.

    Second, AP is very bad on Kayle. Her ult has no AP ratio, AP is flat-out worse than AD for her E (20% AP ratio is worse than a 40% AD ratio, and AD also adds to the primary target at 100% ratio), and her W is limited to a 35% AP ratio (+50 points to your heal is not worth spending 5300 gold). While AP is technically better than AD on her Q (same 100% ratio, but AP is cheaper), it's a single target nuke on an 8-second base cooldown, so the efficiacy of AP on it is very much suspect in real fights where you'll only get 2-3 chances to use it at most.

    Thirdly, 21/09 masteries make Kayle's jungle needlessly difficult. You are better off with 21/9/0, or better yet, 15/15/0 (both damage reductions in Defense, as well as the scaling CDR mastery). She takes too much damage without investment in Defense, and +3 MP/5 plus bonus mana and 30 seconds on jungle buffs is nowhere near worth the sacrifice. Kayle is not a mana-hungry jungler, because E has a static mana cost, small camps restore mana on kill, and she doesn't use Q/W to jungle with.

    Fourth, Kayle doesn't have much use for Wriggles. If you take 3% lifesteal from masteries and use Lifesteal quints, she can use double Doran's Blades to get 15% total lifesteal (plus +20 AD and +160 HP), which is enough to sustain forever. It is also 650g cheaper than Wriggles, which is money that you can divert into an earlier Philo (generates money for wards, gives even more sustain and blue buff freedom) or an Oracle's for killing lane wards. This also allows you to start boots + 3 pots for better level 2 ganks.

    Finally, Rylai's is terrible. Not only because of the AP issue, but because Frozen Mallet is just flat-out better for what you're using Rylai's for. If you really want peel for your carries, a 30% 2.5 second single target slow is better than a 15% 1.5 second AOE slow every day of the week, and Mallet has a useful component item (Phage) that helps with a slow proc while you're building up the final recipe cost. I could comment on the other items (you really should consider a Zeke's Herald), but this is already a wall of text as it is.

    Hopefully some of this helps with improving the guide. I am excited to see pros paying attention to jungle Kayle, but there is a much better way to do it than what you're advocating here. 

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    I have also read that Kayle's attacks are still considered melee even with her e up, so there is a possibility that frozen mallet could give the full 40%. I would swtich the wriggles to a blood razor and get that extra damage to help crush tanks. shurelyas is one of those items that are very situational, and if a support already has one i wouldnt make it.

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    She used to be considered melee with Righteous Fury up, but that was changed/fixed some time ago. Every item at this point should consider her a ranged attacker when E is going.

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    ...The awkward feeling when you go to lolpro for a guide and find a better guide in the comments section.

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    The +10% crit damage probably carried over from playing Kayle in top lane where you would benefit from eventually building a Phantom Dancer and consequently built as a AD Carry rather than this supporty debuffer Kayle...then the +10% crit dmg is nice. The Rylais does not apply on her auto attack but it DOES if her Righteous Fury is active. Come team fights you can keep their entire team with a 15% speed debuff(not sure if it counts it as single or aoe for the purposes of Rylais debuff). I think that this guide is suggessting so much AP stacked because you're not acting as the carry but more so as a DPSy support which will be easier to obtain a transition from the jungle with as a full AD build requires more farm and is probably better suited to a solo lane.  Keep in mind that this is a guide to a champ that has a very very versatile playstyle.  

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    Rylai's gives the reduced 15% AOE slow on Righteous Fury (same with spell Vamp, incidentally). I guess that there is something to be said for an AOE slow, since the radius on E is a pretty large 300 units, but 3105g is a huge investment to make for someone on a jungler's salary. There are so many other things that you could buy for that amount of gold that will have a greater impact, in my opinion.

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