• #27 Alatreon774

    I know alot of people might think it as a bad idea, but chalice of harmony is very good early as it lets you spam your abilities as Kha, I usually get that first after my basic items. Then a vampiric scepter, then I build my Hydra, and wing it from there.

  • #21 daksa20

    Well, can you tell me the path of items that you are going? I guess that there is brutalizer first, but than? And what about tear? ty

  • #23 mrziks

    tear is not needed and weaker than the options listed above

  • #24 daksa20

    well, i tried him without tear now and i guess it is not needed. Just saw it in some vid lOl :D


  • #26 LincolnArrais

    Maybe: brutalizer -> hydra -> boots -> lw -> ga -> bt -> cleaver

  • #19 daksa20


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  • #13 EgelDoder

    umm buy hydra thing bloodthirster or something buy lonian boot of lucidity buy black cleaver and last whisper maybe maw of malortius or lifesteal item i dont know with this shit you can solo baron or i just have the wrong build but k i hope this is good information

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  • #10 YouNeedToKetchup

    Can someone please update this I want to learn Kha'Zix mid and I have no idea what to build on him.

  • #9 N3HL

    Plz update this, maxing W 1st is no longer viable since they nerfed it and buffed Q, so... I do this nowadays:


    See ya!

  • #8 Pikohchu

    I think Iceborn Gauntlet works better than Trinity on Kha'zix. Just too many wasted stats on trinity to make it gold efficient.

  • #2 Lesseila

    Yesterday I played against a Kha mid, and i didn't have any trouble for kicking his ass with Morgana. Her W gave Kha a really bad farming and, if he wanted to jump over me, Q and R saved me over and over again.

    I don't know if that Kha was just so bad or Morgana could counter him, but... just saying it. It was easier than facing other champions. 

  • #4 Chu8

    morgana is definitely a decent pick vs khazix for said reasons, in a sense that she doesn't get crushed the way other squishes would

    I wouldn't really call it a "counter" tho, since there's still plenty of room for kha to outlane morgana compared to the counter champs mentioned in the post. Problem with morg is that while landing bind on a jumpy kha is easy and you can press R and run away safely or try to score a kill, kha will almost always get his damage off (meaning he will still have the chance to kill morg if he was one-shottable to begin with), and he will almost always get out safely from the danger of getting stunned by morg R (even trade-off with Khazix R). I would say it is at best, a stalemate, given same skill level.

  • #5 Valledia

    I'd say Khazix has far better roaming and kill potential, but Morgana can sustain through his harass, escape from his all-ins, push harder, and brings more utility to teamfights. Assuming neither player is terrible, I think it'd come down to whether Khazix and his jungler can manage to gank other lanes successfully. 

  • #1 Folfyre

    Do you think anything will change if Riot decides to approve the changes to his W next patch?

  • #3 Chu8

    I have no clue what's happening to his W next patch, enlighten me 

  • #6 Deizama

    Apologize for my english.

    W will not proc passive anymore, but will slow by 20% for 2 secondes, even if W is upgraded or not.

    I think it's a huge buff for jungle kha'zyx, as he can now upgrade anything, and still have 2 Slows. For Lane kha'zyx, i just don't know, less slow, and less poke damage because it will not proc passive anymore, but still the best abilities to farm/all in because of the 2 slows.

  • #7 Nevran

    These change are clearly to nerf the wave clearing capacity of Khazyx. One thing that was really REALLY strong about him (And Zed too) is his facility to clear wave, making him very potent in having a very strong farm and not suffer anything from his laning phase. At least, he needed level 6 to be like that.

    Every Khazyx user must have been amazed by the strengh of this skill, making huge damage, poke and a nice slow. It was REALLY incredibly strong and personnaly, it was the skill that I wanted to see nerfed if Riot wanted to balance the insect. This change is clearly good, less damage (and also less damage in his aoe, so less no brain wave clearing) but he gain a little CC early (better escape for mid lane, better gank for jungle) and still have this poke.

    It is a good nerf.


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