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  • #141 sanchoo

    oxes lana

  • #140 allanprade


  • #139 xxaznxpowerxx

    That mastery page is so OP on Lee


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  • #138 Talesgremory

    Such q daora

  • #137 OtakuMelee

    Seems pretty coo l

  • #136 torrell9

    Awesome build went 26/4 with this thanks a lot :D

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  • #133 GoldFuture

    pretty amazing build

  • #132 DeathsShadow760

    This is an awesome build considering that I main Lee Sin haha. I'll use this in my next games that I play with him!

  • #124 bugbugy

    woot i just went 13/5 with this guide :D and a recommendation: buy zhonyas :D it makes you look fab



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  • #123 megauaaah

    voyboy is drunking why you should put a point for take mana with lee sin?

  • #116 greg9381

    No Tiamat in the item build? D: I don't know if I've ever seen Voyboy play Lee and not buy Tiamat...

  • #119 Gaxxxe

    Tiamat builds into Hydra.

  • #115 Chosenblades

    "In addition should you need to in some circumstances you can use ignite to help steal a buff as fast as possible.  In some situations (rare, but they occur) - you may need to ignite baron or enemy blue buff to expedite getting those objectives."

    Can you please hire someone who knows what they are talking about? I have seen many guides on this website that look like they were written by an elementary student. This is my favorite website for guides because I love curse and they are formatted well.. but as soon as you move off the Quick Guide page it's sub par. 

  • #117 LawL_LawL

    I have a feeling some parts of a lot of guides written by LoL pros were done late and night when they were done with streaming/scrims/LCS, etc. There is also the very prominent issue of most of these errors being ones that people reading should be able to realize are not actually things you can do in the game and should be largely ignored.

    Sure the fact that something like this is present is not acceptable, given the magnitude in error and misleading information it provides, there is still a lot to be forgiven for stuff like this. Curse is a great team and all its players, past, present, and hopefully future, are all very knowledgeable about the game, as they should be. They also cater a lot to as many people as possible, and still try to find time for themselves. Seeing Voy cut off his stream at like 4-5 AM PST quite frequently in the past makes me think at least some of the errors in guides on LoLpro were made due to the player writing them while not in their best state of mind. Thus the player writing is doing so purely as an obligation and another brick in the wall of a lot of tasks to do.

    The only solution to this that doesn't hinder the players is to just have each guide proof-read by a couple players at the very least, each with a similar level of knowledge of the given champion as the writer of the guide does. It gives a chance for high-elo players prominent to the community to lend a helping hand, while still keeping the guide as it was written by whoever wrote it to begin with. Obviously in some cases it's better to chuck the old one altogether or simply label it "out of date" and have someone else write a guide for a champion if the guide in question is a year or more out of date and not likely to be written by the original owner, either due to lack of time, interest, or no longer having a presence in the League community.

    Edit: An obvious example I just scrolled over and thought about before coming back to this, is the points put into the Crit-related masteries. As Lee Sin has no innate ability to Crit a target, and not a single item recommended for use on him has Crit-chance as a stat, this is just another of those errors that, in all honesty, can be worked around by the viewers of this guide. Or maybe this is a hint that everyone needs to run ~1% crit chance on Lee :)

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  • #118 salexpie

    Its because it hadn't been updated in a while and you used to be able to ignite minions and monsters.

  • #121 theGREATEARL

    If you're new to League, you should stop criticizing people who, in an ironic sense, DO actually know what they're talking about. You're just another bandwagoner (which is fine; I like playing a game with lots of players) that jumped into LoL after season 3 and thus have zero idea that you used to be able to ignite minions.

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