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  • #98 daksa20

    good, but i take MOrellenemiconum against AD lane to some mana regen and i take E second, its better i think bcs of some fast ganks.

  • #86 GeeMista

    Completely disagree with Fizz being a counter pick in lane to Liss.  Every time I see a Fizz I choose to pick Liss and laning ends up like this;  poke him with Q every time he tries to last hit, if he decides to Q at you then immediately cast your W and you will root him in place for free harass before he can trickster away because he will still be in q animation.  When he hits 6 bait him to fight you and ult yourself when he lands the fish.  If he tricksters away during a gank you follow him with E and then W to root him for your team mate to follow up.

  • #85 DrKiller

    Nice build. Thanks.

  • #83 Aqzen

    I think support Lissandra would be very viable, with her cc, harass potential with passive, and escape. She could be like support Zyra. What's your opinion on this, and if you like it can you start a guide please?


  • #84 thechosenone124

    Compared to Lulu, she seems inferior. They both have poke, but Lulu's deals slightly more damage (15 at rank). Whimsy and Ring of Frost have different uses but I would say they are about the same in usefullness, but Ring of Frost require you to enter an AD carry's range for a period of time and may be dangerous. Lulu's E drastically boosts an AD carry's damage and appies a shield, compared to Lissandra having a method to ditch her AD carry/dive for a kill (Lulu can speedboost for a kill dive though). However, Lulu's ult massively trumps anything Lissandra's can do, with low CD, a powerful heal, and an AOE stun followed by an AOE slow. Lissandra's is either a stun and AOE slow, or a Zhonya's and AOE slow, neither of which are impressive compared to Lulu

  • #88 PentaFish

    Uhmmmmmm are you like advertising Lulu right now?

    Sounds like it.

  • #77 krapcher

    I looked build. VS AP it says buy unholy grail but I don't see it on full game build lol...

  • #78 VirusKid

    vs. AP means that you can pick those items against heavy AP, full item build is just an example how it would look.

    The guide is currently under construction. It's going to be fully updated ASAP.

    Last edited by VirusKid: 7/6/2013 3:14:51 AM
  • #75 AIDS55

    Why not Liandry's? Her cc goes great with it, and it allows her to secure kills a lot easier (I often have the problem of people waling away with around 20 or so health). 

  • #79 Lamortz

    It's with current % health, wouldn't help with burts since it won't tick at all or barely tick-le...HA!

  • #80 thechosenone124

    Liandry's is situational. First of all, if their stacking MR, grab an Abyssal scepter or Void Staff. However, if they have health items or a combination of MR and health, Liandry's really shines. Tagging a Dr. Mundo with 12% current hp burn is massive for example. It's more of a poke item than a kill item though

  • #81 HomerX221 , this shows that liandry is also really effective against MR, also, since you have a lot of movement impairers and AoE, this item's damage potential is ridiculous. It is a must buy IMO.

  • #82 thechosenone124

    As I said, Void Staff is better for burst kill death which rapidly reduces hp past that 1000 hp mark, and Liandry's is good for poke. Whatever that guys said about "human delay" anyone who plays a good Alistar can say that their human delay is practically nonexistent

  • #73 Ubersauce65

    The cdr build and the burst build have a one item difference. Kinda stupid.


  • #74 VirusKid

    I am sorry, but there's more than one item difference.

    In the burst damage build, you don't got any items under "VS ap or vs AD" section but in the cdr item build you got them.

    You can build different items from them.

  • #72 pawbias

    Lissandra is Op


  • #70 Astralspiritual

    I just purchased and played her and she's pretty awesome I have to say. Bit hard to learn, but really good at initiation.

  • #65 Nekodorama

    Another con you can put is her range. She has almost no range compared to most AP champs other than her E.

  • #87 GeeMista

    You should be using Q through minions to poke the enemy champs, that's where you get the ranged harass

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