• #73 fumbles7

    is this guide updated for s4 i cant find the gold runes at all in the shop

  • #71 blackship1

    i was thinking bout trying to play lulu sup but more ap, will that be a good idea? anyone done this before?

  • #60 Acide950

    Janna has no hard cc? What about her q, its a knock-up and her ult is a knock-back. Displacemets are hard cc as far as I know. Janna can also use her ult to heal, rarely seen but not impossible.

  • #59 ElementalMaster7

    Please, please, PLEASE make an ADC Lulu guide. I just played ADC Lulu, and it was WICKED. Her Q does so much, even if you don't have AP, and you get extra auto-attack damage from Pix. You all should try it out. You'll never believe how over-powered she is as ADC.

  • #58 Glasers

    Hi, I wanted to say that I really like your guide for Lulu, and that it works really well! I have about a 75% winrate with her in ranked, and I found you're guide really helpful when learning to play her. Thanks for the great guide!

    Glasers on NA server

  • #57 Etna_the_Undying



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  • #55 suljokodajs

    i think that this build isnt so good. lulu have to max 3th skill not 1 ffs

  • #56 Zegram

    Quote from suljokodajs »

    i think that this build isnt so good. lulu have to max 3th skill not 1 ffs

    Read the "abilities" page.

  • #53 dhemoniac

    Can you please update the quick build to reflect the item/ability page.  Thank you!

  • #54 Asilwen

    We just recently had the Lulu guide overhauled pretty much completely! Check it out!

  • #52 Swolearnold

    Hi, I can see there's quite a debate about maxing glitterlance first, but under the Abilities section you max E first but in quick guide it's Q, what's the idea behind that??

    And at what point do you get Sightstone, as it doesn't really seem to tell in the guide?

  • #72 blackship1

    usually i get sightstone as first item.. i think its an early game item, whenever u believe its better for u and ur adc or the team


  • #51 MaverickXD

    What is your opinion about flask+wards start? Do you think its worth it compared to the faerie charm+ward+pot?

  • #50 Unclemuscles

    How do you feel about Shard of Black ice on lulu? The gp10 is really nice and even tho lulu's ulti already gives the aura slow having 2 of them especially the shard's slow which is up every minute feels so strong for when your jungler comes to gank. it makes it too hard for enemies to get away without wasting flash or any other blink spell. also it gives mp5 to nearby players which is always nice.

  • #48 helapayne21

    Great guide elementz.. But personally, id replace Abyssal scepter with Will of the Ancients and Max out my Q and E alternatively... better lane control altogether and i can sorta nuke the squishies along with my ADC

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  • #47 flajeen

    I always build 0/21/9 on Lulu, I don't think the utility tree is worth wasting 21 points into. You get much more by having 21 points in defense.

  • #49 Darth_Snorlax

    This is the build for after season 3, so you can't really judge until you get to try it out!!

  • #45 Qzar13

    With the range nerf to abyssal scepter will the build change at all?

  • #44 Lapruhs

    This guide rules, and I like the idea of an MF synergy like that dude said. I'm going to try it out. Also, synergizes really well with an AD Veigar. AD Carry with a stun, that's still getting infinite AP, plus in lane like tons of damage buff. Pretty awesome.

  • #40 NicknameMy

    I would want to see more lulu guides, especially mid.

    BTW: Supports don't start with Vision Ward atm? And replace Deathfire Grasp with Morello's Evil Tome. After you got Morello's Evil Tome, you can also sell Ionian Boots of Lucidity for Mercury's Treads.

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