• #101 Presac

    Now that Athene's Unholy Grail has been nurfed a lot, is it still a viable pick?

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  • #102 gocolts247

    yes, it is still amazing

  • #99 guardianrealms

    is the crystiline flask a viable pick?

  • #100 thechosenone124

    It is an incredibly efficient item, but when are you going to buy it?

  • #98 Dietmos

    cant see the skill order. how about heal?

  • #94 Jrun621

    On the strategy and tactics tab in the midgame paragraph, it says "Farming wraiths is a very important factor in midlane as the net gold you get from killing wraiths is around 50g, the same as 2.5 creeps. It also gives you a big boost in EXP, and denies your enemies gold. " How does it deny them gold?

  • #95 thechosenone124

    Well, it's basically counterjungling. (if you don't get what I mean, NOT YOUR JUNGLER'S WRAITHS, THAT IS A CRIME ON PAR WITH MURDER. The enemy's wraiths are pretty accessible)

  • #91 Presac

    Is it still worth buying lich bane after it has been nerfed?

  • #92 thechosenone124

    Considering that this build lacks a defensive item and apparently Lich Bane takes up an 8th (including trinket) item slot, no

  • #96 winzergg

    If you are building defensive, hes right, but lich is still a very viable source of dmg.  Dont count it out and dont forget about luxs passive.

  • #97 thechosenone124

    Yup just tried it it works great!

  • #87 bbasaran35

    If you feel like you aren't strong enough to take your lane opponent out around level 5, a good strategy is to walk close to them when you are low on health and taunting them into following you into tower range. If they follow you, it probably means they aren't experienced enough to expect your Light Binding (Q). In this case, try to pin them inside turret range for an easy kill.

  • #88 thechosenone124

    Sorta depends. they may be experienced enough to dodge your skillshot bait stunt, but they have a jungler nearby or have a jump and will still get the kill

  • #84 thechosenone124

    Nice guide!

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    I main support.  Im trying to branch out, but rarely do people call support, so I have just adapted, and its actually my favorite anyays.  (I love feeding.)  I main raka, taric, and leona.  

    What are your feelings about her as support with her CC, and shield?  I just started using leona, and loved the stuns she gives.  Obviously, she is one of if not the most aggressive support.  I just used Lux in a an AI game just to get a feel for her, and loved the support.  Seems like a more safe support, but not a huge drop off in terms of CC at least lane phase wise for the first 5 levels.  Yes, she does seem weak early game, but being support can help negate that.  Thank you for the critique.

  • #85 thechosenone124

    I went through the strategy section of the guide, and it says "Because Lux is great at protecting the AD carry, he/she should live through the entire fight thus allowing your team to win the fight easily provided he/she is in a safe position". Anyone who can protect the carry, wields long range CC, and deals good early damage can be considered a support

  • #75 coolrigaldo

    really nice build, though i have one little question, because i have been playing lots of lux games, (at least 300 i think) and at first when the new patch came out i found out that late game if i hadnt had a big start on my oponent i couldnt do much damage, so i started off with a late game build which made that i could snowball much easier and be better late game. I got the same runes and masteries as u except the yellows i go ap scaling so i technically have very little defense, but in most cases i never even get hit cause i stay at far and poke, farm as much as i can and usually play super defensive. his has worked for me a lot except that i think my equip build isnt really good, i usually start farming etc until i can get a tear + chalice so that i can poke 24/7 and since my ability power scales and i level my e i usually start taking off about 1/5 of the health of a lot of ap's each time i e. However, i also take a morellonomicon so technically i realized that that might be a waste of mana regen and am thinking of taking out the whole tear item. Im thhinking of either replacing that by a deathfire or a lichbane but then im afraid that if i get too close to the enemy i will get destroyed. Any ideas?

  • #74 BurnedMyWaffles

    With lux you wanna poke with your E As much as you can. When you get lvl 2 you get your q and kill the opposing lanner if he has not gone back to heal from your e, and when you use your E you want to time is to right when you double tap it you auto to proc her passive to do more damage then the E. I rush deathcap most of the time to get as much AP scaling agenst opposing lanner. Then go for void staff for more ap and more importantly magic pen because they are scared of you now so they have MR. When you get 6 if your team is doing good %70 of the time you will win if your team does not throw it. Depending on who I am lanning agenst I will get hourglass. Say I was lanning with gragus, his barrles and hit ult does a lot of damage, so I would  get it to trap him in my q in turret range then throw off my combo ( Q, E, R, E auto) then use hourglass to avoid hit ult and or barrels so I don't die, then the turret will do the rest of the work for you because he is in your q. She is also very good at romming, when your opposing lanner if MIA ping it and then push 1 wave then romming to bot or mid or an objective.

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    oh yea and cdbgalaxy is right stfu !!!!!!

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