• #44 Dez860

    well its a great guide maybe you should post a new video where your team doesnt blow so hard

  • #33 andrewgon

    In the "strategy and tactics" page the video is over the text and i cant read the complete jungling route section. That should be fixed

  • #32 LeFuri3ux

    Pls Update: Force of Nature is no longer a available Item, and Saint wants to build something out of Negatron in his Jungle Vid of Malph maybe take that. Thx

  • #31 bablade

    i'm wondering if anyone has tried doing a manamune build on him to try and take advantage of some of the nice armor+mana items he uses:

    something like tabi/merc treads- frozen heart - iceborn gauntlet- runic bulwark- manamune - randuin's omen?

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  • #38 IWDominate

    Malphite takes too long to stack manamune for it to be an effective purchase.  If you want damage you can always build AP.

  • #30 peccavi117

    I really miss force of nature :(

  • #27 DimeBud

    He can carry so hard!!

  • #25 Omasu

    So.... I normally refrain from getting on here and saying anything about these guides. Too often you see people saying "No, it should be like this!!!" or "This is dumb". These people are experts, or as much as one can be on this game; and additionally you have come to this site ot see their opinion(s).

    HOWEVER ... Xin Zhao is a pretty difficult counter. I am not writing this to tell the admins / experts to change it; but more as a warning to those who would play against him. Here is why - his passive (Challenge) reduces your armor - and your armor is supplemental to your damage. Whereas with most champs; your armor goes down your survivability goes down. With Malphite - your survivability AND your offense goes down. He also can heal in the lane; and you can't.

    You've been warned :-)

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  • #24 philipov

    The tips and tricks section mentions Frozen Heart + Atma's Impaler, but these items aren't mentioned anywhere else in the guide. When do you get these items, and which items do you replace with them?

  • #21 Usbdriver

    Why get Enlightenment masteries? Not necessary as your build already has 40% cdr...

  • #19 ackbosh

    How comes in either guide Malphite isn't abusing Warmogs to make his Passive stronger? I build everything here -the Banshee's and make it a Warmogs and I like it a ton. Curious why Mog's isn't used?

  • #20 user_917254

    You want to find the balance between raw HP and armor / MR that maximizes your effective health.

    Same goes for your passive - more base HP will make it a bigger shield, while more armor / MR will make it a tougher one.

    Both work fine towards the same goal, and it ends up coming down to personal preference / situational factors, but oftentimes tank items come with some HP along with defensive stats, as well as some utility, making them the superior choice over just a big chunk of HP.

  • #18 thug352

    Best champ in the game vs 3 AD. J/w am I right to target the AP caster first (if I have to choose they bunch up sometimes lol) while armor stacking to be invincible or do I need to consider my team's needs more? I like to be unkillable but does this actually work in higher level play?

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  • #17 toastal

    Call me crazy, but I always start wraiths/red since the opposing team always tries to invade it thinking Malphite demands blue. Red buff lets you clear really fast and so long as you don't actually use the W active, you will have plently of mana for blue buff after a full clear of wraiths>red>dubs>wraiths>wolves>blue by only using E to clear camps. Red buff also lets you level 2 gank if you want to mess with the other lanes early since no one expects a level 2 Malphite gank. I usually start boots too since I can get around to camps faster, his passive and base armor keep him healthy, and ganking without boots isn't exactly easy since Malphite's Q is not the best gap closer. With boots AND Q you can gank just about anyone with the help of your teammate. Red buff and E are a lot of damage vs a level 1 champ.

  • #9 EsperMagic

    So why would it not be better to start jungling at the wraiths, then wolves so that you have both W and E available for the blue camp, then just head back to the wraiths since they should have respawned?


  • #10 JCDenton

    In my opinion the second jungle path could be done differently. 

     Wolves →Blue Buff →  Wraiths  -->Wolves → Red Buff → Mini Golems →  Wraiths → Wolves → Buy

    This saves you waiting for respawn on the 2nd time you do wolves, and it also cuts on the walking time needed between the last 3 camps. Can cut a good 30 seconds on the second path mentioned in the guide.

  • #11 EsperMagic


    I've been going wraiths, wolves, blue, wraiths, golems, red.  I just feel much more comfortable taking on the blue at level 2 with brutal strikes

  • #12 SFHFWill

    Why do all that? If you go wolves, blue, wraiths, red, golems back to wraiths and wolves. You have 700 gold and should have 1 hpot left. It's fast and lets you hit level 4 before you back.

    I also really dislike this build.

    Wiggles, Wit's End, Merc Treads, Sunfire Cape, Randuin's Omen and Frozen Heart. You get a gold per 10 item, enough attack speed and life steal to live and deal damage. Using W right as you use ulti lets you go in with around 380-400 armor, 3k hp and around 160 MR. You'll hover around 200 damage and decent attack speed while having insanely fast clear times in jungle. Wiggles can proc off his W passive, so you can 1 hit kill 2 jungle minions with it. Use R.O. to slow movement speed and attack speed even more then your E and Frozen Heart do.

    Ulti onto an AD carry and watch them try to burst anyone down with a .7 attack speed b/c you debuffed them so hard. Malphite hard counters Vayne in my opinion because she'll attack so slow that her Silver Bolts never really proc.

    AoE massive slow debuffs are OP. Flat math comes out to a 105% attack speed slow. How the math actually works out, not too sure.

    EDIT: Just checked the stats with the runes/items I use:

    2922 HP 495 armor 156 MR 196 AD 1.36 AtkSpd 33.1% CDR 399 MvmSpd

    You don't need all the extra HP b/c the people that do deal true damage attack too slow to be a threat. Once AD carry drops, you can get onto AP carry which shouldn't be too hard. Turrets are a joke and easily tanked.

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  • #23 compromise

    I prefer this run on some champions.. especially if I wanna take boots or regen pendent etc. or if you don't get a good amount of damage on wolves and a tasty leash.

  • #14 LiQuiD112

    New Jungling Widget has been added for clarification on jungle route

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