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    This guide is fundamentally wrong not just for this patch but for the last 2 seasons.


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    I think that malphite is better ap... I try this build, but I miss mana.

  • #71 Darkmatiyoshi

    horrible mana

  • #70 zottellbart

    Nice I just won with this against Trundle which I hate in lane. My score was 7/0/5 :) Thanks for this great guide.



  • #52 Qzar13

    I've been building Mikael's Crucible (or parts of it) in almost every game I play Malphite top. The mana lets you harass all day in lane and active gives your team an extra cleanse/heal in fights, which can make a big difference. (Plus it serves as your MR item)

  • #67 voyboy

    Not a bad idea. Mikael's Crucible is extremely cost efficient, so if you can easily fit it into your build and you need the MR then I can say that it can be situationally good :)

  • #51 Nevran

    Can I ask something honest? Why giving him Frozen Mallet when Frozen fist synergize so well with him? This item, along with sunfire cape, give him the possibility to duel, chase or escape many top laner. It bring a lot of utility too, Frozen mallet cost too high. but I also understand that you are reluctant since Frozen Hearth is also a very nice item and taking the two isn't the best idea.

    It is just that Liandry, Frozen Fist, Raduin, Sunfire cape, Bullwarck (or abyssal scepter) make him so deadly.

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    thx for this guide it make me get a nice score of 13/2/22

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    If I find myself really snowballing the game, or sometimes if I need to peel better for the carries, I find Iceborn Gauntlet to be a very effective item on Malphite. Your Q allows  you to get the movespeed to hit them with your auto to activate the item's passive, and is also great for when your chasing after teamfights

  • #48 BenjaminBoo

    Very good guide, first game with him I won! 

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    Hi very nice guide, has helped me out a lot. I was just wondering if you didn't have problems with speed as you wait till late game with buying boots?

  • #46 theADOLESCENT

    Thanks for the guide; it helped me get a 6 win streak!  My longest before that was 3 :] .

    Malphite 6 Win Streak

  • #45 salexpie

    I would probably put Orianna down as a synergy.

    Malphite ult into an Orianna ult is devastating.

  • #40 crsLogic

    Would Malphite be viable as a support? Considering he is a support who could shut down the enemy ad.

  • #41 M4ss4cr4

    I think y, but it is kinda loss of a potential...

  • #43 RIZBOT

    I support with malphite many times, Malph have -atack speed and -mov speed. If you play him smart, I think he can be a great support.

  • #39 M4ss4cr4

    I personally don't think champions that deal magic dmg counter Malphite, at least not hard.

    They added ap ratio on his Ground slam (E), and his ap ratios were quite crazy already.

    Buy Abyssal scepter and magic dmg won't be a problem to you. You wont lack dmg either. Also you can buy Mercury's treads, they will help, too.

    Malphite is basically a Tanky AP Carry. He's quite op atm if you ask me. I play him A LOT.

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    Quote from M4ss4cr4 »

    Malphite is basically a Tanky AP Carry. He's quite op atm if you ask me. I play him A LOT.

    I guess not a lot if you do not understand his sole purpose, to be an ANTI AD chunk of rock that hits your face. You know how does he hit your face? His E passive scales of ARMOR. That is the point, armor armor armor, never buy a solely magic resistance item on malph (aegis or ga is good couse it is a mix). Never pick Malphite if he is not banned (dumb thing to do) for a first pick, pick him only if you know who you will lane against. If it's a Vlad or Kennen, Rumble, Cho, Singed or Akali then you are better of with another top champion because you will waste a pick with Malphite
    Have a good day Kind Sir.

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    It will not be a dumb thing to do when ur in blind pick because it is not our fault that u r against ap champs. As for me, if the enemy team is ALL ap then it does not mean the end of the world.Of course malphite is VERY dependant on armor, but armor is useless against ap champs. I suggest that against them u should build either things like aegis OR u should only build a thornmail. It provides 100 armor-that means a huge increase for e and its passive helps in farming. Then i would build abissal sceptar. the reason why i build abissal is because it is a mix of ap and mr.It also makes the enemy team more prone to ur other abilities. After these two, i start building build against enemy teams which deal ap dmg is as follows:

    1.thornmail 2.abisssal sceptar 3.mercury treads 4.rylais 5.spirit visage 6.wormogs

    thornmail improves ur e. abissal improves all abilities. mercury treads provides tenacity and mr.  rylais and spirit visage provide mr and a HUGE chance of survival because they provide sustain life steal spell vamp and a suvivability from spells. warmogs,combined with 900 hp provided by rylais and visage, makes mr and armor penetration less effective. it also makes true dmg become less effective. malphites ult makes him an excellent initiater and his sustain and dmg makes him unignorable and , if ur team takes advantage, u will practically win and score an ace.


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