• #40 Kurt_Ottman

    One question: Why does NOBODY go spellvamp on Malzahar? His E is like fiddlesticks W with lots of AP (not quite as strong, but you catch my drift).

  • #32 Pepsironins

    I maxed Q first and it worked out quite well because it allowed me to poke them out enough for them to back off. This allowed my team to take down easy turrets and push through to the nexus. It also deals a lot of quick damage that is needed to drop some health for him to make a move with his full combo.

  • #30 Keleyr

    I think you missed a big role in picking your suppression target. After initiators I think you should use it as a peeling tool for your ad carry.

  • #27 andyshafl

    skill build?

  • #28 Shuix

    I start with my Q as I like the silence and building your passive stacks at fountain(2 q's at fountain, gives you one in lane and when you are level two your voidling will clear waves..., But my friend starts with E as he likes the DoT first...

    The first two levels comes down to preference though...

    1) Q (E)*

    2) E (Q)*

    3) W

    4) E

    You max your E first for lane sustain/clearing, Then max your Q for the silence cooldown/damage, and W last.

  • #26 Tubblas

    i agree with building with survivability in mind while still getting the ap one would need...i start boots 3...then pick up a dorans ring(with the change to the item i favor it slightly more for clearing waves with E now...) and rush a rod of ages...then go for an athenes holy grail as it provides a nearly endless mana pool as well as magic resist for your lane...then i go with an abyssal scepter for the nice mr reduction as well as added mr...then i consider deathcap etc...depending on how the game is going...malz has the ability to go very tanky and still deal nice damage...

  • #29 Sebindle

    I feel like the build you mentioned relies way too heavily on your team for early game. Rod of Ages is a good item on Malzahar. So is Athene's. But the two combined gives you mana you shouldn't really be needing (one or the other gives you more than you'll need, both just invites you to be a bad player and spam spells carelessly) and it also gives you a lot of health and magic resist. However, you do not need both. Either go for the magic resist (I recommend this on people who build AP items first, like Fizz, Nidalee, etc) or go for the health (For champions like Katarina, who are known to pick up magic penetration then build their own items). Also consider who the enemy jungler is and what their team composition entails.

    I'd recommend grabbing one of your items, then going for a deathcap and see how much more damage you do. It is much more than worth it and makes Malzahar a huge terror in teamfights. (If he can sink people 1v1, why load him up like a tank with health and mana? Just take them down.)

  • #25 Mshvildo

    i Carried My Self From 800-1200 Elo :) Good Guide!

  • #22 Azncrackfox

    Guys, calm down, relax, and look at the date.

    This guide has not been updated since February 4, 2012. 

    All the mechanic, Tips, Tricks, and Strategies are still valid. 
    Abilities would need some work, since Malz got a ability rework on his W.
    Items...don't bother looking at them. 
    This guide needs to be updated.

  • #21 fr0nt1er

    Why this guide doesnt include defensive style? You completely pass on items like RoA, Rylai's. When those grant you survivability while still keeping you good DMG on your abilities. That's my personal opinion, but I'm actually doing pretty good with my build - depending on success of my team keeping around 2-1, 3-1 or even 4-1 K/d ratio.

    So, u start with one doran's ring, followed by another ring and boots (farm around 850). Then build Catalyst->Rod of Ages. It gives you mana to spam, HP to live and AP to damage. Then get Rylai's, as it does not only give you more HP and AP, but also provides with slow on your abilities - great escape and chasing component. Your DoT ticks also trigger the passive on rylai. Then, if they are smart, they'll build MR - get void staff then rabadon. Else get Rabadon and zhonyas.

    Try this out, dont be so squishy!

  • #23 bigbascdt

    Stopped reading as soon as I read start with a doran's ring.

  • #24 fr0nt1er

    Now I made some changes to my style. If you see a slow jungler (that is not gonna gank you right from the lvl 3), u take ring then boots, otherwise vice versa. Quick gank junglers are Lee Sin, Nocturne, so on. Slow ones include Warwick, Rammus.

  • #19 jiikim

    Hey bro! I made a gameplay of this! I love the build. Keep it up 


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  • #17 Aberessmecktgut

    I think that akali is really strong against malzahar after lvl 6 cause her ultimate has a lot shorter cooldown than yours and without ultimate you cant do much against her you cant get in range for maelfic visions and your only hope is to luckily silence her. If you dont she will just jump on you and do her combo and jump again and again until you are dead. Your only tool is ultimate and if you dont kil her one shot (fulll spell combo) you are done.

    To the guide i never accually tried spell vamp but now that i think about it it should be really strong and i ussually buy rylais for hp and sometimes Rod of ages for even more hp and no mana problems.

  • #13 SFHFWill

    I think Fizz counts as a counter b/c of his burst once he's lvl 6 and how fast he can close the distance with Malz.

  • #15 user_917254

    By lvl 6 you can just push the lane completely from a safe distance and never have to really worry about him bursting you, allowing you to farm his jungle or abuse your low CD ult on side lane ganks, something that most Malzahars I've seen just don't realize they have the potential for.
    If he wants to keep the lane from pushing to his tower he's gonna be forced to skill up his E and use it to push back, which leaves him exposed, of try and make the most use of his passive and hardtank the lane. And your burst is just as high as his, if not higher pre-lichbane, so he wouldn't be too wise to stick around without all his spells up and some health.

    Pre-6 he might try to harass you with his dash, but if you know his range, it's not too hard to predict when he's gonna do it. Then you can bait his Q, throw your own Q on yourself so that it lands on him as he jumps on you, and slap an E on him that silenced as he is he won't be able to dodge. Auto him a couple times while he walks away. Overall you should be doing similar amounts of damage to eachother, but your mana longevity vastly surpasses his, giving you the upper hand.

    Also keep in mind that he's melee - abuse your Voidlings! If he wants to farm consistently he is gonna be forced to come close enough for them to take a poke at him. It doesn't seem like much of an advantage, but it really adds up to quite a bit of damage in the end. If the Voidling is on it's latest stage, don't be afraid to tag him with your Visions - he won't be happy about it.

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  • #12 enforcerharmony

    i registered just to thank you. my elo? laughable, it doesnt exist. mostly i play dominion. I am 39 and have 4 young kids no time to devote to really learning the smallest details i need to get to the next level. mal was my newwest favorite. i tried this build and played with these strategies and now i can pown on 5v5 as well as i do in dominion. thanks a lot!

  • #16 toastal

    Dominion is where AD Malzahar greatly outshines AP, but Malzahar only functions in the bot lane. A typical build is: Manamune, Frozen Heart, Ionian Boots, Frozen Mallet, Force of Nature, Last Whisper.

  • #11 Onerios

    I do find it rather odd that you don't get any dorans in this build. Suppose it depends on how well you can chain visions on the waves to regain mana. Not going to pass judgement on that until i've actualy tried it though, as I am intrigued with this and if it does work, would be better then dorans builds due to less "wasted" gold.

    EDIT: ok, missed something later on in the guide, you talk about getting dorans but dont put it in your build page. May want to correct that, but its minor.

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  • #10 LastProtagonist

    What I do personally is start with an amplifying tome and health pot. I put 1 point into Null Zone (spam it 3 times at base so the voidling is prepared) and max  Malefic Visions. Null Zone helps take down cannon minions at early levels with Malefic Visions, you just need to focus them with your autoattacks first. This makes it possible to clear an entire wave with Malefic Visions hitting every enemy at level 3.

    I rush the Amplifying Tome into a Hextech Revolver, allowing me to focus on targetting the enemy champion. If I lose in a trade, I use Malefic Visions to clear an entire minion wave and heal the damage back over time. You just need to tag one minion and you can sit under your turret while the wave gets pushed if you need, allthewhile gaining hp.

    Rather than buying WotA straight out, I leave the Revolver as it is and grab boots and rush deathcap. The time you've got the deathcap built is when team fights will begin to occur. I'd say it's your choice to get a WotA then or another item.

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