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    Might want to update the descriptions of items in the build order

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    hi refpsi! first, thank you for your guide, the amount of work and thought that went into it is impressive and the guide is exemplary. 

    I understand that you may need to play around a little first, but I'm just wondering your take on how yi's new powerlevel and strategy with the dawn of the new jungle and jungle items.

    In your opinion did they succeed in making the carry jungler role more viable? 

    Lastly, what do you think of the new wriggles? +atk speed, -life steal. Surely yi's build must be adjusted to compensate these changes

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    I'm finding that sacing out boots for a vamp scepter/additional damage is helpful. Also going a Ghostblade + BT is a very good option to deal with the sustain issues.

    I think hitting the key levels on Yi were much more effective in s3. However the  % strength on some of these masteries and bonus jungle gold lead to some incredible late game damage.

    I overall am okay with the changes.The Masteries are what i'm really digging in terms of bonus Yi strength.

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    This guide is similar to what I use for the new Yi. Feels like Dejavu since you made a guide for Tryndamere using the same items I like on him as a jungler. However I go ad reds and quints but that is just my personal preference. Good job keep up the good work :)

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    "Wriggles is a must for most junglers" This is either completely outdated information, or some kind of typo. Wriggles is generally considered to be weak currently, and Yi especially doesn't need it to clear.

  • #136 Refpsi

    Nope. I meant exactly what I typed. People forget the importance of wriggles and undersell it completely. Then they wonder why i feel they do not have enough gold.

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    I play master Yi manly for the jungle, and I think blade of the ruined king is a pretty good item for early game. It gives all the stats master Yi needs and the passive is so OP. Why not buy it instead of ghostblade or wriggle(for early game damage)?

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    It doesn't give crit. The damage is really low it cost a lot. It also isn't as good as wriggles for clearing. If it works for you sure. I'm pretty against it though.

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    There really is no reason you can't get both Wriggles and Blade of the Ruined king, no one's going to call you a fool for having 30% lifesteal. The ward is really nice to have if you feel like counter jungling. Having high attack speed on Yi is ideal for the sake of his passive, BoTRK is no substitute for ghostblade as BoTRK offers no armor pen. One of the builds I had good success with is the recommended items for Trynd, take all but only take ghost blade or statik shiv, then finish off with a blood thirster and get boots of mobility for map pressure.

  • #134 Refpsi

    The problem with having both early into the game is you have 30% lifesteal which doesn't protect you from ignite and being bursted. On top of that you don't have the damage to take out targets quickly so you end up being the center of attention while you attempt to cut through someone who isn't gonna die really quickly. 

    Your passive scales better with damage and critical strike/armor pen than it does with pure attack speed based on how armor works.  You can build Bork Late game as a replacement to LW for health stackers.

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    I've been playing Master Yi since release and is easily my favorite champion. I only play him in normal games or maybe 1 out of 40 ranked games where I want to use him to counter-jungle. My rune build is very different. I use 3x Attack Damage Quints, 1x Attack Damage Mark, 8x Armor Penetration Marks, 9x Armor Seals, and 9x Attack Damage Glyphs. The total for this build is exactly 10 Physical Damage, 13 Armor and 10 Armor Penetration. I was just wondering what your opinion is on the loss of the 24 MR at level 18? I feel like there is no differences because Mages usually have enough Magic Pen to counter it.

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  • #129 Refpsi

    Thornmail and magic damage destroys you. You can still however get away with glyphs that aren't magic resist based off the fact that you will probably die anyway since most mages get void staff and penetration.

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    Thornmail has always been and always will be a problem for AD Yi. There are two ways to counter it. Number 1: Just don't attack enemies with thornmail.. ever. Number 2: If you have to attack them then get a second lifesteal item, placing yourself somewhere at 30% lifesteal, and make sure you get last whisper as well. I'd prefer to just avoid attacking them. Its likely that is the best idea considering you want to save the tanks for last. 

    And yeah mages will always destroy Master Yi and any jungle that isn't tanky. The runes just do not help at all. I have switched back to Udyr as my main jungler (The skin had something to do with it) and don't mess with Yi at all anymore.

    I'm sure he'll still be a good mid and maybe bot pick after his AD changes though. The runes I listed will work amazingly for Bot but Mid will probably want to have Flat Magic resist for the early game.

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    Hey there! I have played a lot of Yi since I started he was the first champion I bought. When I got into ranked I started having a hard time consistently winning with Yi. Either I was super fed or I was completely shut out. I have been looking at the potential update for Yi's kit. I was wondering what your take on the changes is, and if they will make Yi more viable as far as ranked play.

    Proposed Updates:

      • Double Strike
      • Innate: Master Yi strikes twice on every fifth basic attack. The counter will reset if he does not attack for some seconds. The second strike deals only 50% of Master Yi's attack damage, but applies on-hit effects for the full amount and can critically strike.
      • Alpha Strike
      • Active: Master Yi dashes from enemy to enemy—becoming untargetable in the process—dealing X / X / X / X / X (+100% AD) physical damage to up to 5 enemies. There is a chance based on Master Yi's critical strike chance to deal increased damage. Alpha Strike will prioritize the nearest enemy that he has not yet been damaged (up to 600 range). Basic attacks will reduced the cooldown of Alpha Strike.
        • Now counts as movement for the purposes of Statikk Shiv
        • The duration between bounces is fixed, regardless of how close together the target are.
      • Meditate
      • Active: Master Yi channels for 5 seconds. While channeling, Master Yi gains massively increased health regeneration and % damage reduction. The health regeneration and % damage reduction are increased based on Master Yi's missing health.
      • Wuju Stlye
      • Passive: Master Yi's attack damage is increased by X / X / X / X / X %. This bonus is not available while Wuju Style is on cooldown.
      • Active: For some seconds, Master Yi's deals bonus true damage equal to X / X / X / X / X % of his attack damage on hit. 
      • Highlander
      • Passive: Scoring a kill or assist will instantly refresh the cooldowns of Master Yi's basic abilities. 
      • Active: Master Yi gains bonus movement speed and attack speed, and becomes immune to slowing effects for some seconds.
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    Master YI has always been a champion which kills immediately most of the team, or gets shutdown with hard CC or burst damage. The updates are not viable and will destroy AP Yi's potential. Which means, that after the "rework" there will be a new way to play him. Hybrid or AD will be more viable for him than the flat AP which is very popular at this moment due to his AoE magic damage.

    In ranked there's a bit different playstyles and it's harder than normals. So if you die whole time, try to review your last matches and check what you did wrong. There may be your faults with too early engage,not looking on team comp and your team positioning,your playstyle didn't fit etc. Remember that not all champions are viable with random team comp.

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    This is a question regarding AD Jungle Yi. I not interested at all in AP Yi. I am more interested in how these changes will improve the jungling experience for AD Yi. Especially at low Elo in which many  people don't know how to set up a gank much less respond to one.


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    Well, it should help him a lot more in jungle due to the AD bonus damage buffing. It will not only help him  to clear the jungle faster, but to gank a lot stronger. Also, as now the statikk is fixed he will deal even more damage while using his Q skill.

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    What are your thoughts on a master yi build based off of lifesteal? i just played a game and went 19/5 with master yi with the following items BORK yomuu's ghost blade blood thirster ravenous hydra bezerker greaves and phantom dancer and it was near  impossible to kill me as long as im hitting something

  • #122 Refpsi

    Bork and Ghostblade are a good combo to take down most tanks since the small amount of armor pen + the damage/healing that scales to enemy tankiness helps. However I generally recommend you always find a way to fit infinity edge into your build. 

    Life steal yi is hard countered by ignite/wounding. All a team had to do was CC you then ignite + burst you to stop you from recovering. Though against teams who cannot do this it is strong.

    Generally when I play Yi life steal tanky I have Wriggles, Ghostblade, PD, IE, Bork. I sell the wriggles for BT or Hydra.

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