• #57 ElementalMaster7

    Master Yi is extremely vulnerable to stuns, knock-ups, and surpresses. The rework buffed and nerfed Yi. The nerf was that there wasn't any magic damage applied to Alpha Strike anymore. For more damage output, players had to build damage, and that made Yi's heal somewhat weaker. The buff is that now he is a crit master, especially since Alpha Strike can now critically strike. I think his E should be maxed out right after Q so that the full passive damage is applied to Alpha Strike. Plus, activating E during Highlander increases his damage output, being more likely to secure the kill. With his assassinating gameplay, I build more towards critical chance. I build Berserker's Greaves with Homeguard, Infinity Edge, Statik Shiv, Bloodthirster, Phantom Dancer, then Youmuu's Ghostblade or Ravenous Hydra. Ravenous or Youmuu's, you would have at least 75% critical chance plus the 250% extra critical damage

  • #55 NAVetez

    I have played Annie versus many fed yi's and her passive counters him extremely easy followed by her burst.

  • #56 Refpsi

    Annie one shots basically everyone. That's a little different from a counter.

  • #58 ElementalMaster7

    You'd have to get in a far enough range to get the stun on Master Yi. Annie's ult has the most range to land that stun, and once she Qs and Ws, you're screwed.

  • #51 dumbitdownjr

    I would add Jax to the counters list. His e will negate your auto's and ounce u use q he will jump on you and if you auto he will e and you cant meditate because he will trigger the stun. Pat six he will still beat you because the armor bonus and passive rips through your health. Beats you at all stages of the game.

  • #53 swellmaps

    true damage doesn't cares about armor, but the Jax's Counter-strike effectivness is true

  • #59 acheetah41

    the build is for mid lane yi, you will never see a jax mid

  • #60 Refpsi

    I wouldn't sleep on the mid jax, but like a skilled Yi in the mid can easily farm around jax. Yi has potential to greatly out damage jax in team fights. Old Yi could due the standard jax into the super late game. Old Yi could also 2 shot the glass cannon jax in the super late game with double strike preset. 

    Alpha strike to dodge stun and hit him through his dodge, timing is tricky and depends on whether jax wants to release his dodge early or full channel. 

    Yi can farm around Jax which is the major goal. Most of the counters i listed are ones that disable or hinder yi from farming. You can out damage jax into the late game if you stick to your routine glass build path.

  • #49 swellmaps

    I'd change Yoomu's for another situational item, maybe a defensive one. Mercurial Scimitar would be perfect.
    or maybe an item which gives a bit AP, since his Meditate got so weak without it. Guinsoo's?

  • #50 Refpsi

    Don't bother with AP, the scaling is too small.

    Last edited by Refpsi: 8/1/2013 9:13:23 PM
  • #52 swellmaps

    even when at low health? they nerfed it so much, yi is totally inviable now... even more with his low Q base damage and bouncing range!

  • #54 Refpsi

    Even at low health it sucks. Generally they will ignite you and burst you if you attempt to meditate low health.

  • #42 Refpsi

    RIP AP Yi, I will keep this guide up as long until the reworked Yi is released on Live. 

  • #43 JioDerako

    Can we look forward to a fresh guide from you for the reworked Yi, perhaps?

  • #44 Refpsi

    Yep you can, expect it to be released right around when Reworked Yi is released on live. I am currently testing him in the PBE. I will most likely change the name of this guide to Solo Lane Yi when that happens.

  • #45 JioDerako

    Mm, sounds good. I'm guessing he'd do fairly well on top-lane with the focus shifting back to his AD now.


  • #46 Jessterr

    Yeah I cannot wait to Mid AD Yi. I still feel like he's going to do well in mid because Alpha Strike still pounds pretty hard. Sadly though, because he will be AD, I'll only be able to chose him if the team has another high AP champion like Fiddlesticks on jungle or Ryze on top lane. I suppose if we have a super-tanky jungler then Master Yi could solo top. Solo Top Yi would actually be a good counter-pick to melee and squishy tops like Tryndamere or Ryze. I'll most likely be jungling as Yi but these other games could be really fun too.

  • #47 JioDerako

    Not sure I'd call Ryze a squishy top, when his core build includes a rather large chunk of armor. (it was easier for Yi when he was AP and didn't have to worry about Frozen Heart.)

    Also worth keeping in mind that he could always just be played on bottom lane as a melee ADC. Alpha Strike lets him farm (and push) without having to deal with much harass, and he's always been a pretty strong duelist, so it's not like he'd get totally bullied against a ranged AD. Kinda like Fiora if you play her on bottom, though in her case you've got to be pretty familiar with her before you can play her effectively in that sort of a situation... Yi might be similarly difficult to play there.
    In theory though (I haven't played him on the PBE yet), he should still have enough burst to fill that assassin / cleanup role, so with the right team, mid lane definitely seems like a good fit still.

  • #48 Jessterr

    Not sure what I was thinking about Ryze. The last time i played against him with Yi I was full AP. I'm pretty sure Ryze would destroy ad yi. The only advantage Yi would have would be in surviving Ryze's burst. Ryze is forced into close range so by that point YI could wreck havoc. The Frozen heart debuff cuts Yi's ultimate in half so It won't affect him too much. He will need a lot of Armor penetration though.. Last whisper alone might not be enough.

  • #40 rekuplex

    I never see haunting guise mentioned here, now that it has an upgrade it has been considered a decent item on lots of ap mid champs. I usually run 2 fairy charms (since the doran's ring nerf) 3 pots, then boots and a haunting guise, chalice if my opponent is harrasing me with ap based abilities and then sorcs. Then i go lich's bane and then adapt according to the situation.

    I saw a couple articles on hauting guise(into liandry's), void staff and DFG being a better rush item than rabs, i understand that you must take advantage of the 1:1 ap ratio on alpha but with liandry's being better than void staff and void staff being better than rab's, according to this 2 articles , , i wonder if you could manage to play a little safer and don't rely so much on meditate, it still heals you for a decent amount, and take the mpen and liandry's passive early.

    Toughts on this??

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