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    I play a morde mid,  i just wanted you to try something.  this is a semi aggressive build unfortunately im not skilled enough to carry this on to higher ranks.  Full item build.   Zhonya's Hourglass Void Staff   Wrath of the Ancients   Rabadon's death cap  Liandry's Torment and Lichbane.  With the proper mastery/runes this setup will level just about any champion within 6 hits (tanks take about 6 hits most others like the carries you can 2 shot)

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    nice guide

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    Could he be used in ranked divisions beacuse i do not see alot of people playing pro with him why is that? Should i keep training with him or should i switch before i hit a stop.

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    This guide has recently been updated. Below comments are outdated

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    Personally, I consider Morde a better top laner, for a few reasons. Reason number one is his E poke works better in top lane because most top laners are forced to melee attack to kill creeps, whereas many mid laners can keep a relatively safe distance from Morde. Second, unlike in mid lane, the jungler can only gank from one side of the lane, which helps Mordekaiser since he can buy fewer wards and work on building his burst and sustain more. This also helps since Morde has no natural form of escape. Although you give up stealing the enemies jungle camps, in particular the enemies wraith camps, you can always pick up minigolems whenever you walk up to lane, keeping you out of lane for a short while longer while the lane pushes towards your tower. Also, as Morde does have many tanky aspects, you are not completely losing the tankiness a top laner generally provides in team comps.


    He's good mid... But he's better top.

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    mordekaiser was also originally a top laner but people started playing him mid because he has no escape, but with his shield + W he will probly not die

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    The thing with Morde is that his strength relies pretty heavily upon pushing the lane (more minions within his E = more shield, but the lane gets pushed as a result). He does better in mid because of his lack of escapes; the fact that he can push to the tower without putting himself into very much danger is pretty much the whole point there. Push too hard on top lane, and it's a long, slow walk back to his tower; even if you ward the river, depending on the enemy jungler - and the top laner's CC - you might not be able to make it back in time even with the advance warning. It's great if you're winning top lane, because you can just tank it all and walk away, or stick around and duel. But if it's not a favorable matchup, you don't have many options. (a smart opponent will freeze the lane by their tower, forcing you to put yourself in a bad position or give up on some farm. And if their jungler is smart too, they'll probably try to gank whenever they get the chance, since early-on it'll be a fairly easy kill.)

    I think the bigger problem right now though is that a lot of the champions Morde used to counter in mid just aren't as popular anymore. Diana, Akali... instead, he goes up against the likes of Ryze or Lux, both of whom do very well against him (strong CC and/or big poke damage to keep his shield down).

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    Yes, this is the one issue i have with Morde top. He has no escape abilities, nor even any CC to help him try to get away. However, to minimize this problem, a lot of times I start boots 4 pots, the new lower cost boots start being a nice improvement to Morde. I also try to rush tier 2 boots as my first item. If you keep wards up constantly and back frequently to pick up the necessities and to let the lane push back towards your tower(also, purple side you can take minigolems on your way up to tower for the lane to push even longer), i find that Morde top just makes a lot of sense.

    Oh, and with as strong as Morde is, I have had times when a jungle comes in for a gank, and with two people to leach shield off of, have easily at least gotten one kill and sometimes a double kill... The jungler sometimes doesn't reappear after that fiasco. :P

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    he shouldnt die tho when someone ganks, you should be using your E on the minion waves so you usually have your shield maxed which is maybe when the jungler ganks 500 shield? and then your W which will give u resistances u will be able to just walk back to your tower and if you have your hextech revolver you wont need to back

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    Your shield shouldn't be maxed-out, because you're not playing against a goldfish; your opponent should be chipping away at your shield constantly. (and if they're not, then they don't deserve a gank.) Even with a full shield, it doesn't make his early-game damage any better, and without any CC or escape tools, your opponent and their jungler will have all the time in the world to chunk your shield and health down and pick up that kill.

    There are a few opponents on top-lane that Morde can counter and keep off his shield, but the majority of top laners are all much better duelists early than he is. Renekton is a simple example, he does too much damage early for Morde's shield to handle, and he heals for a ton before Morde even has his Revolver. Renekton can fairly easily pick up first-blood before you even get to level six, and with a jungler to help out, it'll be even faster. (Renekton has a stun and moves a lot quicker than Morde does, so there isn't much Morde can do against Renekton's harass combo aside from just sit there and take it and hope his shield blocks enough of it.)
    And Renekton is just one general example. Most other bruisers tell a similar story, they've got some sort of CC and/or sustain to match and probably beat Morde early-on. (Garen, Rumble, Jayce...) And it only gets worse if their jungler shows up. You'll outscale most of them later in the game, but they will make your laning phase suck until then. Assuming it goes to late-game and you haven't been zoned out too hard.

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    So what I am hearing is top Morde would be situational. But is he really more situational than Mid Morde, anyways?

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    Both are situational, yes, but in general, he will almost always have a much easier time in mid lane than on top. His matchups remain largely the same, he likes going up against anyone who can't farm incredibly well (Akali, Diana being two of his favorites, they're squishy and melee and lack strong waveclear skills), and doesn't like sustained damage that can keep his shield down (many bruisers will have a relatively easy time with this). The fact that mid lane all but removes his lack of escapes as an issue is something that definitely should play a big part, along with the matchups; if he's going to go top, he has to consider not only what sort of opponent he's facing on top lane, but what sort of jungler he might have to deal with early in the game as well. (Shyvanna in the jungle? She'll shred his shield, but unless the top laner has some CC, Morde can probably walk away from it with most of his health intact. Fiddlesticks in the jungle? That may be an issue.)

    In general, mid lane is just a preferable lane for him, and he's more likely to have favorable or even matchups there as opposed to top lane. Everything's always situational, but you'll have more situations in mid.

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    The Top 3 Counterpicks only have 2.

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    That's because Morde is number one.


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    HUEHUEHUEHUE, no seriously... I REPOT U! AHAHHAAHA, too stronk

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    I honestly don't see how Ryze counters Morde at ALL. I play Ryze quite often in ranked and I do fairly well him, all the time. I went with Ryze seeing that this guide said he's a counter. And I have to say, i think Morde is more of a counter to Ryze, rather than Ryze countering Morde. I say this for these couple reasons....First of all in order for Ryze to use his abilities on Morde, he has to get in range of Morde's E, and on top of that, Morde's E is an INSTANT attack, While Ryze's Abilities have to travel the distance in order to hit Morde, therefore, Morde hits Ryze with his E, which then puts up his passive shieild, which then completely cancels out almost all of Ryze's damage. Making it almost impossible to poke Morde down, especially once he has  Spell Vamp

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    Too bad Ryze gets a full combo while Morde only E's 1 time.

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    Quote from tzenker »

    Too bad Ryze gets a full combo while Morde only E's 1 time.

    Pretty much this. If Morde can get enough of a shield up off of just the E, good for him. Chances are though, a full Ryze combo will take down that shield.
    Morde's Q and W won't do him much good either; Ryze will just bind you before you get close enough to him. You're reliant entirely on E and R for damage, maybe a bit of W damage if you stick it on a minion or something and Ryze doesn't walk away from it. You can outlast Ryze very well, but he'll do the same exact thing and deny you from getting a kill on him unless he makes a misplay. And eventually, Ryze will just out-scale you in almost every aspect, and he won't care how big your shield is. He can't really stop you from farming, but you can't stop him either.

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    Personally I would always take Hextech Revoler on Mordekaiser. Later even upgrade it to WOTA.

    True that you get shield, but your spells cost you hp.

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