• #97 geckobut

    Nami sucks. She has low attack, low ability power, almost no real supporting power, low speed, and her Q is almost impossible to hit.  

  • #94 TheKasaObake

    What the heck is a greater glyph of warding?  

  • #95 Asiifox_Dilski

    Magic resist

  • #96 6thSickSheep

    Makes your wards do more damage.

  • #93 Dacchei

    Guide updated - Posts before this one are outdated

  • #91 RGBS

    Why this video? lol these guys are clearly brand new to the game. Every single one of them. Does not show any skills for the champion. No one mains Nami btw quit lying people.

  • #92 thechosenone124

    Just because you can't land bubbles doesn't mean shes a bad champion dude

  • #88 ilbion


  • #83 thechosenone124

    Why not build Locket of the Iron Solari?

  • #85 Ginnetix

    I main Nami, and I personally only build that when my team desperately needs an aoe shield or mag res.

  • #86 thechosenone124

    Assumng that Mikael's is necessary and you manage to get a fifth item, what would you suggest then?

  • #89 Dietmos

    twin shadows

  • #90 thechosenone124

    Oooooh very nice. Easy bubbles all day.

  • #76 Clutchmander

    I just got back into league this week and I want to try to get high in ranked as support, so I'm just reading up on this build and I got a few questions.

    What do you mean(in the runes section for the standard support one) when you said it makes you able to trade efficiently? Trade what?

    You don't really have any gold income besides the little bit off the mastery pages, and barely anything with the more tank one. What's the idea behind that? Because I usually get all that gold income in masteries and then get the gps quintessences. Then I  buy a gold income item and I get a solid income for a support, allowing me to build up my main items much faster.


    One more thing, I've been using this one build and I want really anyone's opinion on it because it's doing great for me. Gives me good lane phase post 6, and fantastic late game phase. I start with the ap gold income item, 2 wards, and ward trinket depending on the lane players. Then I try to stay in lane with the adc until I hit at least 1.5k(stay longer if winning lane and can still sustain) and go get tear of goddess and sightstone and if i have enough try to get the upgraded gps. Trade over the scanner trinket.

    Next my buys include full archangels(amp up my mana so I' m more useful mid game), a soul-stealer, which people say is dumb but I average around 3/4.5/+20 a game so that stacks up a lot giving my heal a lot more. Most ranked games this season I've played this season(and by season this last week and a half) I will always end game with 16+ stacks on it so it really comes in handy for team battles and keeping my teammates at full health, the other item i run for is cd boots. And those are my always get items(untill full build comes then i sell the gps) and my last two items are all depending on the way the games going. Usually i try for the last 20% cd i need for much spam of the spells, and the last spot is usually something completely team oriented. Like a zeke's if my adc and another ad build life-steal or something, maybe a aegis shield if the other team is heavy hitters or really just what i feel would work best for the team. And this build has been working amazingly, even if I am playing only at silver but even when I play with my plat friend and we duo bot lane, it still works amazing. I dont know maybe it fits my style really well but I just wanna get some feedback! Thanks!


  • #78 Dacchei

    For your first question, he's talking about trading damage. Usually as a Support you will be poking at the enemy champions to get their Hp down and to disrupt them from Csing. Nami can trade with her W (try to get at least two bounces off of it to make the mana cost worth it) or by casting her on herself or the ADC and then autoattacking the enemy adc/support.

    With the changes to support items in S4, supports no longer need to rely on runes/masteries for money. Getting one of the gp5 items will help keep you up in gold (for Nami, she usually gets the Ancient Coin which gives you gold everytime a minion dies near you).

    I will let other people comment on your build, because I  tend to go about the same route that Sheep goes. However, as far as Mejai's goes, I think it's an item whose purchase should vary depending on how your game is going. If you guys are winning and you aren't dying much, then sure it can be a great support item (actually some Pro players in Korea like to do this), but if you aren't winning or getting kills than it could be a waste of an item slot/gold.

    I feel like Nami's a very versatile champion and the only two items I really like to get on her almost every time are Sightstone, Mikael's Crucible, and Talisman of Ascension. The other two main items you get can be much more dependent on how the game is going/who is on your team/whose on the enemy team.

  • #79 thechosenone124

    What do you think about Zeke's Herald? It seems to be a pretty nice 6th item (for your allies), but it kicks me way above the CDR cap

  • #80 Dacchei

    Try to not go over 40% because you are wasting gold. Take out the extra CDR from somewhere (runes, masteries, other items). Zeke's is great when your team has a lot of people who do damage mostly through auto attacks (heavy AD comps)

  • #81 thechosenone124

    But the CDR from masteries is meant for the early game... doing so would make my late more efficient but compromise early power

  • #82 Dacchei

    Lol ya that's basically how it works. You have to decide if that's worth it for you. Or you can just go over the 40% if you think the other stats are worth it

  • #84 thechosenone124

    By the way, why isn't Zeke's built more often? It gives the equivalent of a free vampiric scepter and longsword to every ally in range. If you have 3 champions that scale well with AD (and the ADC is a given) the power gained is greater than the entire cost of the item. The aura on 2 champions and the CDR is enough to justify the decision, and Kindlegem isn't a bad buy

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