• #109 BlueKiKatana

    Was a Ravenous Hydra be a good item on Nasus? That way he gets even more sustain and life steal and just a overall boost to his attack?

  • #107 sageolot

    same runes with 4.5?

  • #105 GoldFuture

    this build got me 10/3 but i replaced iceborn with a hydra for lifesteal 

  • #106 tanjutu
    Quote from GoldFuture »

    this build got me 10/3 but i replaced iceborn with a hydra for lifesteal 

    hydra is useless best build vs mixed team is mercury's treads, frozen heart, trinity, spirit, omen with banshee/thornmail/warmog you decide what to buy from these three, but i have more than 300 games. I try it with full ad but its useless again.. this is the best build

  • #97 Nightmare1591

    I play nasus as a life steal tacky champ

    blade of the ruined king,Zekes herald,ravenous hydra,greaves (attack speed boots),spirit visage or randuins omen and finally trinity force 

    the the sustain and damage wrecks in late game with fairly large attack speed to gain the health he loses

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  • #95 Volkihar

    Wow, if you just don't roam until you get about 400 Q Farm, you can wreck faces. Just ULT and use W -> E -> Q then Q -> Q -> Q and Dead.

  • #102 voyboy

    Yup! Nasus is a lategame powerhouse and if you get to that point you should be able to carry any game :D

  • #104 Volkihar

    Yeah, I can 2 Hit a Ashe anytime I want even when I have 200 Q Farm. :D I never see him as a strong champion when I was still a noob basically because I can't CS, but now... you just burn everyone.

  • #89 Xueen

    Oh so Teemo isnt a counter. I get it. He doesnt zone you at all... He doesnt blind you at all. I get it.... No counter

  • #91 Worldbossbtm

    He isn't, he is annoying and that's it, you bait his auto's to have the lane push by your minions attacking him, you bait the blind by going in to farm the Q early so when you actually need too the blind is off cd.  Even Behind in farm once you have your Negatron and Chain vest and hit 7-8 you will win any all in fight.  If its an amazing Teemo he annoys you for a bit longer, but equal in skill all he does is delay your Q farm a bit, he just doesn't have the burst to zone you unless you allow him to sit right near the brush AA>run into brush before minions start attacking.

  • #94 Volkihar

    He's not a counter, I faced a Teemo today and wreck him in lane, you just try to farm as much as possible, but don't attack Teemo, rely on the minions to deal damage, farm your way up until you get your Ultimate or something, there are 2 paths you have to choose, keep farming or let Teemo roam, as he won't kill you quickly.

  • #87 Volkihar

    The Skill Order is not working, fix this. This is a very huge problem!

  • #88 Shakarezz

    Fixed, sorry about that!

  • #83 ShadowDragon1212

    Would Manamune/Muramana be viable on Nasus?

  • #86 Saillencer

    I think, u dont need it. Frozen Hearth and Triforce are too much. + with tp it is non stop stacking ;) 

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  • #93 voyboy

    No, they are not good for Nasus. Nasus just needs his core tank items and then you can pick up a Triforce or an Iceborn Gauntlet for damage.

  • #82 theredpandabear

    and to add i build nasus straight tank except for trinity force usually building 

    ninja tabi/mercury treads, iceborn gauntlet, trinity force, spirit visage, randuins omen and either a guardian angel or a warmogs armor 

    so i usually carry if i get good farm and a decent laning phase


  • #81 theredpandabear

    actually i main nasus and i know this is crazy but i carried a ranked game ending up 13-1-4 but the wierd part is i built a trinity force and iceborn gauntlet becuase of the passive rage from the tri forvce gives you increased movement speed for each basic attack and your Q is considered an enhanced basic attack (i think) so everytime you Q you get a movement speed bonus and a slow on them combined with you wither its a great combo in my opinion but what do i know im still only bronze xD


    side note: combined with wither and a decently farmed Q (eg 450 by 30 minutes) you can easily take out the enemy carry and win the game and you can solo dragon early on with only a sheen and a phage which is really helpful for your team

  • #78 patxolin

    vlad never counters nasus , nasus just get ghost and spirit visage bb vlad..

  • #79 Jazzarath

    Just faced a Vladamir, early game, he is a very very annoying champion until you get some descent magic resist, his harass pushes you under the tower very quickly, and because of his Q he can just heal back when he gets hit by the tower, I had around 47 farm when he had around 78, I ran a normal solo top masteries (21/9), magic resist blues, armour yellow, lifesteal quints, and arm pen reds. If a vlad does this, make sure your jungler is aware of it, Vlad ended up dying on numerous occasions mid laning phase due to trundle ganking, and due to my slow+ghost and trundles E, there was no escaping us. He tried towerdiving me a couple of times to, best thing to do is just bait under tower and then ult, worked every time. Late game though, you really wreck him.

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