• #129 ZeneKakusha

    Is this going to get updated anytime soon? Right now it has 4 finished items (counting non-upgraded boots) and a random negatron cloak

  • #128 thechosenone124

    Support Nautilus guide please

  • #124 boomwaller

    Why not grab a Wits end late game for MR and procs your w faster and if you also have a Liandrys coupled with your slow your doing mass damage. I go tanky first grabbing machete in Stone that gives you tenacity, and also getting RB and Frozen Heart or Randuins depending on there team comp. Shurylas is often picked up by the support. Lastly why not grab ghost on Naut in the jungle it makes is ganks great so he can stick to his targets and proc his passive and him being slower champion allows for more distance covered then flash.

  • #127 whitestcop

    the point of nautilus is to just be a tank and bruiser he is great in team fights and his kit works great as it is to lock people down and kill them. You build support items for the most part because nautilus wants to be in the middle of all the fights soaking up damage and buffing thee team. the slows from frozen heart and stuff aren't needed. You want other items to get the full use out of Nautilus. The reason you take flash over ghost is because once Nautilus hits a person they are locked in place for a second from his passive. And if u hooked him there its even longer, and if u just hit him you can hook him after to keep him in place. and once you have mobi boots you can almost get anybody. MOBI BOOTS ARE ESSENTIAL ON NAUTILUS!!!! And another reason you take flash is because you need it for initiations like flash grabs when done right almost always insta kill a person due to the help  of the lane you ganked for.


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  • #122 pawbias






  • #118 Basinator


    Why no Twin Shadows?


    TBH, I went for a lot of time with maxing raptide and getting SS and Philo, but I am feeling too squishy with this, so I will change a bit. Is warmog's no must-have for nautilus?


    I usually go Warmog for HP (the passive is just that awesome) and Spirit Visage for the general stats (HP, MR, CDR). Sunfire Cape?

    Other possible items: Banner, Locket, maybe also IG (didnt calc the CDs yet). What would a more damage-orientated build look like? ROA; Sunfire, Abyssal?


    For masteries I go 9/21. 4x AS, then AP/MPen. To me it seems that utility isnt that necessary; not that depending on blue, mana isnt necessary either. I also got 3x quints of AS. So in short, i  give up MS in general a bit for a better clearing speed.

  • #121 Qzar13

    Liandry's is a good item if you're looking to do damage, all the stats are good on Naut and it has a strong burn with your dot, aoe and cc

  • #114 NiceBucky

    Hi, im currently trying to play Nautilus' jungle, and i agree in what you said "Has very low base movement speed for a melee." and i started wondering if it would be useful to use 0/9/21 masteries? 

    With 9 in Defense you can survive in the jungle just fine (although you are a bit less tanky late game) and with 21 on Utility you can have more starting gold for pots, Gold per 10 seconds, a bit of CD reduction and Nimble (I believe it is very useful on Nautilus due to his slow movement)

    And also which item should i buy first after mobility boots and philosopher stone?

  • #115 Aldrahill

    If you run 0/9/21 I feel like he doesn't have enough tankiness in teamfights, coupled with the fact that the movement speed you get from the 9 in support anyway with Mob boots is enough speed, along with the quints of course!

    You don't need to start with extra pots or extra gold or anything, because, although his early clears are slow, he picks up considerably later. That early game is alright to overcome as long as you have your teammates aware of your lack of early survivability.

  • #116 NiceBucky

    I feel a bit less tanky too, i can agree on that, and yes his early is really slow (until lvl 5 in my opinion) 

    But the effect of Nimble, Intelligence and Wanderer are really good on him, consedering his base movement speed (325) and his long CD, but I do agree he is less tanky with 0/9/21 masteriesb

  • #117 Aldrahill

    Is 3% more movement speed and 2% cdr really worth losing out on a good deal of tankiness late game? Taking percentage less damage late game is simply too good to pass up. Seeing as this build gets you 30% cdr anyway, getting that small amount doesn't seem worth it.

  • #119 NiceBucky

    Yea, true that

  • #120 MarijuanaPUFF

    I run 0/9/21 myself and its a beast, I have that extra ward and some other goodies from utility tree. It's just better for early game.

  • #126 Shogo1307

    That just doesnt balance out though. That ward and that extra pot and 3% speed and 2% cdr is not worth 45% Tenacity Armor and Magic resist and 3% extra maximum health.

  • #113 Aldrahill

    Thank you for answering my earlier question.

    However, I want to raise another issue. Surely Ninja Tabi is just TOO GOOD now to not get it? 10% reduction on all basic attacks is just amazing for a tank, especially in this current AD bruiser meta.

    I completely agree with running Mobility Boots to begin with, because he's just so damn slow, and being able to swim in and stun everyone all day erreyday is just awesome, but when you sell Mob Boots for Merc Treads later on, wouldn't it be way better to sell it for Ninja Tabi instead, as ADCs and AA-based Bruisers are simply doing a lot of damage at that stage in the game? For the tenacity, you could upgrade the Spiritstone (that you would get in place of Philo Stone) into the Spirit of the Ancient Golem, thus giving you tenacity, slightly less regen than Shurelya's, but also 250 more health and 30 more armour? 

    True, you'd lack the great active, but as long as you encourage the support to get it, should your team really need two? Wouldn't this make you so much more tankier, with the extra armour and health

    Let me know what you think, I'd love to work a bit on my Naut jungle and would appreciate some feedback from people who play him a whole lot more than me.

    Edit: I appreciate the 10% cdr loss from not having Shurelya's might hurt a bit; tell me if it's too important! :D

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    I don't understand the machete part, do you start with machete and 5 pots, and sell machete afterwards, or do you upgrade it into tier 1 spirit stone? Or you just start boots?

  • #111 Cesarim

    He explains it in the item section.

    "As you can see, Machete is not upgraded into anything. I feel that the 2nd tier stone does not offer anything particularly attractive to Nautilius. In addition, the 1st tier stone, Spirit Stone, only increases jungle speed and sustain. Philo stone on the other hand is a GP10, gives sustain, and can be easily integrated into your mid/end game items."

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  • #107 kailg

    Just wondering if rylai's works on this guy?

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