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    Well I think this guide is kinda outdated, AP Nida isn't as strong as she was before. But AD Nida is really strong now and even more dominant in the early laning phase.

  • #70 DaFreakish

    Hoping the ad build will work! First game as nidalee!

  • #72 Vikavilewell

    I know this was in March, but I main Nid and I think she is great! Hope you like her too (now). I used to do her AP, but lets see here...

  • #65 aninhaasilvaa

    - espetacular ! agora ja sei como se joga com ela e o que comprar para ficar fedida !

  • #64 daksa20

    What about Spirit Visage for AD Nidalee? Isnt it good?


  • #71 badsquishe
    Quote from daksa20 »

    What about Spirit Visage for AD Nidalee? Isnt it good?




    The icons for the masteries are out of order, with the wrong images being associated with the wrong mastery point. Just a mention. Going to try this now.

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     hey rhux I have a question. I love nids both ad and ap and lately I have been specing games on the server and I have seen many muramana rushes on nids early then followed by the ice born and so on. i'd like to know what you think about that item for her, more specifically is the extra dmg from it worth the price tag when you consider one less item slot for durability.  I've tried it myself and cant seem to get it to work well for me but I think that's my fault. im so used to being a brick house ad that im playing the situation wrong.

  • #60 brisingrmihai

    If an enemy have Grievous Wounds and Nidalee is in cougar form and she attack with her Q, the damage on Q is increased ?

  • #57 Pikohchu

    "Experience:Nidalee has a hidden passive that many people do not know about. When nidalee is higher level then another champion on your team you can stand next to them and they will slowly gain EXP over time you can see 5 and 10 EXP pop up over people's heads when you stand around Nidalee."

    I'm pretty sure this only works in brush. Should probably add that.

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    What's your opinion on building triforce instead of iceborn gauntlet and building frozen mallet instead of warmogs? Better constant slow and better sheen proc. The HP you lose from Mogs->FM is made up with triforce. The only thing is the CDR..

  • #56 Pikohchu

    As for the prices.. with all the split pushing Nid does, you'll get a lot of gold and this build will take maybe 5-10 minutes longer? 

  • #54 Pikohchu

    Really good guide. Funny part is that in the AD core, you'll have more AP than bonus AD :p

  • #52 PiQLiQ

    I like this guide. I've been doing this strat for a long time now and it works out just fine. Depends on what the enemy team build when it comes to items... Otherwise it's a def solid build/strat for Nidalee. ;_;

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    This is a really good guide, i used it to go 24 4 10 last game. The only change that should be made is a very early Chalice of Harmony, i build this into a Athene's right after deathcap, this gives me unlimited harass and much needed CDR. Also the magic resist helps, because most top laners have some form of AP on their spells, and when it transitions into mid game, its more MR than they have magic pen.

    Another good starting setup is 2 Faerie charms and 3 pots, this builds into a chalice at only 520 gold. I prefer this setup when i know i dont have to worry about ganks, i can harass for days, and u never really have to go back.

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    Can Talon counter Nidalee?

    I have not been in a Nidalee vs Talon top, but i just had the doubt right now.

    Thank you for your answers!

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    Talon CAN counter nid, its up to the Nid play to out sustain talon, if you can land spear shots as he runs away you should pull ahead of him, until you can finally use takedown and 1 shot him. (at least thats how i do it)



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    What I don't understand are the people who still think Nid was designed as an AD Bruiser. She's intended to be built as an AP Mage. She can be played AD (although I don't understand what the benefit is other than tankiness, since other champions can do the same thing with the same items and have better kits for it), but she was never intended to. Someone tried it randomly and it worked, like AD Kennen or AD Sona.

    AP Nidalee is some of the funnest gameplay I've had, because even when you're behind you still hit like a truck and can change the game in a split second from a safe range. 

    But don't try it. I'd hate for her to get the nerf she probably deserves.

  • #47 HayabusaZero

    In your opinion, what is the best Nidalee build for a poking team composition? I was trying yesterday to build her like a tanky bruiser (Chalice, TF, Warmog, Atma), and i got good results when i could poke my enemy without answer (but i couldn't dominate a Yorick with this build). I also like to play with AP Nid, but Bruiser Nid had great results on recent tournaments.

    EDIT: Also, i'm talking about Top Nid.

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