• #24 Strikerdag

    I dont thing Kage's breath cost that much c:

  • #23 VirusKid

    Guide updated. Fixed grammar issues and the ability/mastery page skill orders.

  • #22 XellenceShadow

    I tried this guide, i changed the masteries alithel, but i liked it alot i got 3/4/18 and the zekes harald really works alot here because of the AS u give you're adc. I bow my head in the dust for this guide Elementz, thumbs up!

  • #20 thechosenone124

    The stuff about the ultimate being used as an AOE slow instead of the massive damage chunk shot it is, makes me doubt Nunu's viability as a support. Building him as a support in effect removes the viability of one of the most powerful ultis in the entire game :(

  • #21 boss_esp

    I do not think elementz update the guide as liquid miss him : (

  • #19 boss_esp

    then you have not yet seen the season 3 nunu guide?

  • #18 LarrikJ

    Skill order on the Abilities tab doesn't match the Quick Guide...

  • #16 Rikotsuz

    you said blood boil (E) in the intro

  • #17 Rikotsuz

    Quote from Rikotsuz »

    you said blood boil (E) in the intro

    His Blood Boil (E) synergies very well with AD Carries.


  • #13 MirkoCR0C0P

    It shows 12 points in defense masteries but only see 6, same with offense. And 1+12+13=26 there r 4 points missing. I like the guide, i just would like it to b a lil more tanky or have a lil more sustain.

  • #14 Aanarki

    Quote from MirkoCR0C0P »

    It shows 12 points in defense masteries but only see 6, same with offense. And 1+12+13=26 there r 4 points missing. I like the guide, i just would like it to b a lil more tanky or have a lil more sustain.




  • #15 addilation

    in the video he explains it


  • #12 angrymandinners

    Your vs you're.

  • #11 Donnerflecht

    What is wrong with the Masteries???


  • #10 NicknameMy

    Is a thrid gp/10 an option aswell?

    And can you explain why you take scout? it only increases your sight ward range minimal.

    Last edited by NicknameMy: 9/30/2012 5:27:14 AM
  • #8 Vernays

    So - there has been a fair bit of debate in the comments about when support nunu should be used, and indeed, if he should ever be used. so i thought id throw my 50c into this little discussion.

    Firstly, nunu support is not the best support choice for every team comp. however, if certain criteria are met in your team composition, it is most certainly worth giving him a look:

     You have an ad carry that scales really well with attack speed, personally, i have had massive success playing with a vayne in lane, Blood boil and silver bolts shreds people, my vayne seemed to enjoy this play style claiming that it felt almost like how vayne felt back when she first came out and was kind of OP.

     You have an AD bruiser on top. i cant stress this enough, its kind of meh to have double ap with a nunu, because as elementz mentions, blood boil sucks for ap's 

    [Optional] an AD based jungle tank.  iv found that blood boil is crazy with a jungle lee sin / nocturne. try it at some point :)

     So yeah, thats my 50c.


     Dont play nunu support unless you have a Ad heavy team with an AD carry who scales of AS well.



  • #5 Nadsztygar

    There's a mistake. Blood Boil is W spell, not E.

  • #2 SFHFWill

    I know you guys are working on different guides for different roles of champions. Nunu support and Nunu jungle, for example, but honestly I think both ways are terrible ways to play Nunu. While Nunu can do these things, the best thing about Nunu is being a giant slowing ball of fur that stands between enemies and your carries. There are two ways to build a top lane Nunu that I believe will help win the game for your team much more than jungle or support Nunu. While I do like the guide for support and jungle Nunu presented here, I feel that top lane Nunu is indeed the best way to use him.

    Last edited by SFHFWill: 3/18/2012 5:21:00 PM
  • #3 Sir_Dougles

    Top Lane Nunu is such a waste.  You're gonna give farm to character that may or may not win his lane and will definitly fall off late game.  Nunu can't carry a game or even be much of a threat after ulting.  He essentially has no place in the game outside of bottom lane buff bitch or heavy counter jungler.   If anything bot lane support is the best place for nunu right now.

  • #4 MerryLane

    I agree, Nunu played as a support is his "best" role.
    Solotop, there are 50 chars that do it better, and enjoy more the farm.
    In the jungle, he felt off because of the jungle remake, invading makes way less senses and he is quite slow after the few lvl.

    So I must agree, Nunu according to the meta is a decent support overall, which tho should be used only in some team comps, with a long range ad carry that also has a good early game, and preferably when duoqueuing to have less chances failing hard botlane.

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