• #87 AlejandroDeLaPina

    Sorry but jarven isn't a counter, It's the other way around.

  • #79 Shakarezz

    Skill Order fixed!

  • #78 Frozn

    You might wanna update the skill tree...since it just fked me over in my game by telling me to go the wrong skill orders.

  • #75 pelotin123

    olaf me encanta


  • #74 Vaeldr

    Not saying that I don't think this guide is good, but I would really like to see how Voyboy likes to build Olaf. Just putting it out there.

  • #76 LearnerLoL

    Same *_*

  • #73 Galcoder

    The skill order is a bit messed up. It has them all out of order. W is where Q should be. E is where W should be. R is where E should be. Q is where R should be.

  • #72 donallonius

    ragnarok is the 3rd skill? Guess something wrong in the skill order. 

    Last edited by donallonius: 2/23/2013 5:37:12 AM
  • #70 HunterCantWin

    how about updating this once?

  • #69 primedale

    whats the reason not to use GA all the time, I mean twice as much fun with lowhealth olaf ??

    also, are ionian boots viable on olaf? maybe ninja tabi is better for him, but again I have a hard time finding the bad stuff in an even more spamable truedammage nuke(except of course your HP dropping)

  • #66 Nosric117

    Thoughts on Mallet/Hydra/Randuin. In teamfights with his w, this sounds intense

  • #81 drquas

    Hydra is viable, same with randuins. Mallet is just too expensive for what it provides.

  • #65 HRSA

    The runes on the quick guide and the Runes page are different. Which one should I be running?--

  • #77 LearnerLoL

    i am going full ad Quintessence and red ones


  • #63 coce998

    Would Kayle have a good synergy with Olaf ? (God mode Olaf with Kayle ult + Ragnarok and ms boost from her w which also is a heal)

  • #64 Shakarezz

    It would be a complete r***train. But the ult only lasts for 3 seconds and a good Kayle player will usually save it for the AD or AP carry. You can always do it for a bait, they waste everyone on him and then you can just clean up :D

  • #68 Joobles

    I don't think she'd be bad but there are better synergies. It wouldn't be ideal to kayle ulti olaf because he's so tanky, especially during ragnorok... there are normally better targets. If Olaf is going to die and he is your best dmg dealer (happens) then kayle ulti works but usually there is a better target, again Ragnorok adds armor and mr plus olaf normally has tons of hp.

    Kayle's slow and speed buff would work great. However from an ap (assuming olaf is top) I'd rather have some hard cc. Not that I think Kayle is a bad choice just think there are better synergies, especially if you're looking at how it fits in team comp and not just a 2 champ synergy. Then again Kayle and Olaf both become super destructive and have strong lane phase.

  • #71 VetchyStragina

    I'd have to say I disagree. People so regularly use the Kayle ult as a pseudo-Trynd ult a-la much-shittier-version-of-Trynd's-ult. It really pisses me off to see that because I see Kayle's ult as a Zhonya's on roids. What's the point in saving her ult for keeping your AD or AP alive if that already means you're on the losing end of the fight and trying to disengage whilst kiting reasonably well? (Well, not that this is always the case with the saving-the-AD uses of Kayle's ult, but this accounts for so much of it... :/)

    Ideally you want to get Olaf on Ghost and Kayle ults him the moment burst starts hitting him. He's tanky enough so that you can actually WAIT till the bursting starts before ulting him, and can generally regen a decent portion of what was lost prior to. Then when Kayle's ult wears off, you pop Ragnarok and continue the B-line to the enemy AD. If you really think about it, this gives you an effective "invincibility" of around 9 seconds, 2.5 (or 3?) of which is actually invincibility, and all of which is more than enough time to pull off what so many pros have been doing in the LoL scene for gaming. Olaf goes head-first into the enemy team to "assassinate," if you can call it that, the enemy carries. With his ridiculous damage out-put and his tankiness, the enemy is in a lose-lose situation. Kayle's ult just makes him that much harder to scrape off their carry/carries.

    As for further synergy, you can never disregard two hard-hitting ranged slows from champions that can throw a pain-train right behind those slows, especially when Kayle also has speed-boosting and minor-healing uses which, ofc, is almost always going to be of use.

  • #62 chrisyoungyi

    How does riven counter Olaf? Olaf man handles riven.

  • #67 Nosric117

    because riven has like... 4/5 dashes. which makes it a pain in the ass to land his q


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