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    Put your spoiler here.


  • #90 babynhon99

    can zed counter orianna?

  • #75 VallinV2

    Is it weird that I take both tear/SE and chalice/athenes? Orianna has really short cooldowns but if you're not destrying your lane you'll just run out of mana. Which is why i take tear. Its virtually impossible to run oom with both so no matter what you can be useful to your team. Perhaps im just not experienced enough with orianna to wreck my lane, but I do alright. What do you guys think?

  • #74 Hizsoo

    Only the Grail gives cooldown redux from the listed items. List Nashor's Tooth with tears and list Morellonicon and Ionian Boots for other situational. Against a full AD, always Thornmail.

    To spam her skills is more important than some accurate hit.

  • #72 scattattack666

    Hey. i havent played LOL in a while. Is this orianna build still viable? I've noticed recently there have been a lot of melee assassins going mid. Is Orianna still viable for competitive play. I've noticed she's a lot weaker since I last played her

  • #73 JioDerako

    The build is still viable, yes! Alternately, the Grail can be replaced by Seraph's Embrace instead, getting Tear as early as possible of course; in both cases she shouldn't be having mana troubles later in the game, and blue buff will always be handy on her early.

    There have been a lot more assassins mid lately, Zed in particular causes a bit of trouble for Orianna due to his burst and multiple ways to avoid her skills. She generally does well against anything else that's melee though, with her pretty big ranges and very good waveclear. I've been maxing W more often than Q, since it lets you push harder when you need to and gives you a nice poke and defensive zoning; you can just park the ball on minions and make a melee's life very difficult without ever having to be near them.
    I don't know her stats currently, but as far as I'm aware she still hovers around a 40%-60% winrate against just about every other mid in the game; there isn't a whole lot that she counters hard, but she isn't really countered by much of anything, either, so she's still a nice, safe pick in the right team comps. (provides AoE, initiation tools, and a bit of wombo-combo potential.) Pretty sure she saw some tournament play recently, and I see her popping up on pro players in solo-queue every so often too, so she's definitely still viable.

  • #70 magpro10

    I do not agree with the ability-leveling-combination. Orianna works as a passive, farm-heavy mid-laner, and I would reccomend getting C:Protect at level 2, and taking a point or two later, sometimes even before maxing your C:Attack. 

  • #71 BeastyNacho

    Depends on what champ you are aganist if you are going to be Vs zed you have to max E for sure but maxing you E before you Q is retarded since you won't be able to push at all and your Orianna after that means that you will always push that's just Orianna

  • #68 Muzzius

    The quick guide and other pages (i.e. the 'runes, masteries, and summoner spells' section) do not match up. Which is right?

  • #69 Asilwen

    Fixed! Sorry about that!

  • #66 hexixc

    this may be an odd question but has anyone tried oriana support

  • #67 JioDerako

    Support Orianna was a thing a while back, but it fell out of popularity shortly afterwards (I'm not sure why exactly, it was either a shift in the meta, or Orianna nerfs). Basically, she had a shield, mini-ward, speed/slow, and the displacement effect. One of her biggest strengths though was that Clockwork Windup let her harass pretty hard, without needing to invest in items. (don't think she's quite got the power to match that anymore, though.)

    Probably still works well as support, but not so much for tournament play; Lulu is almost exactly the same, but designed to be a support, and works a lot better at the role.


  • #63 gorgegios

    i recommend getting tear of goddess as fast as you can and then go Athene's unholy grail  rabadon's deathcap then upgrade tear of goddess to Archangel's staff and then go zhonyas and last item void staff or Liandry's decide.(boots always sorcerer's shoes  and upgrade them to homeguard)

    Last edited by gorgegios: 12/25/2012 4:44:21 AM
  • #61 SavvyZ

    Okay why no ToG with the new Archangel staff with the upgrade? reason why on orianna just coious

  • #65 HomerX221

    Quote from SavvyZ »

    Okay why no ToG with the new Archangel staff with the upgrade? reason why on orianna just coious

    she benefits more from other items and she doesn't stack tear well, q costs too much mana and other abilities have long cd.

  • #59 sheamusbgx

    for me ori is the best champ,I have her fr0m 4 days and I have ony wins 


  • #58 asdfvtn

    With all the AoE damage and short CD's.. I'd think WotA is better than Liandry's.

  • #62 benblue4

    Spell Vamp is now 1/3rd the heal if it's an AoE ability.

  • #56 TyrannonvanDazok

    Can someone explain to me the Liandry in this build? No matter how i look at it. It seems underwhelming.

  • #57 scattattack666

    Believe it or not liandry is a really good item on orianna. i personally like rush that item after I get my athenes. ok so the logic behind doing this is because liandry gives you health, magic damage, and also magic pen. Also the passive stacks really well with Oriannas Q,W combo. and you have a better sustain in lane.

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