• #9 Ragnaarock

    If you are looking for extra late game damage wouldn't a Last Whisper be better than Bloodthirster?

  • #8 leandrokagen

    i hate that spear passive , im always stealing my teammates kills :(

  • #2 ThexCoolxOsos

    LOL'd at the cons :D 

    Amazing guide bro :D

    And just a question, do you consider Mantheon to fall off late ? And do you think TriForce is a viable item ?

  • #6 PatouLoL

    I don't think that he falls late game, he has a really good kit to tank, he has an easy stun and good dmg. 

    I don't think that triforce is really good. I think that after black cleaver and lizard you should go for tank items like randuins, Banshee and GA. If you want more dmg get bloodthirster or last whisper.

  • #7 Volkihar

    Mantheon falls off late but is good early, your opponent get tankier, they will group and it will make it harder for successful ults, as well as some other reasons.

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