• #43 sutokid11

    Could u make a standard detailed item order?

  • #37 Ezgera

    Small question, might this be updated with Zekent?

    Just thinking about Spamhappy...

  • #35 M4ss4cr4

    What the hell is with ad runes and ap masteries???

  • #36 Zenkushi

    AD Runes are for last-hit and the AP is for her skills like Devastating Blow scales on AP.


  • #29 Dortho

    Why on earth do you put points into the crit mastery if you get nothing that gives you crit chance?

  • #31 LiQuiD112

    Quote from Dortho »

    Why on earth do you put points into the crit mastery if you get nothing that gives you crit chance?

    Guide has been updated with Voyboy's interview on Poppy.

  • #32 Dortho

    okie dokie.

  • #28 M4ss4cr4

    I think it's worth upgrading Philo stone into Shurelya's instead of selling it.

    Otherwise I don't completely understand the point of going AP runes and AD masteries....

  • #27 Donnerflecht

    Why do you take AD Masteries?

  • #30 LiQuiD112

    Quote from Donnerflecht »

    Why do you take AD Masteries?

    Helps with last hitting on minions, helps with harassing and getting through the laning phase.  It's really hard to last hit with poppy during laning phase without AD's

  • #25 reutis

    I would like to see a toplane guide off poppy in the near future if that is possible. Poppy is an underplayed champion but she is a great champion in lane and out off lane. I allways use her to counter gangplank. I like her alot and hope this site will make a nice toplane guide.

  • #24 mzes

    The zekent so much better look and he is now 2700 so why not doing the guide of him on lol pro?

  • #21 Mathcrafter

    Hmm I disagree with maxing Q first. This is because the damage cap is not efficient until enemies reach a high enough amount of hit points. I believe that 2 levels in Q would more than suffice, because you gain no benefit from the 8% of max HP bonus past the 2nd point in Q, unless their HP is greater than 1875.  The damage caps per point in Q vs. HP will be shown below:

     LVL              8% CAP                HP  CAP

      1                     75                        937.5

      2                    150                     1875.0

      3                    225                     2812.5

      4                    300                     3750.0

      5                    375                     4687.5

    As you can see in the numbers, the bonus damage will never exceed the 8% Cap unless the target's HP is greater than the HP Cap. As long as your target has less HP than the current HP Cap, there is no reason to put an additional point into Q, because you gain no bonus damage since their HP hasn't exceeded the previous threshold yet. Additionally the damage gained from W or E by leveling matches and exceeds that of Q in early levels where enemies are very low HP, since Q only gains 20 damage per level through scaling. Furthermore there are increased gains in Armor/Movespeed on W, or better reduced cooldown and better scaling damage on E. Also this just hit me, but the AD you gain from W would scale better with Sheen than leveling Q, since Sheen procs strictly off of your AD score and not Q damage. Sheen proc is added to Q on hit--but does not multiply your base Q damage, so there is very little reason to max this skill first. 

    -Mathematics 2 stronk, nerf Irelia.

  • #22 MalzyBaby

    That actually makes a lot of sense, the only reason I can think to max Q would be just for the cd, but after reading this, the other 2 skills both simply outweigh Q in terms of priority. Reducing Q's cd, isn't worth it in comparison to the benefits you get from leveling the other 2 skills. Now if the %HP affected scaled up, then it might be worth it, but alas it remains a flat 8% from level 1-5.

  • #23 Horazon86

    Sheen only uses your base AD, so maxing E first sounds like the way to go.

  • #40 sqwarecircle

    You forgot to factor in the flat damage of the ability (20/40/60/80/100).
    The hp cap goes down quite a bit each level.
    687/1375/2062/2750/3475 (some have an extra .5) would be the hp caps. I personally would get devastating blow to level 3 before maxing out her w, but I agree that maxing her q isn't priority.

  • #20 t8manpizza12

    just wondering, what makes this build better than and ad build? is it a faster kill or what?

    Last edited by t8manpizza12: 8/1/2012 7:40:06 PM
  • #12 Rbllrinzenll

    awesome build bursted a full hp kennen in late game to 0 hp in 1 sec using death grasp + dash n Q........godlike burst!! lichbane Op!


  • #10 pawelw01

    I dont like this build. ;(

  • #13 Rbllrinzenll

    i used to play ad n hybrid took me quite some time to adjust to this she requires a lot of farm to get the items in time...try reaching 200 cs in 25 mins and after that you should be able to burst the opponents carry in less than 3 sec!


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