• #64 shellenic

    I just bought her awhile ago... she kills really good. I love her passive. 

  • #62 NZ_Tyrant

    I preffer to build BT on Quinn instead of BOTRK

  • #63 Grizzlyatoms13

    I just tried her for the first time today and built both.  It meant really quick split-pushing and good trades too.  I'm fairly low elo though, so I don't know if this was just blind luck.

  • #71 Cop

    BT is good but it depends on the player preferences. BotRK can be good against certain champs and synergizes with Quinn's skillset, but BT is such a cost-effective item that it's good always.

  • #76 DarkKnyght

    Why don't you build Static Shiv, Triforce Blackcleaver on her? You're wasting so much bonus damage with her passive. And why are you maxing E before her Q? yes you can use E more but it's not as effective as her Q which does more damage, AOE, and 2 second Blind which makes it more effective in fights because you have 2 extra hits landing before they can fully respond to it.

  • #77 Evolution_Of_War

    Because Triforce does not scale, as it only adds bonus damage based on BASE AD, its better you utilize actual items that give high amounts of damage to scale with the passive. Static Shiv is a fine substitute for PD, but PD will always be stronger in the end game. Black Cleaver in general is bad on most ADCs, bar MF and perhaps Urgot, due to the mechanics of the stacking. 

    From my experience, E is better because the cooldown decreases and it is much more reliable to use and hit. The Q blind only stays at 1.5 seconds regardless of the level, so the only thing that increases is the damage and the CD goes down. Overall, Q does more damage, but when used with the passive, E surpasses Q. 

  • #79 chiIlator

    Yep, I agree with you on Triforce and Black Cleaver, I main Quinn and I prefer those. However, there certainly are times you want to have a different build, responding to your and enemy team composition, their builds etc. As for what to max, that's a question. Sometimes I tend to max W due to its passive, it gives you a great farming and burst potential and is especially effective when the Tag Team is on. And lower cooldown on your vision can save the game. :) I max Q when I'm positive I can take down my enemy and I want some waveclear. However, if I work with a passive supp like Soraka, Sona and such, or if I'm not confident I can win my lane, I go for E which can serve as a gap closer and an escape too. It also slows the enemy I attack so that gives me some time to think and react. Guides are really good for beginners but once you learn to play some champs, you have to start learning the game - and that means learning to adapt to the situation. If I considered the easiest route for beginners, I would probably go for Bloodthirster (BOTRK is really hard to use actually so I don't recommend it for beginners)+Last Whisper+Infinity Edge+Some speed item (I usually go for Phantom Dancer since it's easy to use and the minions don't get in my way, but there's a good waveclear potential in Statikk Shiv and there are people who like it better)+Some defensive item (Guardian Angel is always a safe pick for beginners)+boots. Max E because it's safe. That's about it. :)

  • #61 ZivlynsBane

    Now with the buff to quinn i would max Q first, W second for a big buff to her movement speed and atkspd on her passive proc.

  • #59 Hacdieu

    With the new updates to Trinity Force's damage and movement. Would it be better to rush it for Quinn since she is kind of a caster style ADC? Or would it still be optimal to continue building the standard ADC items?

  • #60 ZivlynsBane

    Oh god yes, especially with her passive and W combo, it can easily burst down anything.

  • #57 maLiT

    Why give an adc a Frozen Mallet? The whole point of an adc is they do not buy any defense unless it's really necessary, if it's for the passive replace it with a Trinity Force so you also gain the passive of Sheen to deal extra damage after a vault, the ability power also gives a slight boost of damage from blinding assault.

  • #58 ZeneKakusha

    Frozen mallet gives you a lot more health than trinity force, meaning you stand a much better chance of surviving their assasin's burst, and getting that passive on every hit gives you much better kiting and chasing potential.

  • #72 Cop

    Mallet is really situational against champs you want to be able to kite out or chase. It's a late game item that isn't that bad for AD carries because HP and AD is really useful. The build here is just the preference of the player, you can change it up if you feel it's better for your playstyle.

  • #55 SixDoseHugo

    Is Quinn still viable as a mid assasin?

  • #73 Cop

    Yes, she's really strong mid lane because of her mobility and as an ADC, her range. You will be able to bully most mids with constant harass and you can roam much faster with your ultimate.

  • #54 mineman144

    How can someone say that quinn is bad agains adc's?? Her burst is AMAZING and her ult just crushes everything, and her Q blinds them wich makes you win every trade. Sure, she can have a hard time agains long range adc's but your blind make's you win every trade, maybie even secure a kill if you don't back out too early. It's hard to learn her ult. If you know where to be in teamfights you have won that teamfight.

  • #53 VictusFlamma

    I find Cops build to be very weak and his cons are terrible. Yes she has a melee form but she can absolutely catch a single champ completely off guard. Maxing her w second I find to be much stronger as going in should be your least desired plan but still a strong option. The execute from her ult is great because you can ult to reposition or escape and come back in if you can for a kill or even multi kill. Not to mention your plan is vault off them to get your passive out which is on a very short cd against the right comp her q crushes teams but you don't need extra damage on it till late game using it to blind so you can trade more efficiently is what I find better. I never have manna issues on her even maxing q first. Not to mention every 21 seconds reveal the lane and surrounding area or make it so someone can secure a kill by granting vision in the brush. Frankly though the ms and as from hitting someone you vaulted off can often save your life or secure a kill. Not to mention it makes catching a lone opponent quite terrifying as valor for them think e in q for the blind and auto them to death oh your low r your dead 1 less person force the fight. Your q has a shorter range but its fast and upon landing on an adc makes great time to trade her burst is amazing and with great positioning she can absolutely shut down ad heavier compositions landing your q on grouped enemies pretty much gives your team 1 and a half seconds to burst down whoever they want. Lack of range is made up for if you factor in proper play. I find BT stronger than BORK on her and Frozen is only necessary if you're having trouble securing which frankly 2 crits is a huge amount of damage with her passive. I don't generally have any problems out trading any ADC or Bruiser and teamfights I find to actually be her strength because her goal is render the ADC useless for enough time for your team to crush them or giving enough time to crush the APC while the adc can't deal damage. Her trades are incredibly  efficient and thats what matters. In all honesty missing your q leaves you open for harrass from longer range champs but if you don't miss you win the trade. She is literally a champ about proper use teaching good positioning and planning. Not to mention the interrupt can be used to stop channels or stop an assassin from killing you which puts them right in position to get instagibbed. She needs looked at more in terms of value. Her mechanics are easy to understand but difficult to play if you're overly aggressive or lack tactics. Using Harrier to farm and to get extra damage in your harass is part of what makes her difficult is if you don't max your w it's very easy to get punished plus maxing it promotes using it whenever possible as it has NO COST giving near constant vision of where your team is and the surrounding area preventing bad engages revealing none stealthed champions in bushes or areas around objectives  making her battlefield control very very strong.

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  • #52 ZivlynsBane

    Good thing about Harrier is that it can crit, with life steal on top of that you'll be healed for ALOT

  • #50 argel14

    that is good item 

  • #51 DanielBressman

    Quote from argel14 »

    that is good item 

    I personally don't play Quinn much but in the games I have, If I'm ahead I get a early Frozen Mallet to help snowball.

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