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    Kind of want IWDominate to play Rammus now XD After all, he's played a lot of ganking junglers in the spring split(Vi, Elise, etc. But these two were pretty common).

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    dont understand randuims omen. pretty sure this item is supposed to be under "DO NOT BUILD" (same with frozen heart) on rammus. he is a tank, but he is a tank that deals damage through his tankiness, by getting randuims it will decrease the damage you do because it will make enemies hit you less. also since rammus ult scales well with ap, getting zhonyas would be a much better replacement, since it would give u more damage and still more armor

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    I believe that it's used more for the active than the passive. The active locks someone down and allows you to continue CC chaining.

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    Now that spirit visage is down to a 10% cdr rather than 20%, it doesn't seem worth picking over banshee's veil or locket, especially with the irrelevant passive. What's your take on it?

    EDIT: Also, you list Spirit Visage as an "Other Item Option" despite it being in your end build. Maybe update that bit next time you change the guide?

    EDIT2: Also, in strategy, you say "If you have more than 2 successful ganks, you want to let your team know that you will be underleveled and you need to farm jungle." Do you mean unsuccessful ganks?

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    nice bro!

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    Es muy buen post, en el lv4 dale la w y no la e

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    Gracias mi amigo!

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    I have just picked up rammus again after a long time (I have been moving onto other junglers)

    What do you think of running smite/Teleport on him?

    I have been trying this in game as of late, I have been finding it incredibly powerful (more so when matched with home guard)

    I have been duoing with a friend who plays ADC/mid so having the ability to have a 900+ MS rammus come in from a TP has won us a few games (or at least the lanes).

    Do you have any thoughts on this?

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    Smite/TP is fine. I am assuming you want to rush homeguard and TP for the nice ganks. But, it is hard to coordinate in an unorganized setting.  

    IMO, Flash is crucial because it allows you to close the distance instantaneously and without enemy cockblock. Besides that you can use it to cheat death. Overall, Flash gives you more potential as a jungler (gank, escape, dodge) than TP (gank, defend).

    But hey, if it works for you, why stop it? :)

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    I think you should only have boots of mobility during the laning phase, and even then, only if you're off to a strong start. Since you pick up SoAG, ninja Tabi are optimal. Also I prefer sunfire over Warmogs. Gives armour as well as health and it really helps with his weak pushing power when out of the jungle. Also compliments his already substantial AOE dmg from his ult. Believe it or not, I don't often go for thornmail unless the enemy is majorly AD or their ADC is fed. Just my 2 cents 

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    It's good that you have a build in mind that works. For me, after experimentation, the build I listed is extremely strong when I play Rammus in my games. 

    But I'd like to explain my rationale:

    Mobi over Tabi because I build to Rammus's strength. Just like I wouldn't build AD carries as a tank. Tabi over Mobi only when you don't need it. This means, when laning phase is soooo bad that there's no need for you to gank and your sole role is to defend towers or stall the game (ie. when your team down 4 towers 10minutes in).

    I like Warmogs over Sunfire because of the Warmogs give more survivability. After Thornmail, Sunfire's armor stats does not give much due to diminishing return. The damage on Sunfire is also negligible considering you have your taunt (assuming your team will follow up).

    Thanks for reading and remember to follow my Twitter for updates. @SkyEagleLoL

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    Gameplay isn't followed by guide, its how you play and communicate, so i bet you're in elo hell

  • #59 Shadie54

    I read your guide and wanted to try it, and ....   .... I didnt excepted so big success! Got fed really hard and snowballing other members. I never tried jungle route AG > LE and then fast gank but after trying this i think its best option for rammus and my playstyle. Thanks !

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    Just started playing ranked, and so far i am wrecking in Bronze 2 (usually get 5+ kills, and few deaths), as long as i dont get behind. Thank you for this guide :^)

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    I'm a master on rammus top btw ,_, teddyro copied my build and runes btw

    fk u teddy ;)

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    Hi there friend, nice guide!

    Have a couple of questions haunting my mind so i share them with you to see if you can feedback some insight on them.

    1) Why is better going 9 into offensive? Why you pick arpen mastery and extra ad?

    2) Is not a worry for you to overshoot on CDR? I mean i get that having 4% cdr early and being closer to the cap the whole game overweights wasting some stats lategame but wont give you faster clears 2% as and 4 extra damage on minions than 4% cdr? Or better ganks with buff duration and cd in summoners. 

    Thanks for your time buddy

  • #56 SkyEagleLoL

    Thanks for the support fwend. 

    1. 9 in offensive gives you CDR, Arpen, and ATK/lvl. In my opinion, this is vastly superior than 9 in Utility. Utility gives you Mana, Flash CDR reduction, and Buff duration, which for the most part is useless in teamfights or jungle clear. 

    I get the extra AD to get Arpen. Arpen helps you clear jungle and helps you do damage to champions. With the additional ad you get from your armor, the Arpen is especially helpful. Plus, Arpen is better in the late game.


    2. The 4% CDR is extremely useful and sounds underrated after what you just said. Heres why: The times you save from casting spells accumulate over time. And, the faster you cast spells, the more damage you do with those spells. Now, I am sure you can calculate how much damage you can do with the time you saved from CDR and compare it with the extra 4 dmg on minions. I am pretty sure CDR is superior than the minion dmg mastery. Also, once you get your third item, that extra 4% dmg becomes negligible. 


    Remember to follow me on Twitter: SkyEagleLoL!

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    Another quick question.

    What do you think of AS marks, or alternatively putting additional earlier levels into DBC (or both) to aid in Rammus' slow jungle clear and keep up with the opposing jungler?

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