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    nice, kennen is the god on top vs renek

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    Hah, i stay vs Teemo and Talon in top(Russia), and i lose my line. 
    What you think? All say, what i am feeder. Wtf?:C
    P.S. Shaco, who jungling, don't gang me. Argh.
    But Renenkton is very, very amazing character. 

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    I can play Garen and Darius but I can't seem to get a hang of Renekton. I so bad -.-;

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    Quote from Akunza »

    I can play Garen and Darius but I can't seem to get a hang of Renekton. I so bad -.-;

    I agree, playing renekton well just seems to elude me.

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    Why no Teemo counter on this guide. Riot plz remove Teemo from game Dx

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    Teemo is just ridicously easy for renekton, just push the lane early and keep all in him hard. 

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    swagger #theboyisontherun

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    This guide is awesome, the tank stats and damage is what pressuring means, you can just E -> W -> Auto Attack -> Q -> E out and have no damage taken at all, as well as the extra damage from Sunfire Cape.

    Awesome Build, and awesome guide :)

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    This is what I call a guide, wow, really nice man. Played Renekton a couple times and he fits my play style perfectly. This guide is awesome thank you.

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    I'm new to Renekton, and I've been taking Cull the Meek at level 1 for the last hitting range. Is there a distinct advantage to taking Ruthless Predator level 1, or is it just personal preference?

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    If you think you're going to be in a 2v1 matchup, then I would definitely take Cull at level 1. However, in a 1v1 lane, it's good to take Ruthless Predator for lane bullying. Just auto attack minions until you have 50 rage, then try to get close enough to land an empowered RP auto. This can really help you establish lane dominance early on and make the rest of your laning phase a lot easier if you are able to bully them out of lane early.

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    I like Q->E->W against range match ups and W-E-Q against melee match ups. I like E second because your are level 2 the first time you can get ganked so it's nice to be able to get away. You can go Q->W->E or W->Q->E when you know the jungler won't be coming top or you feel you are safe enough.

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    It is on the "Situational Items" where I wanted to make a point to tell you not to buy it because hydra is better and fulfills the same role. Also if I didn't include it people would be asking why not so I figured I would just put it in the guide instead of making someone read a comment.

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    *Puts The Bloodthirster on item list*

    "Bloodthirster - Hydra is far better on Rekenton, Do not use this:

    Seems legit...

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    I would love to know how to counter vlad since he out sustain me

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    Renekton does really well against Vladimir in lane but Vlad can outscale Renekton really hard if he is not kept down during lane phase. With this in mind I love to play this lane aggressive and go W->E and slow push so I hit 2 first and try to all in. After that the lane all comes down to a 5 seconds window. You are able to dive in do your whole combo and force out his pool. Now your E is shorter cooldown than vlads pool so you have this window where you can engage and kill so the second E comes up all-in vlad. This is how the lane works and the window gets bigger as you add cdr and points into E. Only hard thing in this lane is sustaining with vlad but if you force fights like this you wont have to worry about that after level 2. It is important at level 1 to get your wave pushing and not take too much harass from vlad use the bush and the fact that his Q has a 10 second cooldown at level 1 to avoid poke while CSing. I love going Hexdrinker Brutalizer Merc's in this matchup for a really strong mid game.

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    why dont just max W term of 50fury deal 225% ad....i mean if u are good on maintaining the fury, W  at lvl5 will take 30-40% max HP in 1hit...can u explain bit why just 1 for W ?..  ^^...except Teemo fight top..

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    Well like you say the strength of renekton's W is the 225% ad ratio. This ratio does not increase with levels, the same is true for the amount of time stunned. All you get out of putting more than 1 point in W is that the cooldown goes down by 1 second and the damage is increased by 10 damage per hit. That means an empowered W would only do 30 damage more at level 2 W. Q on the other hand is far more important because the damage increase applies to all champs/minions hit and the heal cap gets increased so the sustain and damage you get from maxing Q makes it worth more than W or E. You should also be maxing E second because the cooldown is really important so any reduction in cooldown on it allows you to use your gap closer and escape more often.  Also lower E cooldowns brings all your cooldowns closer to each other to allow for more full combo trades over time. So R->Q->E->W for maxing.

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    Oo...I C...ty

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