• #89 H2O_SuitedMonkey

    Uhh...his bonetooth necklace is a trinket. you can take it OR a warding thing not both...

  • #91 bladeconjurer

    This guide was made before the changes to Bonetooth Necklace.

  • #82 ServantOfDarkness

    this champ is a real pain in the ass... XD

  • #81 teamba2h3r

    Good guide :)

  • #69 Akunza

    This guide needs to be updated. Rengar is an assassin champ. His mastery page would be better in 21/9/0 imo

  • #74 Volkihar

    Nope, he usually dies from the monsters, so it's better to have him 9/21/0

  • #68 Zombiedude113

    the thing is rengar is squishy and because of that i get killed most of the time :(

    and this build os totally defense but no damage

  • #66 Akunza


  • #65 chimdem



  • #64 prog10

    His ult lasts 1 second? seems pretty legit xD

  • #71 Volkihar

    No, he's ultimate takes effect in 1 second.

  • #63 hew0001

    i disagree on this build its smarter to build frozen mallet or black cleaver cause off the ad,slows,cd and health thats at least my way off building rengar. after those i build the ad such as bloodthirster for my q or trinity for when im so fed ill troll with crit leep and other iteams depending on the enemy team and my team. and pron nice tip i havent thought of that

  • #61 Akunza

    Ever try using the new Blade of the Ruined King or the Black Cleaver for Rengar jungle?

    Last edited by Akunza: 3/2/2013 11:23:34 PM
  • #59 GregStrat

    Any new updates for this guide?? Is Rengar still viable for ranked games? He happens to be one of my favorite junglers but after the nerfs I barely see him anymore. I used to build AD on him like Lee Sin, but lately I found it's more successful to build him as tanky as you can get.

    Warmog's, Bulwark, Mercury's Treads/Mobility boots (depending on the game), Randuin's and if the game goes well, Tri force and Black Cleaver or Malmortius

  • #58 Akunza

    My ideal Jungle build when doing well would be the following: Mercury's Treads, Wriggle's Lantern, Bonetooth Necklace, Phage, Spirit Visage and Maw of Malmortius.

    If doing good I would swap Wriggles with The Bloodthirster and would build Frozen Mallet if need to be tanky and if not I would build into Trinity Force.

    I used your rune set up and tweaked a few points in mastery page. This guide help me finally win a game jungling as Rengar lol

    Last edited by Akunza: 2/18/2013 3:26:12 PM
  • #60 GregStrat

    Except for a few junglers, Wriggle's is pretty much useless atm. It's better to sit on Madred's Razors the whole game, since Wriggle's cost so much for such low stats it gives, think about it, 900 more gold for just +15 AD +5 armor and %10 lifesteal. For just 100 more gold you can get a nice Giant's Belt, which Rengar absolutely needs.

  • #56 Akunza

    Your explanation of your mastery page is a bit off. You mention the Sunder Mastery in your description yet on your Mastery page you have not even put a point into Sunder.

  • #57 Lexvink

    Fixed it. The Masteries were not updated, not sure why, but it should be 9/21 with a focus in CDR and % armor pent in the offense tree and your normal 21 points in the defense tree with some variations.

  • #49 Ifuloseusux

    Fading time was added  becasue he was unkilllable on top. U could not just gank him, he always just simply walked away.

  • #46 XuLander

    Updated guide please, now that battle roar doesn't scale off % of max HP, this guide isn't as relevant 

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