• #129 Jonjomate

    How old are these? He mentions 'the new meta of getting fort pot ward and 4 health pots'. Wasn't that over a year ago? What the hell? Why don't you update your highly frequented guides like this one?

  • #130 Phelius

    We'll get round to it soon. Currently we're working on guides based on how available the original authors are, so it takes time. :(


  • #126 Shino_Ayashi

    Well... if you put a point in Q, then you'll already have enough mobility to screw the boots over. So instead, I think, you should get something better like Doran's Blade/Shield...

  • #113 brisingrmihai

    When Riven use R, she gain bonus range on the distance she travel with Q, or she gain just bonus AoE range ? The same question at W, she gain bonus AoE range no ?

  • #114 HomerX221

    She gains bonus range on Q and W, not sure if the travel on Q is bigger though.

  • #115 brisingrmihai

    And how can I be sure that ulti increase the travel on Q ?

  • #116 HomerX221

    Do an experience in a custom game, get close to a wall and use triple Q, once with ult, once without it. f12 print them both and open them in the screenshot file.

  • #117 brisingrmihai

    Can you do this test on custom please ? I really appreciate your effort ! Thanks !

  • #111 Pikohchu

    "Riven relies mainly on her 4 skills as do most top lane champions" 

    .... YA DON'T SAY

  • #112 shiinkz

    Hm.. My bad will Edit that out lulz

  • #108 Nova

    I do wish there were a matchup guide.  The one champion I apparently can't figure out how to fight is Teemo.  I typically cap E first for sustain and IF he puts himself in a bad position I will often Q into him, stun, knock back via third Q, E out.  The issue, however, is if he tags me with 1 poison dart and a blind he will match the same dmg I do if not surpass it.  Some Teemos I can win against once I get R, but they still will outfeed the hell out of me because I can't stay in to CS at all.  I typically take 9/21/0 masteries.

    I have always been under the impression that he's ridiculously tooled for the laning phase.  Free wards, blind, free permanent ghost... seriously... How the hell are you supposed to fight him? x_x

  • #109 shiinkz

    Well it's actually quite easy you just play passive try to not take too much poke you can start the regen bead plus 4 pot 2 ward and well everytime you go in for the last hit e to the bush so you can lower the amount of damage you take from hit poison lameness haha. you can also poke him quite well because very early in the game Riven's passive isn't the best part of her in fact its her ability to e AA w AA and qQQQQQ and then just walk back or just QQ W and E away remember bushes are really good to stop zoning and you can trade with him whenever. You can also get barrier if you need additional help. When you start outlaning him is when your level 6 what I usualyl do is wait in the bush right next to his tturret when I'm about to hit 6 and just wait till 6 pop ulti go on him use everything ignite early and when he flashes flash after and BOOM windslash and he should be dead. If you need anymore information ask me in game!

  • #110 HomerX221

    Take advantage of bushes and use your last Q backwards instead to help you run away, or initiate with it and use E to run. Build some MR early (hexdrinker) and get sustain in lane with doran's and vamp.

  • #107 Harri1950

    The skill order is messed up!

    i know it is pretty self-explanatory as you still show what is maxed 1st,2nd,etc. but still please fix! :)

  • #101 pixlperfect111

    you should list Darius as a counter in my opinion. Also, I like to use tough skin and bladed armor since Riven is farm dependent. The potential damage differential taken from  minions as compared to your enemy that doesn't use these defense abilities is enormous. Bladed armor also allows for very efficient farming. I suggest these masteries for any top lane champ, at least tough skin for sure.

    * On a side note: Since this is my first post here  just want to say my IGN is Pixel Perfect; i am on NA server, and someone is using my name as a user name on this website. :P

    ** Last Edit: i am curious as to why you chose attack damage marks over armor penetration, not arguing which is better, i am just curious as to the reasoning.

    Last edited by pixlperfect111: 2/3/2013 1:14:29 PM
  • #102 Melkonka


    Bladed armor and tough skin helps only against monsters(=jungle), against minions since the preseason patch not anymore, so it's useless on top.

    Anyways you can lane against darius and i don't think it's a counter, but darius is one of the hardest matchups. (i believe, there is no counter to riven, but if i should say one of them, i say irelia instead. :D)

    AD vs ArP: Riven scale extremely well with AD, for example from higher AD she have higher shield too, i tried some game with ArP marks but... i feel it's not that effective, at least at early, and you wanna win your early and start mid game as high advantage as you can get.

  • #103 pixlperfect111

    So you're saying since the latest patch tough skin no longer applies to minions?

  • #104 HomerX221

    They actually affect normal creeps.At least the rammus thingy.I was with vi and I noticed that the minions were taking 6 true damage when they were attacking me.

  • #105 pixlperfect111

    Well, that is bladed armor, i am wondering if there is something with tough skin that doesn't work with minions,..?


  • #106 TNR_JapesZX

    Lol late reply... Anyway.

    Yes, the tough skin in the last and current patch no longer applies to minions. If you would read its description, it says: "Reduces damage taken from MONSTERS by 1 or 2". Monsters are the creeps in the jungle (just saying) and so, it does not affect minions anymore. Bladed Armor still works on minions though. :)

    Last edited by TNR_JapesZX: 4/9/2013 9:21:22 PM
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