• #60 BB_Ode

    my first experience with rumble:

    i failed miserably and my team had to carry me. still, i think rumble is an amazing champ. he's one of those that needs a fair amount of practice, simply to get his mechanics down. most importantly, i think you need to be great at micromanaging his heat-bar, and i shoulda used my flame-thrower more to harass. cause it does a lot of damage, and the cooldown is only like 3 seconds. also his ult has a pretty ridiculously low cooldown. at least, it always feels like it is up. nice guide, might need some updating with recent patches? lets also take a moment to reflect on how awesome his flames look now. ty riot!


    ps: who ever plays blitz top??

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  • #55 ghost20018

    how do u feel about maxing scrap shield 2nd for the exscape and the ability to chase your opponet down because it gives a shield that gives u a turret shot or 2 based on how much u want a kill and if u are being chased u can hit it and get away and if they use a global ult like ez then the sheild might just give u enough to live or karthus u might have enough to live now if tf ults u can most likely get away with scrapshield flash because u can see where hes at teleporting and get away from it the only thing that would get u killed if ur to low and it doesnt matter or if ashe ults u in the face while tf is destinying even then u might escape with flash scrapshield

  • #54 TokuToku

    Great build, but ehm... But could you update it, a bit? And say kinda which you should build first? zhonya before rylai... Im just wonderin' that how you build ur own rumble what you buy first and when?

  • #52 maliaroandrikelo

    do you think elise is a counter to rumble? i have come across some spiders that caused me a lot of trouble while laning...

  • #53 SY23

    I was initially going to say she isn't a counter, but after giving it some thought, she directly counters his offensive aspect with her defensive aspects and has the upper hand when it's the other way around. In lane, Rumble can only beat champs he can stick to and chase down while dealing his damage high sustained damage, whereas Elise has plenty of ways to get out of those kind of situations. Moreover, Elise will have more control due to the range she can harass at, so the Rumble will probably have to play more conservatively. So in sum, I think she is a counter, because she makes Rumble unable to play his own typical game. She probably shouldn't "wreck" Rumble, but she'll win the lane and I don't think Rumble has any way to respond if there's no external aid.

  • #48 Foldemort

    Is Rumble still viable with his recent nerf to his Ultimate not dealing the initial damage?

  • #49 ckokoroskos

    It's not a nerf. They just tweaked it. I actually get more kills like this now.

  • #50 Rayingri

    it was super nerfed, lol how do you get more kills with less damage?

  • #51 Kurai1

    Less damage? Do you even know what they did to it? Its now a stronger AoE rather then a bunch of damage and then a weak burn afterwards so people wouldnt use it as a nuke when it wasnt ment to be a nuke at all.

  • #47 Jadehex

    Should you be getting seeker's armguard early with rumble? If so, how early should you get it? First Item vs AD?

  • #46 AtomicReset

    Very well done guide to rumble,

    I tryed him out and for sure gonna make him one of my top 2 Solo top champions along with Rene,

    I Went 12-3-7 first game then followed up with a 12-4-11 :D great guide!

  • #45 GoldenArrow

    Just went 16-4 carrying from top with Rumble

    Great champion, great guide o/

  • #41 Misfit596

    You should add Xerath to the counters in mid. A well played Xerath will wreck your world. When you go to attack him he just mage chains and stuns, then he does a full combo and you are dead, unless you have built exceedingly tanky.


    If you know any way to beat this please let me know. I always lose to Xerath.


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  • #42 bablade

    i would add ryze to mid counters as well

  • #43 aragorn42

    I disagree ryze has a rly weak laning phase and minion clear ... if nothing else push ur wave and roam


  • #44 bablade

    upon  further thought and testing i revoke my ryze comment

  • #40 AkumaOtaku

    After reading this guide buying rumble and playing 102 rumble games I gained 500 elo in a week. I'm gonna keep going, but rumble is so good TY zakkers!. Too bad I can never catch you streaming.

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  • #37 DemonCrusher36



    Rumble is godly.

  • #38 DemonCrusher36

    Quote from DemonCrusher36 »



    Rumble is godly.

    Oh, that was solo top against vi, with 1 gank that didnt even kill her.  First game as well, with a triple. When you get into teamfights you just melt people, and if your focused then your team has time to rape there ass.

  • #36 korfain

    love this guide, ty

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