• #286 magafighter15

    deine mutter kevin

  • #283 dirtydogdisco01

    What is the best combo for Ryze? I use R E W Q. 

  • #284 thechosenone124

    QRQWQEQ. Always lead with Q, because the massive means it's always up. If you don't have time, RWQEQ

  • #285 dirtydogdisco01

    I'll give your combo a try. Thanks.

  • #282 sageolot

    it says scaling m/5 on the quick guide but on the runes and masteries page it says flat m/5

  • #279 MrTakumi96

    ryze dont really need AP..just some mana,SVamp, and penetrate..legendary all the way..GG need think much
    easy say,buy item that give much mana..that all..

  • #280 thechosenone124

    You are aware none of the items on the build list don't provide one of those stats right?

  • #267 GamingToTheMAX

    Why would you buy a manamune, instead of an Athene's Holy Grail? 

  • #268 thechosenone124

    Of all the items you could get on Ryze, Athene's is just slightly better than an Infinity Edge in terms of usefulness (maybe not even). First of all, with a Frozen Heart, masteries, and Overload passive, you have 40% CDR, and Athene's CDR would be useless. Second Athene's is AP, so unless there's something else about it, a straight max mana item would be better. Manamune's makes Ryze's autoattacks like Ryze's spells in that they scal of his max mana pool, which is basically 300 bonus AD in late game, and 300 extra damage on all his spells. Athene's mana font is useless because you have too much mana to care a couple dozen spell combos (3000 mana), so basically, the only good thing about Athene's is the mana gain passive. That is nowhere near enough to warrant 2600 gold and an item slot. 

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  • #269 palcladd

    grail wastes a lot of CDR in stats and mana regen is pointless on a champion like ryze that mostly needs a mana pool since he has multiple rotations in fights (see: anivia, nidalee, etc), and in ryzes case it directly amplifies his damage since all of his abilities scale with mana. finally, the ap is meh on ryze as well at that point.

    also why does this guy go for manamune anyways l0l. seems like he messed up. people go seraphs nowadays since manamunes passive damage was changed from magical to physical so its pointless unless you get a last whisper rofl.

  • #270 thechosenone124

    Manamune still gives 300 AD and 300 bonus damage on each spell cast. Because it's physical, it makes Ryze hard to itemize against, as if you build all MR items Ryze will still deal more than 300 damage on every spell cast. If you want offense, Manamune is the best you can get. If you want defense, Seraph's Embrace has a nice shield

  • #277 BladeSharkX

    Why not use an archangels staff in that case straight mana and a huge ap boost with the other items

  • #278 JHoff23

    Because his spells scale with mana. The Manamune makes his AAs hurt as well 

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  • #259 Varanae

    What's the reasoning about having 3 mastery points in Awareness over Strength of Spirit? I would have thought the 3.75% extra experience wouldn't matter too much compared to +3HP regen for each 400 mana, especially considering how much mana Ryze will acquire. 

  • #260 thechosenone124

    Health regen is useless outside of the laning phase, and you won't have that much mana in the laning phase


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  • #262 Gaxxxe

    Another reason would be that, with Ryze, you want to get to late game as soon as possible. Ryze's laning phase has always been weak, but after the nerfs to his range, he is even weaker in lane. Just farm, harass when you can get it for free, and try to make it to late game.

  • #263 thechosenone124

    Not completely the case actually. Ryze's late game comes from his incredibly efficient item choice, not from his high level. You pretty much spike exp wise after you max out Q (level 9), because W is meant to hold them still and E is just a tool for spell rotation. The main thing that makes Ryze strong unlike most characters isn't a trait that makes him innately useful in late game (Vayne's true damage, Tristana's range) it comes purely from his item buys

  • #264 Gaxxxe

    Yes, but it is easier to farm the higher level you are, as you have more health and mana resources. And a lot of Ryze's 'efficiency' late game comes from that mana converted into damage. With new Ryze especially, you farm, try to make it to late game, and when you are even or slightly ahead in levels(due to the XP mastery) that always helps.

  • #249 lee555j5

    The Item Build page says this:

    WotA is also very good if you're running a double AP comp because it will help them out too, and if they build WotA as well, it will stack between the two of you.

    Not true - it does NOT stack. The item description everywhere I can find clearly says "Unique Aura". It *does* help a double AP comp, but only if one of the APs gets it.

    That said, one could argue the same for Aegis/RB if both your support *and* your jungler or top buys it. It's also a Unique Aura; but if one of the holders dies, the team still benefits.

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