• #67 Horus_Communer

    there are six skill points in e, and 4 in q. just to point out :D

  • #66 Salus99


    why don't put a point in "oppression" in defense skill tree? it's 1 point for a lot of tankiness for a sejuani

  • #65 RedRazGriz

    flail of the northern winds are no effect you have to raise permafrost for easy kill


  • #62 Lorewalkercho


  • #60 R04Ch1

    How am I able to skill my w 9 times? :D

  • #63 Rodrake

    Small mistake, thank you for the feedback.

  • #49 Tellysavalas

    Seriously, what kind of moron builds a 21 defense jungle page and skips Veteran's Scars and Block?  You must be out of your mind.  No pro jungler in the world runs a 21 defense page that skips either of those talents.

  • #50 gucciprime

    I guess being Challenger 1 and 30th on the NA ladder makes you a moron...

  • #52 Tellysavalas

    Look him up on Lolking, he doesn't even run the mastery page he recommends in this guide, he runs a page called Seju which has Veteran's Scars and Block.  Like I said, the masteries in the guide are retarded.

  • #45 Jadehex

    If you wouldn't mind, could you possibly update the guide so the written advice matches the pictorial advice? Is sunfire or locket the preferred starting item?

  • #46 heavenTime

    actually there is not much thing i can say for the rework.

    Because basic skills are just same!

  • #39 zefir6

    Is the Item Build section updated?

    What do you think about boots of swiftness on Sejuani, together with golem?

  • #40 Goti13

    I've been using Boots of Swiftness most of the time with Sejuani. Combine them with her slows and her dash, they make it very difficult for anyone you hit to get away from you, as well as give you a great chance of escaping when you get in trouble. I prefer them over Boots of Mobility, since I've found she wants to be faster in combat more often than not.


  • #41 1ceL1zard

    How about the entire guide?

    As for items if you can make it work then do it. Don't let people say there is only one path for a character. I personally have been having great success with this build: Machete, 5x hp pots, first trip back spirit, boots (750 gold) any thing extra is ward or hp bead. next trip back, boots of mobility, then spirit of the ancient golem. Then pull out the warmogs, if they have AP damage snag the abysal, I rarely see the games go past that point. If it does lindrys torment or frozen heart, gauntlet what ever your team needs.

    But, man, do they ever go back and try to read these guides? Seriously. Yes, it takes time to keep guides up. But, not that much time.


  • #43 zefir6

    No Sunfire? What masteries you use? I switched to the 9/21 lately, and have constant mana issues (I usually give blue to the mid).

  • #44 Goti13

    I do a very similar build to this as well. Machete and 5 Pots, then boots and spirit at first trip. I build warmog's next (giant's belt first), then go to Sunfire Cape. After that, it's usually Liandry's and Boots of Swiftness, then Abyssal/Runic Bulwark. Depending on the game, the Spirit stone either gets sold for a sixth item or made into Spirit of the Ancient Golum.

    Having said all that, I would def. like to hear from the OP about how the changes to Sejuani effect her build, as well as if a change in Masteries/Runes is recommended. The changes to her kit, while not drastic, still need to be accounted for like this was a new character, so a fully updated and explained guide would be much appreciated.


  • #38 myn0valife

    heavenTime, considering your expertise with Sejuani, what do you think about the changes being made to Sejuani?

  • #33 Pharmacological

    Possibility for Marks on jungle Sejuani:

    Greater Mark of Hybrid Penetration x9


  • #34 heavenTime

    I would not recommend but still it is possible and not that bad

  • #32 Inquibom

    I really like sejuani since i play her 1st time, and is so hard to see ppl playing her =/

    I enjoy see u playing sejuani when u are in same party as usual streamers and that makes me wanna master her more and more, even though i suck in jungle haha,

    Do u have any youtube acc or do u stream? would be easier to see and learn more bout sejuani ^^

    PS: sorry for bad english =P

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