• #131 Pheonixx12

    I strongly suggest building AP shaco just for the fact that you can build items like lich bane so that if u Q into a battle your shiv will automatically deal more damage and you can easily follow up with ur auto attacks.

    it is also much more fun

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  • #128 Skjall

    Feral Flare is really strong now, so building Wriggles is extremely good for Shaco nowadays.

  • #129 Rimotrian

    Not good for shaco because it requires you to farm a lot of camps and on Shaco you are spending more time ganking / counter jungling. It's good for people like Udyr who can farm fast or people like Nocturne / Xin who are good AAers.

  • #130 gargoyler

    they changed the flare . now you get stacks for assists and kills before you unleash it( use ganks to charge it up)

  • #123 zomb0rz
    • Are you aware that now it is more common for high level shacos to start dorans blade and build no jungle items? Also is your in game name Rimotrian? 
  • #127 Rimotrian

    Indeed, I'm very aware. I've been starting dorans blade + 1 pot and rushing Hydra as my jungle item. It gives life steal / aoe clear. The only draw back is that you won't get as much gold from your conservation stacks.  But, if you're playing Shaco right, you should be getting tons of gold from ganks, etc.

    Most of the time now when I play Shaco, I focus on counter jungling more than ganking now. Shutting down enemy jungler is far more effective. I'll update the guide later today / tomorrow.

  • #119 bilboadder
    •  Rimotrian should you not finish your madredz for a lantern? Just have the madredz there and build other stuff?
  • #121 Rimotrian

    Most of the time that is what I do. I only finish wriggles if I am far behind.  But, I prefer using the vamp scepter for something more useful.  It's a bit of a wasted stat to turn the vamp scepter into wriggles then turn around and build it into Hydra or BOTRK.

  • #118 TheYangsterX

    I don't understand how to duel 1 v 1 in the jungle, where is his major damage output? And how do I use it effectively?

  • #120 Rimotrian

    Shaco can defeat most other champions in the jungle with the exception of those who are very good level 1.  The reason he excels is because your element of surprise and burst damage. Most of the time the enemy jungler will be 40-60% hp when you invade them at level 2-3. Your two shiv, ignite and a few auto attacks should be more than enough to kill them. Not to mention your crit from deceive.  This isn't factoring in the damage / free hit you'll get if they walk into one of your boxes too.

    It all really depends. If the other jungler gets the element of surprise on you, you'll most likely lose the exchange.

  • #122 TheYangsterX

    ok thanks!

  • #132 Pheonixx12

    if you build only 1 AP item (lich bane) then your overall presence and damage output will be much stronger.

  • #117 Dredbr1nger

    "If the enemy team has a weak jungler ( Amumu, Fiddlesticks, Lee Sin, Maokai, etc ) I might consider starting blue and invading their red; or if they have say Lee Sin who generally starts Red, I may start red and invade his blue."

    Lol, you listed Lee Sin twice.

  • #114 RedBull1462

    Got to love Shaco, he either does EXCEPTIONALLY well or VERY poorly. There is no real way to climb back into the game if you go 0/3 unless there team are bung bags or they have Fizz ;..;

     Good guide! Well done!

    Shaco <3

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  • #111 joshjosh04

    Would ravonous hydra be i viable item for shaco if you are team fighting alot late game. (srry dont know how to spell it)

  • #112 sfPanzer

    Hydra is imo the strongest item on shaco right now.

    Just test it, you won't be disappointed. ;)

  • #113 Rimotrian

    If you want something like Ravenous Hydra then you're better off with Statikk Shiv.

  • #109 Xecythz

    Nice guide!

    What do you think of Beautiful Korean's shaco guide on Solomid?

    Your build and his are different and I'm wondering which one to follow.

  • #110 Rimotrian

    As I stated in my guide, there's no real predetermined build. Some items will work against some enemies some times and others won't. If you're looking for a very cookie cutter build, then you can use either of ours. However, I don't prefer rushing Statik shiv unless you're going for infinity edge right after. But, I personally prefer rushing bilgewater because of it's lifesteal and how strong it makes your ganks. If you get his statik shiv, then it's pointless to get bilgewater after because it defeats the purpose of nuking.

    Statik shiv is also a great item for split pushing, and in higher elo a lot of the time you will be split pushing, so you have to take that into account as well. I still prefer Blade of the ruined king rush because it's active is so strong for ganks and makes you that much more clutch with the life regen.

  • #115 RedBull1462

    It's all personally preference and you desired roll which happens to be jungle Shaco <3 so I suggest try them both and let yourself decide which one you feel comfortable with. Usually the best build, is the one you create and follow to the letter. 

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