• #136 laliluasadasd

    great guide man, im currently getting plat with shen with this guide in my pocket

    only problem i ever had was against a tryn (lategame) and trundle (midgame)

    really nice guide, thanks


    ps. one question: is teleport better atm for shen because of the -100 Sec CD of TP at towers?

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  • #134 bigepicfail

    "Slow split pusher especially without Sunfire Cape or Ionian Spark" needs really a update

  • #135 Valithor423

    Yeah, seriously. This guide is back from November of last year.

  • #131 TCFVilaex

    Also ich persönlich liebe Tapeten. Sie sind lecker & man hat eine gute Verdauung damit.

  • #130 Valithor423

    Any chance this build could be updated for Season 4 sometime soon? Some items changed a bit and Spirit Visage got nerfed pretty hard.

  • #119 acheetah41

    "Shen can do fine against Riven as long as he does die to her early in lane or from a gank." Strategy and Tactics->Matchups


    Isn't this supposed to say he doesn't die?

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  • #118 Spirits33r

    This build be op

  • #117 NZ_Tyrant

    Idk about some of the masteries chose. For them i chose to put all 30 in defence, so far i haven't had any problems with it. This season i don't think it is necessary to have the points allocated 9, 21, 0 or any of those combinations to have the full benefit of that respective tree. I feel like the 9 masteries he chose in offense are not needed (especially the double edged sword) because you want him to be as tanky as possible. Shen does a surprising amount of damage to champions regardless of whether he has offensive items. The more tanky he is, the longer he can survive in team fights causing disruption and taking the brunt of the damage for your team.

  • #116 killerfoop

    shen spotlight SOOO OLD s1!!1


  • #115 Crazyjuniot

    so what do you guys think about Ravenous Hydra on Shen it seems like it would be a decent item on him since he is meant to split push.

  • #121 drquas

    Shen doesn't scale with a hydra enough to make it worth getting it early on, I could understand getting it later on but tank items are very efficient on him and he pushes fast enough with  a sunfire, so there isn't much need for a hydra.

  • #129 Valithor423

    This general rule always applies: Always build situationally.

    If they didn't have a lot of AD on their teams ,or it was negligible enough to make the passive pointless, it might be worth swapping out that Thornmail for the Ravenous Hydra.

  • #113 Erenussocrates

    nah, terrible english, literally a grammar nazi.. And which Shen doesn't need a Warmog's ??? >.>

  • #112 M4ss4cr4

    Why exactly is bruiser build better than AP?

  • #105 InsanoSkull

    Nasus vs Shen?

  • #108 Jazzarath

    I went 23/2/14 as Shen against Nasus, hmmm, in laning phase I just used my Q on him, and pushed him out of lane, but late game, I couldn't just 1v1 him, I had to get help from my team mates.

    Its not something you can decide on really, it depends on how farmed nasus is and if he is going AD or Tank.

  • #110 Jigou

    Actually its pretty dumb to even think you could 1v1 nasus...nasus is designed as a damage dealer while shen is more of a atank


  • #137 laliluasadasd

    Thats right, Shen is viable against Nasus if you know how to play


    You can outplay a Nasus pretty easy with q spam passive spam and timing the right ignite

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  • #102 TheTroll941

    Also, why get armor pens? You're not meant to do any damage and this build doesnt really have that much so I think its a wasted rune, care to convince me why its needed ( I mean i understand if its Magic Pen...)? Also, if i had money for only one set of those runes which set should i buy first (glyphs,seals, marks, quints...)?

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  • #107 bindmind

    Because penetration is the most efficient use of marks. Anything else that isn't damage oriented is a waste. The damage, no matter how minute, will help your team more than the pitsky defense you'll get. You're already incredibly tanky, more damage won't hurt.

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